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  1. You are going to ruin a friendship over money and it will be on you. You didn't help catch the fish. Real friends are happy for their friends when something good happens to them. Be happy for them. "Splitting evenely" implies that you are present. Good luck.
  2. Lol..Tweeter!..I'm not a big social media guy, but Twitter is awesome, and yes you need it. I appreciate the charters pictures and information they are willing to share.
  3. First time out this year for salmon. Started in 100fow and trolled North to 450 and turned around. Caught four fish in between. Two 8 pounders, one 15 pounder and one at 27 pounds 8ounce. Fish was caught by my son Kane. Fish was caught at 8:30 pm so couldn't get it to the board. All good though. We had great time and the thrill of seeing a decent King hit the deck never gets old. Caught fish on live wire, green dots spin doctors with atomic flys and spoons on the riggers
  4. choked-up

    screwed up

    I heard they were killing them out there today too!!
  5. I'm with Rusty. I have a 2004 196 with 115 4stroke. 32-34 is about the fastest I get with two guys and 1/2 tank of fuel(26gallons). I'm fine with the 115. Do I wish I had more HP?....sure who wouldn't but it wouldn't be a deal breaker. The boat is not dog. It has get up and go. I have zero regrets. I fish lake Ontario and Erie.
  6. I had similar problems. Replaced all spark plugs and replaced fuel filter and problem went away. I believe it was a bad plug or plug connection that was fixed when I replaced the plugs. Mercury 2004 115 efi. Good luck
  7. You're admitting to being friends with John V? Ha ha. Congrats on the win.
  8. Thanks. The boat is 19.5'. In my opinion the Cannon Dual Axis Rod Holder can not be beat for versatility.
  9. All the same length. That way you can rotate your inside rods to your outside rods when you catch a fish on your outside rod.
  10. "The Navigators Son"... Ha ha love it. Congrats on the fish. " Butch's Son"
  11. There is a minncota copilot on Rochester craigslist under sporting. Saw you might be looking for one [ Post made via Android ]
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