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  1. Make sure you check the regulations its different for steelhead. I believe that one was legal but it is one per person and it must be at least 21".
  2. These fish have to move in soon. My back can only take so many trips to 450.
  3. That first fish is definitely a Steelhead and a nice fat one at that. Nice job on the fish.
  4. Oswego 8/6 - 8/8 Headed up to Mexico on Sunday morning due to Saturdays 13 footers. Got up there around 1 and was told to forget about it until Monday. Well we took a ride out of the little salmon and made it out to 200FOW and decided it was doable and headed to where I knew there was fish a few days ago. Ended up in 400-450 but it did take us quite a while to get out there. Fished for an hour or so and landed a small king and lost a bigger one. After losing my right side side downrigger setup due to a bad turn we decided to head in early. Got the rigger all setup Monday morning and headed out around 6am. Definitely a little better ride out but still 12 miles out in my trophy was a bit annoying. Got to the same area and it was on. I think we ended up 4 for 7 and headed in around noon. Problems with my bilge this time. Mice decided to make a nest in my lines to the bilge. Bilge was full of paper towel and other nesting materials. At one time there was a mouse running around the boat. With the possibility of thunderstorms we stayed in on Monday afternoon. Fished again Tuesday. Tried a little shallower 300-350 and made the wrong call. Picked up and headed to the same area and boated 2 small kings and another mature along with many losses on the meat. Even lost a jumping coho on the meet. Probably would have did better but the smaller kings did not release my blacks. Wasn't thinking but I should have loosened them up. Not sure why we lost so many fish on that meat setup but ofcourse I replaced the hook and never got another take on it. Dipseys and downriggers were pretty much equal. No spoon bite for us. Just the flasher fly and the meat. Only ran the copper a couple times but it just got in the way. First day we found 50 degrees down 95 on the riggers. The next day had to run 130 on the riggers to find the same water. Did find some bait out there and most marks were around the bait. Also cracked my kicker plate on the trailering up from CT. So it was the weekend of mishaps but I'll take it over working. And the box of 4 kings made up for it.
  5. If I remember correctly its about 6-7 miles out from the Plant. Its a good ways in rough conditions.
  6. Let us know how you make out. Thinking of heading up Saturday for my first trip of this season. Looks like from the couple live facebook feeds that they are out pretty deep.
  7. I'm sure they are still in the 130-140 FOW. Find the cold water and the fish are more apt to hit.
  8. Fished Sat morning and afternoon and ended up 5 for 9. Mostly a dipsy bite for us. Same area in 135fow. 4 kings to 26 lbs and 1 coho. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Another iffy weekend iffy looking at Sunday (5-8footers) and Monday. its not going to be worth my 5 hour drive. That's three weekends in a row I have had to sit it out.
  10. Mine were both skin mounts. Some of the bottom fins aren't great. She does put a lot of clear coat on them so it is a matter of preference. There are no drips on mine as I could see.
  11. Fish wish did a couple Browns for me and they came out great! I have to admit took a lot longer than expected but was well worth the wait.
  12. Yup I'm not liking the weather report for this weekend. Its only Tuesday so who knows. I had to cancel last weekend, I hope I don't have to cancel this weekend also.
  13. I'm just asking because I have a Trophy 1802 which is great for trailering but I do take a beating when its rough. I have to admit though for an 18' I can go out in some snotty stuff. I do pick my days though , 2-4s can get a little crazy. I do love those Grady's. Its funny though they are not as popular on the great lakes as they are around my area - LIS. My friend had an older Grady 20' Overnighter but I think the Adventure is a better boat in rough waters. I am starting to get 2 footidis but for now I'll stay with my 1802. I really have my eye on the Stieger.
  14. Mooseknuckle - Nice boat. What size and year is your Grady?
  15. I have a 2007 135HP Optimax and so far have had great luck with it. Low maintenance. The only thing I have done so far was one water pump and your normal plugs. I have the electronic gauge which is a great add on to read the temps, voltage, pressure. I have owned it for 5 years now. I even troll with it when its just two windy to control the boat with my 9.9. I gotta admit its loud but its definitely got some get up and go for a 135.
  16. It looks like a busch light to me. Oh oh the fish. Definitely has characteristics of a coho. They seem to have that redish tail on all of mine. But the mouth is usually more a give away.
  17. I have to agree with the op. I have seen more skippys on boards from charters than any year that I have been fishing. These are the fry that have made it past the hardest part of their life cycle. These are the fish that will mature. I don't think there are many predators to a 15-20" salmon. I really don't see the point of keeping a 15" salmon when they are capable of growing to 40". I don't think many of us are out there actually feeding our family. And if we are it would definitely be cheaper to go the grocery store. Now with that said it is the law and is your choice to keep 15" salmon. And I'm not out there trying to make a living. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. They weren't out far when this happened. I think they said they were in 100 FOW. I really would like to hear more about the specifics because the waves weren't as bad as I would think they would have to be to capsize a 21 footer. A lot of people are thinking that they may have taking on water before it capsized. From what I heard the boat sank immediately. I always thought a boat would stay afloat for a little while. Again this is all from radio talk as I wasn't close enough to see anything myself.
  19. Yes a 21 center capsized yesterday. We were there and heard the call on the radio as another boat saw the whole thing. Luckily we fisherman look out for each other and a boat under the name of Pisces had the three people aboard his boat within minutes I still don't know the specifics as to how it capsized but they were safe and that's what matters. As far as the boat it's gone with a debris field floating around and picked up by a few other boaters. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Finsntins are you docked at Greenpoint? Nice job on getting a few nice ones. I'll be there Saturday.
  21. Isn't that basically what they have now with the WIFI connection. I can feed mine thu my phone. I am not sure how far the signal will travel and it is a couple seconds off.
  22. You should clean that up and patent that idea. I would purchase one from you. Thanks for the pictures. The footage was great. I was wondering about the lighting down that deep. The gopro and accessories are great. The battery life sucks but what can you do. We mounted one on the net this weekend. Not sure how the footage came out but we will have a video at the end of the season. I think I read the case is good to 60 meters so they are pretty tough.
  23. Can you post a pic of the mount? We fish with two gopro's and we were trying to get some ideas on how to get under water footage. We have seen people making contraptions with pvc piping.
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