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  1. Out of Oswego now in 200 FOW, mark some fish 110 down. No hits yet. Anyone doing anything out here this morning?
  2. Anyone out of Mexico this morning getting anything? Current just west of launch but water is clear .hoping for some muddy water soon
  3. How's the mudline lookin' out of Mexico area ?? Hope it sticks around for a few days and no wind or waves moves it out ...
  4. Anyone having luck fishing Otisco for the walleye night bite yet? I haven't heard much..maybe the water still needs to cool off some..
  5. Did you get 'em trolling with planers? We had planer boards and downriggers going..couldn't move a rod
  6. Chaumont Bay this morning too.. 7a.m. to noon. Zero walleye and one bass. Conditions were great thought the walleye bite would be on or even more smallie action. The Bay won today.
  7. We were out at fair haven yesterday and they just started showing up yesterday . Must have hatched early yesterday and got worse as the weekend went on
  8. planer boards/trolling or just casting ?
  9. Were you mainly targeting kings or looking for Browns too? Hard to believe no Browns action in the bay
  10. Hey Chris - glad to see you're back up here fishing.. if you're up here again for browns, we did pretty well out of Fairhaven last week.. some good colored water..12 for 14 with 11 browns and one steelie. It sounds like it was slow going for most this past weekend. I haven't been out of Oswego yet this year. Coworker went out of Port Ontario at the salmon river yesterday.. good colored water but only managed two small keeper browns and one short. Hopefully we'll have a few good weeks of fishing left before the water warms up.
  11. I usually fish out of Mexico or Oswego, but from what I've heard these launches are still locked up and Mexico Bay is still filled with ice as far as the eye can see.. I may try Fairhaven for the first time this year - is the launch located at the State Park on Little Sodus Bay? Any insight if the launch is opened up yet? The main lake is clear at Fairhaven, but some of the pictures I've seen looks like a bit of ice is still in the bay.
  12. How large are the divers and what depths would these run at? I'm looking at running something like these for browns if possible. Do they slide down the line so you're able to put out a long lenth of line between the diver and the lure?
  13. Heard it's still all locked up quite a ways out into the bay... could change after thursday and friday's warm temps - unfortunately cold again for the weekend !
  14. were you mainly running sticks off planar boards with some weights ?
  15. Anybody with experience fishing Chaumont know if the walleye stick around in the bay into June/July? Can you pick up some fish jigging or trolling lines deeper, or is it pretty much a lost cause b/c they've moved out to the main lake by June or so? Thanks
  16. How about launching at Guffin Bay Marina - has anyone fished out of there? It seems like you could fish Guffin Bay and still scoot get into Chaumont Bay pretty quick. I don't know how the fishing in Guffin Bay compares to the fishing in Chaumont Bay.
  17. i'm thinking of trying Chaumont Bay for the first time at some point this season to troll for walleye. Is the best option for launching at the state launch off of Rt. 12 and troll the bay from there? It also looks like there might be a launch out of Long Point State park on the peninsula - is that an option also or is it best to stick with the one off of Route 12. Thanks.
  18. those are some nice catches right there.. were you pretty much just flat lining stick/spoons off the back ? Haven't tried Chaumont Bay out at all yet, but thinking of trying to get up there at least once this season.
  19. Sounds like the bite was tough on Saturday, it was hard to believe seeing as the conditions seemed prime.
  20. Fished the bay 6:30-12:00 this morning . Few releases but nobody home. Anyone do decent out of Mexico this morning?..., we couldn't seem to find the fish today.
  21. They'll still be there.. could be out a little deeper and downriggers may be needed depending on the depth.. all depends on how quick the water warms up in the next few weeks.
  22. Is it a good idea to run some stickbaits w/ a few split shots or a keel sinker when fishing for browns? Thinking this may help to cover more depths with the spread of rods, or does it mess with the action of the lure.. Fished this past weekend and 4 out of 5 fish were on stickbaits with no weight.. other one had three split shots on it. Was just wondering if anyone has experience running weights on the line and if so, if split shots or keel sinkers are even the best options. Thanks.
  23. Went out yesterday out of the chute around 2:00. Bites came after 4pm catfish creek and west is where we found some fish. We went 7/7 with 5 browns and 2 steelies.
  24. any of you guys get out yesterday afternoon?? If so, how'd you make out... headed out this afternoon, i'll let you know if we get into some.
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