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  1. Wow I can't imagine the blow back fishing that deep. Thanks for the live updates.
  2. Thanks guys I am going to look into this as it would make driving alot easier. Also last year it seems like i was able to catch more fish trolling on my big motor. The only thing I can attribute that to is that when trolling with the Honda my speed was alot more steady. We usually set the throttle on the honda and forgot it. I have alot seemed to get hits when changing speeds.
  3. How does the trollmaster acutally control the throttle? Is it all electronic or is it some sort of mechanical device. TIA.
  4. I bought the ez steer and that works great. But as I used the boat last year I really was wishing I could control my speed from the cockpit. I been searching on the internet but i can't really get a straight answer. Is this something that can be done fairly easy? Its not electric start and thats ok, I am just looking for throttle control.
  5. I'll take the 5th lot (second one down on left) of spoons if your willing to ship and do paypal. Obvisously I will pay shipping.
  6. That time of the year you will most likely be looking for warmer water. A couple degrees can make a huge difference that time of the year.
  7. Will you be ok with a 5" screen? I love my humminbird 597ciHD combo. Great power and the gps system is so easy to use. I had a Garmin when i switched boats and I used it once and had to go back to the humminbird.
  8. E-chips "pro troll" flashers [ Post made via iPhone ]
  9. When i worked on a charter boat I was always told to crank down the releases. It makes sense that you would get a better hook set if the release is tighter wouldn't it? Anyway I probably had over done it. As I really had to yank to get them to release. Althought the salmon had no problem releasing them.
  10. Longline, you are probably right about the strecthing and I am thinking it was probably happenning when i was releasing the clipped to check my line. I really had to yank hard to get them to release. Maybe I had them cranked down too much.
  11. It was my first time using blacks this weekend and I really like them. And the price is reasonable compared to other releases. I usually use the roemers on salmon and chamberlains on smaller fish. I do like the chamberlains but I think the wire they use is a bit flimsy and i personally don't think you can tighten them enough for fall kings. Anyway I noticed my line fraying where I was attaching my blacks to the line. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I am thinking I may have had them too tight. I have always gone with the theory that you can never over tighten releases when fishing fall kings but maybe they were just too tight. I use 20lb Trilene XT.
  12. When i first saw this fish on the board I was pretty sure it was going to get beat by multiple fish in the salmon class. Pretty surprise that only one salmon beat it. Nice job on a great laker. I wonder if this is the biggest laker ever registered in the LOC.
  13. If your around Port Ontario you can try Fish Wish. The lady is amazing. I don't know how she does it with all the deer heads and fish she does on her own. I just picked up two browns from last spring and they look great. She isn't cheap at $15 an inch I beleive and she does have a long turn around time but if you see her work it is worth it.
  14. Just pulled into my driveway. Wow what a drive but the kids wanted to be home for monday. Easy for them to say who both fell asleep on the ride. Well we ended the day 6 for 10. Nothing big this weekend for us. Biggest was about 23. We did take a lunch break but we had a tough time after that morning bite. I think I may not have had my down riggers down far enough and my dipsey to short. Just a great couple days. Stepson and his friend fought them like pros. I think I lost more fish than them. Well next trip will be to Wilson in the spring. Typical king of the weekend Nice coho from today
  15. 3 for 5 this morning. Tough for me to report with this many boats. But quickly white boards with green dots. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  16. We will be out bright early tomorrow hoping the boat traffic isn't to horrible. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  17. Made the ride from ct this morning. Saw that the lake was going to be rough this morning so we left a little than usual and took our time getting out. We were setting up at about 2:30. Immediately took a fish on the dipsy 240 out white green dot spinny with hammer. stayed in the 80-90 fow for a while without a release so we moved deeper where all the other boats were. At about 115 fow we finally had a release on echip white with green dots. Trolled for while and was about to pickup and we fired another rigger down 100 over 110 green spinny. That was it for the day 3 for 3. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  18. You might be able to get a fuel pump from the Boat Doctor but I know thats a bit of a ride for you.
  19. Yeah thats what I was thinking. Its probably going to take some time for the waves to settle down tomorrow. I guess thats just means I can leave my house a bit later tomorrow. Maybe 6am instead of 3am..lol.
  20. Im trying to decide wether to make the 5 hr drive to Port Ontario for a Sat/Sun trip. Im watching the weather reports like a hawk. I know your further east but whats your guess for tomorrow.
  21. Just keep an eye on the weather as the reports im reading say building as the day goes on. If you get out stay safe and post up some fish.
  22. Yeah the trench can be hit or miss. If the wind is coming from the west the trench can be even worse than Mexico. Nice job getting into some fish.
  23. Forecast for tomorrow doesn't look to good either. Im wondering if Isaac will have any effect on the lake. Friday Southwest winds 10 to 20 knots becoming west. A chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Waves 4 to 6 feet subsiding to 3 to 5 feet. On the good side as of now Saturday and Sunday look to be fishable. Good luck out there and I hope the weather holds off. If Im going to be sitting here at work the least I can do is enjoy your reports.
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