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  1. I have 4 Scotty Power lock Rod Holders. $20 a piece Scotty Rod Holder and 2 rail mount adapters $5 a piece. Adapters Everything is in excellent condition. I will break up if you only need two. If you buy all four rod holders I wil throw in the rail mount adapters for free.
  2. Yeah thats on the low side from what I am seeing. I'll keep it at that price. Thanks though.
  3. How much could I get for this outboard in good condition. I may have one for sale.
  4. f1sh-0n


    In my opinion Optima batteries are the best. They are definitely on the expensive side but if you take care of them they should last you a while.
  5. Picked up my kicker yesterday along with a 14 foot sylvan sport troller for CT lakes.
  6. Definitely not a steelhead. At first I thought maybe an Atlantic but Im thinking Brown after a closer look.
  7. Make you sure you have got a good vhf radio with seperate antenna. I fish out of my 17 footer and this year when i was out in 650FOW!!! the hand held was useless unless I could see the boat I was talking to. I don't even try going out if they are calling for anything over 2 footers. And keep an eye on the weather they are not kidding about it turning in minutes. I got caught last year in a small craft advisory. I was able to limp in but we got soaked and may have lost a few days off my life from my heart. I am not trying to scare you I been fishing the lake for years in my 17 footer and my friends 18 footer. You just got to know there are some days were your going to have to stay in.
  8. This picture came from an 1802 that I was looking at. This is the bracket that I was thinking about.
  9. Another picture of the panther mentioned above.
  10. I run the non hd version and love it. Great dpi and the color is great. I got the navionics card with contours of many lakes including east ontario. [ Post made via Android ]
  11. I was wondering about the whole alternator issue. So in hearing the responses i guess most of you are charging using the kicker. In the past fishing on my friends boat we use to just start the main motor every few hours to charge back up. i am looking at a smaller boat for the ct river with a 9.9. Would it be feasable to use the motor on both boats without a huge hassle? And how about kicker brackets? Any opinions? Tia. [ Post made via Android ]
  12. Im really close to pulling the trigger on a trophy 1802 walk around with a 135HP optimax. I have never owned a kicker (just thrown out bags) but I think I will be needing one for this boat. What Horsepower should i be looking at? I was thinking either a 6 or an 8 but I'd like to hear from you guys. And I guess because the Optimax is direct injection that i will want to run a four stroke to run off my main gas line, correct?
  13. How many feet?how many does it sleep. [ Post made via Android ]
  14. Its almost Brown Trout time. With the gas prices at over 4 a gallon this is a great economical boat. Runs great. I had it out FEB 5 and it started right up.
  15. Will you ship? If so I'll bid 20 plus shipping.
  16. My guess is no one has been out in the last few days due to the weather conditions. I would concentrate on the 50 FOW to 150 FOW. Start in 50 and troll north till you start marking fish. Once you mark fish head East or West. Most fish I would think this time of the year are going to be hugging the bottom. Good luck.
  17. Jack, I live in CT and only make it up to Lake Ontario about 4-5 times per year if I'm lucky. Yes on those days I troll for hours on end. But for the most part I'm in CT fishing the smaller lakes and the CT river or joyriding with the kids and wife. Nothing much worth trolling here except for walleyes in a few certain lakes. I hate owning a motor and being afraid to use it. Plus theres the extra weight, another motor to maintain, battery charging issues and the motor being in the way. I beleive if you maintain your motor it should last for awhile. And if your looking for resale than you shouldn't buy a boat. Ofcourse this is just my opinion but after fishing lake ontario for soo many years and watching the trolling motors sit up in the air I kind of get a laugh out of it.
  18. Thats what I thought. I don't know why Mercury changed the name from Mercury Optimax to Mercury Optimax DFI. So none of them have carbs?
  19. Boat is still available and will now come with a Hummingbird 588i GPS/FF combo. Also has pursuit tracks mounted for downrigger or rod holder use.
  20. Is there a difference between a 2007 Optimax and a 2010 Optimax? Trophy calls the 2007 an Optimax and 2010 a DFI Optimax?
  21. Thanks for your opinion. All the stuff you mentioned are things I worry about with a 2 stroke. Its not uncommon for me to troll for 12 hours straight. My record is 18 hours straight. Fowling plugs, fuel problems, and noise are my main concerns. I really don't want to add a kicker engine as its just another engine to worry about. Weight really isn't an issue anymore as it seems the 2 strokes weigh almost as much as the new four strokes.
  22. I have found a Trophy with a 115 optimax. My last two motors have been a Yamaha 4 stroke and Honda 4 stroke (the yamaha to me was better). From what I hear the new 2 strokes (optimax and e-tec) are alot quieter than the older two strokes. How do they compare with a four stroke. Will trolling with the optimax be about the same as trolling with a four stroke? What about fuel economy? I realize that the oil can be expensive but overall how does fuel economy factoring the oil compare? Should I forget about a 2 stroke for my application? I do ski and tube once in a while so the extra torque if it exist anymore on the two stroke would be nice. I checked the difference in a EFI and Optimax and the EFI is about a $700 upgrade if bought new.
  23. Wow so they are still out where I left them 3 weeks ago. They are going to have to move shallower sooner or later. Nice job moving the rods.
  24. 2006 PolarKraft 169FS aluminum boat with Honda 75HP Four stroke engine and trailer. The boat is classified as a Fish and Ski boat. We currently do both out of it and it serves its purpose as both no problem. The boat measures 16' 9" with a beam of 89 inches. It is in great condition and does not leak at all. Standard features include livewell with light and pump, two storage compartments in front along with a cooler, bilge pump, accessory panel, 12volt cigarette plug and carpeting. Optional features include, radio (with ipod plug), two speakers, full enclosure (which can be used as just a bimini top), and ski tow bar. Aftermarket fuel water seperater, battery switch, and hydrofoil. Carbs have just been cleaned and tuned have receipt. Prop is perfect with no dents or dings. Four seats (two are removable) with no rips. Casting deck with hole and pole for seat. Hookup for trolling motor with battery wiring already setup. Trailer has break away tongue option. Does not include pictured fish finder. More pictures available upon request. Looking to move to a fiberglass boat. Boat is located in CT - $11,500. Pm me for phone number or more pics. Yes it does catch salmon. This is out in 550FOW.
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