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  1. What size are you thinking? Do you have towing concerns? Will you be towing and how far? I bought an 18' foot Trophy walk around. I would have gone a bit bigger if I didn't do soo much towing. But I wanted to be able to tow from CT to Buffalo if I need to, which I did this spring. It handles the lake pretty well. I wouldn't go out in 4 footers but anything under I can handle. The only thing is that it fishes three comfortably but I wouldn't want to fish four people on it. If you give more information we can probably give better opinions. Budget, Length, Towing vehicle, primary uses, how far your towing, how many people you fish with etc.
  2. I fished in front of the dunes (salmon river) and we had no problems with fleas on our lines. Yes there were some but no way a problem with any of our lines.
  3. Went back out on the morning of 8/21. A little rough on the way out but definitely subsided as the day wore on. We didn't seem to do as good as others on the radio in the morning but again thats just radio talk so who knows. We went 1 for 3 in the early morning with one coho and the bite just died at 10am. Decided to head in at noon and hit the road for home. Great trip for us on my new boat. Did have battery issues but I am thinking I had a faulty battery. After reading about AGM batteries I am glad my battery didn't explode as it got really hot to the point that it melted some heat shrinking around my positive wire. Thank god for the 9.9 to bring us back into Sandy pond. Here are some various pics throughout the trip.
  4. We have Got all our fish on e chips 7" and 11". Went back out this afternoon and got 2 more one of them close to 30. The story of trip so far: 280 feet wire goes off and as we are fighting that fish the 500 feet of copper takes a wicked hit. So now we have two on. the fish swim right at each other and snap my copper goes limp. And I see my planer floating. We keep fighting the fish on the wire and all of sudden i see my copper tangle on the wire. We are able to untangle and retie the copper all with two kings still on. We continue to bring both fish in and land both only to see the planer sitting right next to us! 2 salmon in the boat copper back on and wire fine. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  5. Went to flat calm and havent had a release since the copper [ Post made via iPhone ]
  6. 2 for 2 so far. Same program put 120 fow. 1 on copper and one on the rigger down 105. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  7. Left CT at 3am and we were fishing at about 10:30am. Got out to about 115 and started seeing a good screen. Ended the day 3 for 4 and headed in a bit early to get our fish cleaned. 2 in the mid 20's and the other about 18. 2 on the riggers, 1 on 500 feet copper and 1 on dipsey 2.5 300 out. All on Chrome paddles. Will post tomorrow and post pics when we get back. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  8. Hmm never heard of that. So you throw the buck in the water if it gets a take? I may have to follow when trolling..haha I pour beer on my reels once im setup.
  9. I think i have decided to slip at green point marina (sandy pond). I think its my best option for sleeping in Chamount.
  10. I am planning on going up Sunday morning and my friend wants to stay at his rents house in Chamount. I usually fish out of Oswego and stay at K&G. Since its a good drive from Oswego to his parents house I am thinking I may be better off just launching out of the Salmon river. Is there any places to slip my boat from Sunday to Tuesday around that area. I have a 18' Trophy.
  11. Wow thats a great king. That would have been a good derby fish. Hoping to finally surpass that magical 30lb mark for me next week.
  12. Nice kings. I didn't even notice the lamprey till i read lakebounds post. I wonder if he knew it was their when he took the photograph. I'll be up there Sunday morning, i hope they want to come out and play. the salmon that it is not the lampreys. How many feet of water were you fishing in?
  13. Completely redone 2000 sylvan 14' sport troller without motor. No expenses spared on the project. Brand new epoxied floor with vinyl covering (professional job) All stainless steel fittings and hardware, no leaks, all lights pumps (livewell and bilge) working perfectly. 3 seats 2 of which are BRAND NEW. Spare tire (galvanized) Matching galvanized trailer. Berts trolling tracks (brand new) Perfect smaller lakes trolling machine. Its rated to 40HP but I think anything over 20HP would be overkill. I purchased and redid this boat because I wanted to use the 9.9 on my walk around for trolling. I've used the boat one time and don't see myself using it enough to justify keeping it. Look up the price of a new sylvan sport troller without motor, save a couple thousand Price - $2200 Boat is located in CT. Can provide more pictures if interested.
  14. South winds are usually the best for the south shore. Geneus, It all depends how deep you need to go to find fish. If they are only in 100 FOW than no problem your usually within a 1 mile of shore. Its when you need to go out 10 miles offshore thats when it gets a little on the scarier side. But with that said I been out when it was glass too and not a wave in sight. Have a good ship to shore radio with you. And keep an eye on the weather. If you start seeing white caps think twice about staying out. My Polarkraft was only 16'9" and we went to the 600FOW last year three times in four days. But I was watching the weather like a hawk.
  15. Yup thank god for smart phones. Last year we were out in 350FOW watching a storm to our back. Kept an eye on the weather map and saw clouds moving closer. Flew back to port and got to sit under the pavillion in Oswego watching the storm go by. An hour later we back out in 600FOW. And turn fast.
  16. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for the week. My yearly family vacation and as mentioned before the fishing equipment comes with us. My step son and I will be out bright and early and we'll be tubing and wakeboarding in the afternoon. I'll report when I get back. Should be able to do a little better with the lakers now that I have the kicker and can troll down to 1mph. In the past two years we got atleast two every morning but I had to work for them. Not like Ontario where you can't keep them of the line fishing the bottom.
  17. Yup. Its a big lake and you always have to figure you may not be able to get out everyday. Got stuck in a SCA last year in my 17 footer. My son thought it was fun but I my knuckles did not. How big is your boat. I have upgraded to fiberglass but still limited as its only an 18 foot trophy.
  18. Did you try the boat doctor in olcott? 5786 E Lake Rd Olcott, NY 14126 (716) 778-8592
  19. Graham, steelydan has first dibs but if I don't hear back from him by tomorrow they are yours. 12.95 for shipping priority mail thru USPS. [ Post made via iPhone ]
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