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  1. I have a pair of Church TX-44 Super Planers. They are baically brand new. I took them out of the box and put one together but thats about it. Both pack in the box with all original hardware that they came with. $55 for the pair plus shipping. These big in-lines are reversible and meant to pull coppers, leadcore, etc. The video on their website even shows them capable of pulling a mag dipsey or 124 deeper diver off of these in-line boards. Nice for a smaller boat or if you don't feel like messing with big boards.
  2. Didn't you plan? No weddings, vacation or babies during salmon season. Haha. Congrats.
  3. My son and I were going to head up for Sun-Tues but the weather forecast just wasn't there for us two on my Trophy 18'. I guess I should have tried to go up earlier in the week. Trying to figure out another time slot but the kid is busier than I am.
  4. I really wouldn't care about the tourney if my son and I had a 100lb box the day before. From what I heard it wasn't easy sat with the wind.
  5. As bandrus said it all depends on the fish and the day. Some days the ball adds as an attracter and you want to run stuff much closer to the ball. You'll usually see this on your fish finder where you can see fish come up to your ball and drop back away (streakers). Other days the ball will scare the fish away, this is when you would want to run alot longer leads. Also this is usually when Copper or lead core will produce better. With all that said I don't think I would ever run 300 feet away from the ball. I have run 100-150 when fishing for browns in shallow water. But yeah on average 10-50 feet from the ball is good. The only way to find out what they are liking that day is to keep changing your leads until you figure out what they want. Remember everyday is different. Another thing you didn't mention is the lengths between the flasher and fly. I have always gone by the average is 3 times the size flaser. 7 inch flasher and 21 inch leader. Than you place from there. More aggressive fish shorter leader.
  6. Way to go. Atleast the OZ has woken up. I can't wait to get up there.
  7. Dam I think thats an instore only price. That sucks for me. I got no Gander mountains close to me.
  8. YES!!! Like I said I loved my 788ci. Its got even better resolution 640x640, 5" color screen and 500watts (RMS). I am asumming at that price it must be last years model without Down Imaging and they claim the new as HD. But at that price I will definitely be ordering one.
  9. GPS is definitely worth every penny. I wouldn't buy a fishfinder without GPS. If you don't care about color look at the Humminbird 581i. Its under $400 and its got pretty good power at 250 watts (RMS) and great resolution. You'll have to buy a chip if you want the full potential of the GPS (with lake contours) but for now you can get by. If you want color your going to have to increase your budget a bit. For a bit more you can get the 587ci. As you can tell I am a little bias to humminbird but after selling my boat with a 788ci and buying a new boat with a Garmin 540s, I want my humminbird back. So much more easy to use and much better screen resolution. I will be trading my 540s soon.
  10. Looking for a boat for friend. Looking for a 16-22 foot flat bottom (all welded jon boat) with side or center console. Might consider a semi v if it has an open hull.
  11. Brought it to CT Trailers here by my house and the spindle is shot. As I figured it is welded on so I need a new axle. New axle and ubolts and labor is going to run $560. I know I could have done it and saved some money but its just tough without the garage.
  12. It might be time to retire that spoon
  13. Just checked on the spindle. They are welded on so its easier to get a new axle. The axle itself runs about $150 and install looks fairly easy. I will be taking it to a trailer dealer down the street to have a complete inspection and get a price on the install.
  14. Nice job getting some fish on board. Monday was a tough day for us. Maybe I should have went back out to the 350FOW.
  15. Hawkeye, I don't know if you were there but I had forgotten to tighten two of the back bolts of the tracks. Im sure once I tighten them up it should be alot more secure. Again I can't thnk you guys enough and I am researching a new spindle as we speak. And ofcourse i can't wait to get back up there.
  16. Thank you. Everything worked great except I need some real planer boards. I am thinking otters but not sure without doing more research. I wasn't sure how the Ez steer system was going to perform but I had no issues. And not having gas control from the helm wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. The 9.9 honda purrs and sips gas.
  17. Back home safe and sound. Jeff thanks for all your and your buddies help. It was a pleasure meeting you guys and maybe we can get out together some time or atleast get the two boats running as we did last weekend. We didn't make it out on Tuesday. I woke up at 5am and went outside and it seemed a bit breezy for me to have a tired mate. Having the long ride home I am not regretting the call of not making it out. All in all we had a great trip. And made better with the Chris and Wally at Lakeview. Wally is definitely a character but will do anything for you. Where else would the owner of the hotel give you the keys to his truck. I will definitely be back up there and theres no question where I will be staying. Too bad about the bearing but like I said it couldn't have happenned at a better place and I only lost half a day of fishing. Boat all rigged up. Gotta love the new 3 rod rule. 2 weeks of rigging boat. Did I mention i hate my Garmin 540s. Back to Humminbird. Small Steelie We did make it to the falls Monday night. Never had seen it from the US side and my son had never seen them at all.
  18. Wally from lakeview hooked me up with one of his mechanic friends. I hit napa at 8 and his mechanic had everything back together at 11. We got out at the bar but couldn't get one release. Talked to a couple guides and they found a break in 350 fow and put some steel and cohos in the boat. With us getting out soo late I didn't feel like venturing too far plus there was tons of bait and marks off the bar. Mayb it had to do with the bright sun. Trying to figure out the weather for tomorrow. Will play it by ear but we mayb headed home early. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  19. Just getting to bed. Blew a bearing on the trailer on my way back to the hotel room. Thanks to Hackeye and his gang got the trailer and boat back to the hotel they had the wheel off in matter of no time but could not find a place open tonight. Hoping that we can find a bearing kit tomorrow. As far as the fishing we ended up going 4 for 5. 1 steely and 3 cohoes. We tried out deep and in a bit shallower but the kings were nowhere to be found. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  20. Slow start this morning. and a bit bumpy. Dropped a steely at the back of the boat.44 on the rigger 42nd stinger [ Post made via iPhone ]
  21. Ill check if that's in the appstore right now. Thanks for the tip.
  22. Finally boat cleaned up and in the room enjoying a cold beverage. Ended up 7-10. Mostly cohoes and immatures with the one 15lb king. All but one fish came on spinning fly or echip fly with best fly being shredded hammer. We did have another good size king on the dipsey but it came unbuttoned after ripping 100 feet. 2.7 gps speed. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  23. 250 fow riggers are way to quiet. Phone is real low if I figure out how to post my phone pics I will post tonight. And by the way I hope this report is no disrespect to ruff rider as I have been loving his reports all week when I was sitting at work knowing is be here today. That 2am departure should hit me soon.. Time for some more red bull. [ Post made via iPhone ]
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