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  1. Thanks for the reply Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  2. Saw a school of reddish colored fish on Seneca. Anyone know what they were? Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Hopefully someone catches the Derby winner on this fly!!!! Would be the perfect way to honor such a great guy!! Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I'm looking for frozen bait strips and the erie dearie web site seems to be all messed up and as recall they only sell case lots. Any other suggestions on where I cam find them?
  5. Had to get out with the nice weather. After a long recovery from major hip surgery Hannah is back and after only getting out twice towards the end of the season we wanted to get started early this year. Special thanks to two people who went out of there way to get us started......Wes who we hope to see out alot this year and Ben who we know is watching us.
  6. For sale 2 Cabela's 10lb pancake downrigger balls. $75 for both
  7. Thanks for the report Very grateful for all the LOU fingerlakes folks Hal
  8. I've had good luck with mine running this Mylar spinner with a red bead or two behind it with a red treble.
  9. Was out saturday and they are just starting. Not alot but my wire dispys all had a small wad on the knot at the swivel.
  10. Thanks for the report. Good luck with the Bear hunting!!!!!
  11. Don't have to be sorry....I value the input and will spend the $$$$ either way. At least with the help I'll spend it on the right stuff.
  12. I'm going to go back to the one shark weight and another regular ball for now and probably order a set of torpedoes. That along with adjusting where I place the rods and we'll see what happens. As soon as I get what I need I'm also going to try to move the release up as Sean suggested. After doing some more research I ordered a pair of Chamberlians...I like the magnet idea for the light bite. You guys cost me more $$$$$ everytime you help me. Thanks again for all the help. It's greatly appreciated!!!!
  13. Thanks a ton for the advice. I did have them hooked right to the ball and moving them up may also be an option. Headed out Saturday. We'll see how it goes. Would really like to not have all the lures from the 4 rigger rods come back to the boat in one big ball.
  14. I have 10lb pancake balls and I have been using the Off Shore pinch pad releases. I usually stack and put the bottom rod in the inside holder which would likely make the ball track outside a little more as the tail is being pulled towards the center (and those have a big tail). I think I'll switch the rod positions and see if that helps or maybe go to a different style ball.
  15. No the lines from the different rods are getting tangled....I think Gill-T may have the answer
  16. Your probably right. Never thought of that....especially considering the new releases allow for more tension from the rod to the release and my rod holders are the cannons that mount on the shaft of the downrigger and the inside ones are angled towards the center of the boat. Thanks!!
  17. I recently tried a couple Black's releases and was pretty excited about the ability to adjust tension to the rod and tension to the bait separately. However when I used them I could not keep the lines from tangling. It almost looked like they were making the downrigger balls track differently. Any suggestions???
  18. Gotta tell you I don't understand where this guy is coming from. As a newbie I have recieved nothing but honest help from everyone I've chatted with on this site. Sean (who by the way is a pro) will stand at the launch and give you every detail on how his day was, were he caught fish and what he caught them on. Ben and Wes actually took me with them early on to show me how they put fish in the boat and it was a tournament weekend. Others have given me info while on the water struggling to find fish and off the water when I was trying to figure out equipment and gear for my boat. As for the chatter....give me a break....If you don't like it don't read the posts and last time I checked most radios have a little nob you can turn to shut it off.
  19. We had a blast as well....finally hit some numbers on Sunday but never got the one. Still had fun and it was great to see and chat with you guys!!
  20. That's an awesome fish....thanks for the report
  21. Great pics....looks like a good day. We went out 5/5 and spent a few hours. Caught three over 8llbs....one little guy and lost 3.......one of them was a real nice fish lost right at the back of the boat. Everything we caught was around 100 feet deep over 150 to 175. Most came on dipsys with green SD blue dolphin SD and chrome dodger. Didn't mark half as much bait as we have been south of Meyers but we eventually found a few. Not a killer day but we had fun.
  22. We thought we were hearing things....got the same police radio traffic on 68 as well. Finally shut the radio off....was driving us nuts
  23. Headed out of Meyers late afternoon. Headed south on the west shore and the fun started. Didn't stay out very long but caught around 15 total....three LLs and the rest were LT. All except one LL were taken on flashers and flies. And a few on the dreaded green SD and Yum tube. Hot colors were chrome dodger with an iridescent fly and plaid on clear pro troll with a green fly. Silver mooselook wobbler caught one of the LLs. Decided with the bright skies to stay deep and still caught the three LLs. Not sure if that's common or not this time of year but the bait was deep and the couple we kept for dinner were full of sawbellies. Most were taken 100 - 110 feet down over 150 - 175 fow.
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