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  1. I have seen differences in what fish want as I have tied flies with 30 and 50lb mono. But I agree that braid is just too wimpy.
  2. Smooth drag is still selling drag disks for these even though they are not listed. At least they were earlier this summer.
  3. Another option is to by the regular daiwa 47 drag washers and use a dremel tool to resize them. I did this before Tuna troubles came out with them. I tested some of the early prototypes. They are smooth but still have more creep than Andy found acceptable. Still better than the felt washers. There are still some places to get obsolete daiwa parts. Call Daiwa and they will give you some options.
  4. I use both the shark and pancake 10 lb weights. The pancakes work fine but only if your using pinch releases attached to the fin. Zero issues with them with that release attachment point. Very unpredictable with a blacks or roemer release above the ball. As far as blow back goes the sharks have less but are slower on the retrieve due to how they plane in the water.
  5. I also get it from big weenie and Michigan angler. Lots of options.
  6. For me tape and a little super glue. No issues with them coming apart.
  7. Good folks to work with for service and parts.
  8. For me the willis is first and the Albright if it takes to long or if I need to retie in rough water.
  9. Other option that I didn't see discuss is the new Suffix 832 leacore with the spectra sheath. Smaller diameter and more sensitve than the dacron verson discussed. Will also get 8 feet per color versus about 5 feet for the dacron sheathed leadcore. Heaviest test available so far is 18 lb but would work fine for salmon.
  10. I've caught a lot of fish running flies on 30# leaders. But I prefer the 50# on most of my rigs for a little more kick.
  11. Jax Cat Tackle had the best price I fod when I was looking.
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