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  1. I already wrote most of my results and details on other posts. But here are a bunch of picture from the long weekend. Some cool scenery pcis included. Unbelievable weather and lake conditions. We ended up with 9 kings and 1 laker. Biggest king in the 28lb range. We only dropped two fish and had several releases with no one home. Prob ended about 10 for 14. Will be back up in a week or two to fish and bring the boat home. Unless I get antsy and make a day or two trip.
  2. Finally home after the three day trip. Exhausted but well worth it. Not the best numbers but we got 9 kings. This morning was tough. We only managed a 24lber on a dipsey 1.5 415 feet out. Must have had a smaller fish on for while as my downrigger released and when we brought it in everything was gone and line was really twisted. I don't understand why we didn't do better this morning as we had the best temps of a three days down 120 on the riggers and marks all over. Can't go this weekend but will be headed back after.
  3. Went 3 for 4 this morning. Went in at 11:00am. All on downriggers down 135-145 in 170fow. Went back out for the afternoon and put another 3 on board. One of which was silver and losing scales like a spring king. We had a 26lber give us a hell of time. I never seen a king fight this strong. I thought we had a 40 for sure this thing would not come up. Pulled all the rods and slowed down. about 20 minutes later we finay got it to surface. We quit after landing that one at 6:45. The three we landed were on the downriggers same depths as the morning. We did get a dipsey to finally fire on 1.5 setting out 425 but that one came unbuttoned. We did find temp but its still scattered as we would have 48 degrees on the probe and a few minutes later have 64. I think by tomorrow there we will be somewhat of a thermocline setup again.
  4. I really wouldn't worry about temp this time of the year. We fished the same area as you this afternoon. Trolled for 6 hours before we hit our first king at 6:45. 180fow 135 on the rigger. 68 degrees there on my probe. Ended the day 2 for three. All hits on riggers down 135-145 on the rigger from 6:45-7:30. 24lber and 18lber. will be back out in the morning if I can wake up.
  5. I picked up the 30 last night and it just feels a little on the small size. I understand it fits 1000 feet perfectly but it just feels a bit on the small size specially on the dipsey rod. I also understand that backing is pretty useless when it comes to wire but is there a reason why people prefer the 30 over the 40. I'm no pro but I feel the 40 would match up better with a dipsey rod. But I prefer to hear your opinions since I am no more than a weekend warrior.
  6. I was out last weekend in the Salmon river area and we had no fleas. I even ran the 20lb big game and it was fine.
  7. It wasn't hot and heavy but we managed to put a few in the box. Don't listen to every report. There were boats that limited out pretty easily from what I heard. I wouldn't be chasing browns when there are salmon to be caught. Start in 110 and make your way out to 150.
  8. Thanks guys will pick up a 30 and give it a whirl. Are you guys adding any backing? if so how much and what kind (mono or braid).
  9. Ok so after catching about 10 fish with my Okuma coldwater the level wind stopped working. Luckily I was able to unscrew it and reel my line in. Good thing I didn't get a fish on after this happened. Needless to say I am a bit annoyed since I believe I am not the only one that has had this problem. Anyway I'm looking for a replacement reel. I didn't really want to spend a couple hundred but I am looking at the Daiwa Saltist. It was pretty much between the saltist and the tekota. Any way which size saltist are people running? The 30 or 40? I know this is probably been posted but any opinions on the saltiest or any other wire reel would be much appreciated. I drive 5 hours to fish and don't want a low quality reel putting a damper on my fishing trips. It was bad enough I was down to one wire rod this weekend when the dipsy finally started firing.
  10. I forgot to mention. I was out one wire due to my okuma cold water reel crapping out. The level wind completely stopped working. I did here these reels have had issues. I don't know why I picked up a second one. Needless to say I will be returning it and look For a different option. I'm think about the diawa saltist 40 but open to suggestions.
  11. Fished Monday from 6-1. Went back out to 150-200 and only had one rip on the dipsey. After wasting away the morning bite. Decided to head in a bit shallower at about 10am and boom. Ended the early day at 3 for 7 with 2 kings over 25lbs and a decent laker. I think we may have done really good if we would have started in the 140fow when we got out there. There were a couple times where we only had one rod in the water from 10-12. But hey that's fishing and we put some fish on the deck. All the fish we got were out of temp so they are making their way in and I guess I learned this trip that temp isn't that big of deal in August . Will be up Saturday weather permitting.
  12. Thank god for the newbie. 5 for 6 for us today. 4 kings one steelie. Temp (50 degrees) was down 100. We got all our fish in 150-200fow.
  13. Tough day yesterday. Most boats got blown off in the morning. We went at about 3 had one 10lber and one break off. Marked most of the fish from 150-200fow.
  14. 400 FOW is a ways coming out of Sandy. I would have say somewhere around 6-8 miles. I need to go to bed.
  15. Thanks for the update. Atleast, I'll have a place to start. I just installed my Fishhawk so it will be interesting to see the temps for once. Nice job on the kings. I'll take 4 any day. Flasher/fly? I talked to Kathy at Greenpoint and she said there are no issues going out from the pond this year. Don't forget the Lake is up a lot this year. Last year we used the 9.9 to get out. I don't know how those guys with the I/O's were getting out.
  16. I'll be headed out of the pond tomorrow. 18' Trophy. Leaving in the am, hope to fish Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Monday weather permitting. Will try to provide some live post if I can. I have a newbie and me on the boat. So I will be running the show. But that's usually the case anyway just no stepson this weekend who is usually a big help. I'll be on channel 68.
  17. Thanks for the heads up. How are the fleas? Headed up tomorrow morning and need to know which reels to get ready.
  18. Yeah man, I hope the temps are starting to set back up. I am hoping to get out Saturday morning thru Monday out of Sandy pond.
  19. Same here for me. I have landed a 29LB 10oz but I just can't break that 30Lb mark. I hope this is the year. I'd love to put a fish on the board. Nice job on the 30 i wish you got an exact weight that thing looks closer to 35lb.
  20. I heard the pond is back to normal height? Thinking of docking my boat at Greenpoint for the month of August. At least you put a decent salmon in the box. I'm hoping to break that 30LB mark this year.
  21. First of all thanks for everyones input. Is the turbulence an issue due to the speed on top reading? I'm not as concerned with this reading as I much more trust my GPS than the paddle. The only reason I am asking is my boat isn't huge and there is only so many places I can't mount since I have the kicker installed on one side.
  22. I am going to be installing my Fishhawk this weekend. Any pointers or anything I should watch out for? I installed my Humminbird 597 so I am assuming I should be able to install the X4.
  23. Always a tough call to make in the morning. Risk people getting sick and bumped around or cancel and leave people disappointed. Looks like you made the right call that morning. Its all about putting people on fish and smiles on their faces and that picture says it all.
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