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  1. Laughed out of wilson and started in 200 only to find cold water 39 down 30. Motored over closer to niagara and found better water. 3 for 3 so far. One nice steelie a 10 plus laker and a smaller king. Still waiting for an adult king. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Heading up todau. How's the boat traffic. And thanks for the updates. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Sucks when your number one fishing partner gets his first job. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. How much did the big one weigh. That blow on Thursday seemed to push all that warm water out. I was suppose to be there today thru tuesday but my fishing partner (son) had to work. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. That's some nice steel! No kings around? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Another great report from Oswego today. I know these are charter captains and they can exaggerate but they are getting kings.
  7. Thats exactly what I am affraid of. I know the Wilson fish will be there (its spring). But like you said Oswego can turn in around in a day. Not looking for Brown trout or lakers. Thanks for the quick replies.
  8. My son and I have been planning a trip for kings this weekend and we were set on Wilson even though Oswego is much closer and easier for us. I am now seeing good reports of kings in Oswego. I know no one has a crystal ball but should I consider Oswego. My boat is docked in Sandy Pond for August but its on the trailer now. Ah decisions decisions.
  9. Yup that was us who came in after you with the 3 salmon. You had mentioned how you got one everyday. Haha... small world.
  10. trbean - I am assuming you meant Monday was your best day. That's when we went 4 for 6 before 11:00. I am surprised you got those picky fish in 80 to hit anything.
  11. I think I saw you there on Monday afternoon. I had the Trophy parked next to you while we waited for our fish to be cleaned.
  12. That channel is something else. I dunno how the big boats do it. I have seen plenty of people get stuck. In the pond it seems like just sand though. I'll be painting my skeg from the pond. We prob saw you out there. I have a 18' Trophy with Green Bimini. 9.9 Honda 135 opti. What main line are you using? And what are you using for your flies? If your breaking off that many fish I would look into your line. Bite offs are pretty common this time of the year but you shouldn't be breaking off before the flasher.
  13. Were you out of Sandy pond? Why do people set the hook when trolling? I never set the hook and my ratio's are usually pretty good. I personally would never set the hook on a wire dipsey. There is no stretch and you risk pulling the hook right of the mouth. My theory is and I am no pro but if your dipsey release is set properly the hook should be set when it trips. This weekend I did have a fly with a bad hook (vmc that bent) that lost me two fish before I finally stopped being lazy and retied. It than landed us 4 of our fish.
  14. Worked hard for the fish this weekend. Marked tons and tons of fish in 90-95 in front of the dunes. Worked these fish for a while but couldn't get a single release and from the radio talk no one could. A lot of frustration and skunks this weekend. We slid away from the pack into 115-130 FOW and marked tons of bait. We got a couple rods to fire finally so we concentrated on this area the rest of the weekend. We ended up with 2 on Saturday but like I mentioned we worked hard, trolled for over 12hrs straight. We were kept amused with the radio talk. Specially the "brown top" incident. We were laughing for at least 15 minutes after this battle. If you were out there you know what I am talking about. Sunday we did ok in the morning going 3 for 5. Thinking there might be an afternoon bite we came in for a small break and headed back out about 4ish. Only one release all evening. We ran back in the dark and barely made "Breaking Bad" at the Port Ontario Lodge. Monday was our best morning going 4 for 6 without a boat within a 1/2 mile. Two fish on the 450 copper, one on a dipsey and one on the rigger. Headed in around noon. Not bad considering all the radio talk. Only one fish on the downrigger all weekend but that doesn't surprise me this time of the year. Ran a jplug all weekend long without a whack which did surprise me. Largest was 28lbs and we got one coho. So still no elusive 30lber for my boat. Your typical white and green flashers and green flies caught all of our fish. Spin doctors or echips none were more productive. Trailered the boat home and now its time for my depression mode seeing my boat home. Come on spring!
  15. No problem fairhaven I appreciate you correcting me. I would rather have the correct information and be corrected. And now that think of it my friends from lake George fish for them in the tribs in the fall. I do believe they come in a but later but again I could be wrong.
  16. Ok my mistake. I still don't think it was Atlantic but it did have weird spotting.
  17. Nah it was a king with weird spotting. Was spotted like an Atlantic but those don't spawn in the fall.
  18. If he really did say that I would have no problem mentioning on this site. Honestly I think you should. I know most of the captains are very respectful to other fisherman. If they are that stressed fishing with clients maybe they should quit their jobs.
  19. I second Fish Wish. She does some great work. She always has plenty of fish to check out at her shop. She is located right next to Woody's Tackle.
  20. Thanks guys. We let the camera man catch a couple fish also. He is working on the video as we speak. Usually puts together great videos. I was hoping to catch a couple downrigger releases but the action wasn't hot enough to do that. Will post the youtube link as soon as it is completed.
  21. Used the 30 this weekend. Landed only one fish on it due to all the fish being soo deep. But so far so good. What a nice drag system. It loosens enough to let the dipsey out nice and slow without worrying about it which was nice.
  22. What's the app for the iphone where you can check real time bouys out on lake o?
  23. Wow even marine underground says its currently 2 foot or less.
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