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  1. I'll take 8 vintage Wiggle Warts, 7 vintage Cordell Plugs, 11 fireplugs,7 flatfish type. Thank you.
  2. I'll take them. Will send you message. Thanks.
  3. I'll take all 4 reels for $50 shipped. PM will be sent. Thanks.
  4. I have to somewhat agree with what "Little Crappie" stated. Although the seller has every right to sell to whomever he/she wants to, I think the one who posted on public forum should be given a first shot at it. I would post in public forum first stating that PM is on its way and everyone on this board has been very honorable. I'm sorry about your experience, slow rollin. That is also just my two cents...
  5. I'll take them. Could you send with the ones I bought on Monday? Please let me know, Stan. Thanks.
  6. I'll take all of the 12 Sutton spoons for $25. PM sent to you. Thanks.
  7. PM sent regarding "5 Jake's and 11 Thomas Bouyant". Thanks.
  8. I'll take them all for $40 plus shipping of $5. PM sent.
  9. I'm interested. Would you have pictures and send it to me by PM please? Thank you.
  10. I'll take them all as discussed on the phone. PM will be sent shortly. Thank you, Shawn.
  11. I'll take indy Worm Harness Cases, Misc. Spoons, 2 dodgers, 2 Trolling Flies and Drift sock ( For up to 18' Boat ) & 4x16in. Boat Fenders PM sent. Thanks.
  12. I'm interested in both of your reels (Daiwa and Penn). PM sent.
  13. Lyteline, Thank you much for the info. I'll try contacting both of them. Regards,
  14. I'm interested in Alpena Diamond Spoons from Luhr Jensen with a reasonable offer. Thank you.
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