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  1. Torpedo divers 12lb. Can't beat them
  2. Jolly release. Not sure if there still available but check with jolly man on lou
  3. 8" gator Spinny with blue dolphin ITO fly
  4. Dipsey on a 1 1/2 I wear I like them. Also I run the copper out pretty far and make sure you get some Scotty releases to hold the copper. I think the further out the better less tangles more stealth.
  5. Awesome story Matt. Was that your son that yelled at you at the dock for telling Lou and I what you guys were catching your fish on? One of the funniest moments of the summer. Congrats nice doe! Shawn.
  6. 9' cabelas dipsey rod 35 bucks a piece. Can't beat em
  7. I like to run 25lb mono and 20lb flourocarbon leader. I think it makes a huge difference. They can definitely see your 50lb mono
  8. I second that. Great customer service highly recommended
  9. I had 61.5 on the surface and 47 55 ft down. That was pretty consistent right out to 200
  10. Looking for some diawa heartland 8' rigger rods. Need 4 would take up to 12 if available
  11. Please send me the contact info.
  12. Where is the boat located. Any more pics? How can u be contacted???? [ Post made via Android ]
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