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  1. Not much to report for my trip out of the Little Salmon River. Tried in front of the plant and the Dunes area. Fished 130FOW-350FOW. Threw just about everything at them. Did not even get a bite on Sunday-Tuesday. NOT ONE RELEASE! Finally went one for two with a 22LB king on Wednesday. One hit on meat and one on the flasher fly. Marked some fish at 70-80 and some down off bottom (not your usual laker marks). I am almost thinking these salmon are glued to the bottom. Not sure why as we had great temperature down 80 at 45 degrees. Marked some bait here and there but there were no marks around them. Besides dodging some rain on Tuesday and Wednesday the weather was pretty good and waves were very manageable.
  2. I knew the fishing reports were dismal but the weather looked to be as nice as can be for Lake O and I had some vacation to burn. So a friend and I replaced my water pump on Tuesday night and took off on Wednesday Morning. Very slow report. We managed only one Brown and one laker in four days. Could not get any thing going with many hours trolling from 15 fow - 170 fow. Getting to the boat at 5am and heading in at 2 or 3 each day except for Wednesday. I have to say I have never seen the Lake this calm for 4 in a row since I have been fishing up there. 40mph to and from the plant was a piece of cake. We did find a ton of bait (young of the year Alewives) near Catfish Creek with a ton of marks in 15-30 FOW so not seeing anything else we targeted this area in the early morning. Only got the one Brown Thursday mid morning. My only thought is that there was so much bait the fish just weren't interested in the lures. We tried for salmon later in the mornings but with no hits and blank screens for hours it was tough getting motivated. Boat is up there now so I will wait to see some better reports before heading back.
  3. Looks like you found a good pod of active fish on Friday. We were there Wednesday thru Saturday. Only got one 7lb brown and one 8lb Laker in four days. Same here we fished 10 hrs on Thursday and Friday.
  4. Hachimo I’m just messing with you. I was looking at the post and trying to see if this was last year. Nice to see some kings out there. I’m planning on going up next week not sure if I should try and push it out to the week after.
  5. Am I missing something? I thought today was 5/10
  6. I was out there till dark both Friday and Saturday. I just couldn't get anything going this weekend.
  7. Finally, the weather looked good for the weekend and I decided to go get my boat at Salmon Country. Fished Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning. 0-0. Had a couple releases and that was it. I honestly did not see one boat reeling in a fish. Fished from 14-35 FOW. Marked lots and saw fish jumping but no biters for me. Ran just about everything except meat and F/F. Had some serious electrical issues with my boat which turned out to be an inline 100 amp fuse to my alternator. Had to buy a whole new wire with fuse ($80) built in but replaced it at the marina in under 10 minutes after heading up to Brewertown for the part and everything worked good after. Gotta love google for this kind of help. Weather was absolutely amazing with flat calm seas until Sunday afternoon. Not very often I can go 40MPH although way out. Until next year.
  8. South and East winds are definitely the best for waves. I'm not liking Friday afternoon and Saturday morning's forecast. But it can change within hours so you never know. I've learned I can do 2-4's but would rather not be too far out cause the ride in can be hell.
  9. I fished till September 20th last year. Nothing like getting a strike on a flatlined crankbait. It's not for the light hearted as there is a reason we call it battle zone fishing. Don't get me wrong I would rather be on a July bite but you can get them in mid september. I think I am passing on this weekend. I am not really liking the wind forecast and so much to do here at work (I work for a school district). I am going to plan on a trip next weekend as my boat is getting really lonely. Let me know how you guys do.
  10. Last time I went by the launch, both sides were open but cones were put up only allowing one boat per side.
  11. It definitely got sporty on Thursday. But ofcourse the best day out of four for me. Definitely had to troll east.
  12. Finally have a second to post my report. After having a flat tire on rte 90 with no spare Tuesday June 30th we got up to Port Lodge around 2:00. I was hoping to get there closer to 12 since we had work to do to get going. Any way on the water at about 4:00 (it gets dark up there so late) and headed West from the Little Salmon to about 180FOW. Wasn't too long we had three kings in the boat all on the copper rod . Two teenagers and one smaller king. Wednesday: Headed out in the morning with a bit of North West breeze. Only stuck one till we decided to take a break. Tried to go back out in the afternoon but wind had picked up and it was blowing North West pretty good making it for tough conditions to head back to 5 stacks. Decided to head back and call it a day. Thursday: By far our best day with a decent West wind with 2-4 by the time we called it quits. Went 5-8 with 3 on meat and two on flies. Nothing on the spoons. Could literally only troll East but fishing made up for the rough ride. Again no afternoon trip due to the wind. Friday: Finally a bit calmer. But we were headed home so we only fished till 10. Finally a spoon bite. 2 on the spoons and one more on the meat. All in all a great trip. Not sure what happened on Wednesday which could have really improved our number but I'll take 12 salmon in just for trips. Nothing over 20lbs but there were some boats that got bigger ones. Now that the boats up there I can't wait to get back up.
  13. I'm heading up tomorrow. Not liking this weather pattern but I have the week off and than the boat will have its summer home until late September. Hoping to locate some kings. I love summer kings just find them and they are usually active. The problem of course is always finding them. I will post up reports. If anyone is out there I usually go by Connecticut Trophy reach out by radio or PM for a phone number. Here's a pic with the Oceanside Rocket launcher and a fresh coat of wax.
  14. Things have definitely changed a bit. Down to 5-10's for Saturday afternoon and calm for Saturday morning. Now I have to decide If I can pull this off last minute.
  15. Trying to figure out the weather for Saturday also. My boat has been very lonely the last two weekends at the little salmon river. Not even sure yet for this weekend. Saturday seeing West winds 15-20 knots on one site and 5-10 knots on another. Oh well have to wait to see what it says tomorrow.
  16. There's plenty of good temp in close. I personally wouldn't run out.
  17. Well it wasn't hot and heavy but I was able put 9 in the box for four times out, biggest was around 25lbs. All my fish came out in front of the plant in 140-150 FOW. And all on meat and spoons. 6 on meat and 3 on spoons. 8 out of 9 on the riggers. I ran some flasher flies but they wanted nothing to do with them. All three days I could not figure out if it was a meat bite or spoon bite. Got as many hits on spoons as the meat which I thought was weird. 2.4 at the ball was my best speed. Not many marks out there but more consistent marks in the 140 FOW. Very cold water. I was getting 42 degrees down 60 on my rigger. With the cold water there were plenty of shakers to ruin your spread if your not checking your riggers. May be back next weekend.
  18. How were the fleas? I'm running 20lb test on diawa SG's and 20lb test can be a pain with fleas around.
  19. My boat has been lonely the past couple weekends but after watching the weather reports all week we made the decision to head up. The weather still looked iffy for the weekend but ended up turning out great. Only saw one storm roll thru while we were out 8-9 miles. And after the morning the Lake turned almost flat on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday made the mistake of staying in front of the plant all day and couldn't find a fish to save my life. Finally a bit too late started trolling out to the dunes. Well there we found the fish and what a motherload. Soon as we got there the 400 copper went off tangling into the wire dipsy. Somehow we are able to untwist and land our fist fish. Unfortunately a little too late as we were unable to box another fish. Sunday was a different story after a late start waiting to see if the weather was going to cooperate and getting gas. We ended the day 8 for 8 with a break for lunch. Mostly a dipsy bite 250-300 on a 2 1/2 setting in 115FOW. All F/F combos 2.4MPH on the ball. Did get a few on the riggers but more hits on the dipsy. Decided to leave the copper in the cuddy as too many people have no etique when it comes to trolling. Monday we decided we are getting out early. It was dark as we were leaving but still didn't get out early enough when you have to drive 7 miles. Set the first rod down and I turn around to and first fish on. Than I guess it was our turn to lose a couple fish. Two in a row on the wire. And than landed our 2 fish and called it a day early as we had to ride back to CT. So all in all we salvaged a great weekend. All the fish were on the smaller size but considering there were only a few 30's on LOC derby looks like the pattern is of smaller fish. Hope to be back up next weekend weather permitting.
  20. Where can I find results for this past weekend out of Oswego?
  21. Also cold water has already moved in pretty good as today I had 44 degree water down 70 in 100fow in front of the plant. Out deeper I guess there were more normal temps. Picture of my first male of the year. And my buddy first salmon on a boat.
  22. About the same results for me. 2 on Saturday afternoon. 1 on Sunday morning. And 2 today. Found what I think we're staging fish yesterday and today in 90 fow.
  23. Awesome! leaving Friday, boats waiting for me at Salmon Country. Looks like a nice coho in the mix also.
  24. Looks like the moved in a bit since last week. Thanks for the report I'll be headed back up Friday.
  25. 5-6 miles from the stack. 12 miles from Little Salmon.
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