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  1. It's true small businesses are hurting badly but this is where our government needs to step in and put politics aside, which in the end I think they will. Winston Churchill said it best, "America has to exhaust all other options before doing the right thing." It isn't just about opening up. It's about doing it correctly by social distancing and wearing a mask. My wife is from South Korea and her home town got hit hard. But the government's response was swift and they didn't shut down. Why? Because the people in South Korea have more trust in their government AND they have a sense of duty to all in society. Here in America we are much more independent minded and resist any freedoms being taken away even if they are for our own good. Remember the resistance to the seat belt law? If we just "go for it" we may prolong this pandemic and have to shut down again. If we can avoid more people dying, shouldn't we do it,since all those young people have parents and grandparents?
  2. x2 If you have a question on fishing, ask a fisherman; if you have a medical question, ask a doctor; if you have a question on science, ask a scientist. None of us would like to be told by someone who doesn't know anything about our specialty, how to do our job. Why should we think a politician knows about a medical or science issue more than a doctor or scientist? Many people bash New York State but we are in much better shape than many states because we have listened to the experts. Are experts always right? No. But neither are we. And Gill-T is right, we are all in this together. Our actions impact others.
  3. Thanks !I usually set up in 130ft but yesterday I had no idea. Thought about going way out in 300-400 ft.
  4. Took off work to take my son and his friend Stephen, the one who couldn't go with us last time, fishing for salmon. With the recent unstable weather and the poor fishing reports, I wasn't too confident about our chances. Started fishing around 5:30pm. Had the boys let out the two dipsy divers- mag set on 1 let out to 190 with a green dolphin spoon, the other was size 1, set on 3 let out to 280 with a FF. Once those were out let out the 350 copper and as I'm putting the planer board on, it gets hit so give the rod to my son's friend, but then fish lets go. At least it was a good sign I hoped. Set up a deep downrigger with a FF. Was going to set up a leadcore but I'm still very new to copper so didn't want to complicate things for myself. We started trolling in about 140ft and had some marks. Took a while but rigger finally goes off and I could tell it was a laker. Gave the rod to my son's friend and he brings in a nice one. Take a picture and let the laker free. He was excited but I told him that's nothing till you get a salmon.I moved to deeper water to get some colder temps. Noticed the current was stronger in 200 and my rods had that nice bend. I started contemplating changing the mag dispy out for a 3 color core off a downrigger when the mag gets hit and starts peeling line so I know this isn't another laker. The fish came right towards the boat after making his run and I thought for sure we lost him, but we reeled up and when we got it close to the boat we could tell he was still on. My son did a nice job netting the fish and I felt I could relax a little now. Next the rigger goes off again but no fish. Bring up the DR to reset and then the other dispy goes off and this time my son takes the rod and this salmon gives us a better fight. Netted that one and saw the sun was starting to set. Asked the boys if they wanted to call it a night and they said, no, let's stay here; Ok, set up the dispy and the downrigger again but no further action. Got the boat out just as darkness set in.
  5. Thanks, guys. It's hard getting kids away from the computer these days. I know every generation thinks the way they grew up was the best, but can't help think kids today are missing out. As kids, we came home when it got too dark to see the baseball. Show a kid a bat today and he'll say "what's that?" Bob
  6. Took off work early to take my son and his friend fishing. Unfortunately couldn't get a hold of his friend so just my son and I went out of Sandy around 6pm. Really hoping to get my son a big salmon. Set up in 150ft, put two dipseys out with FF- both on 2 settings out 222 and 215. Started to get my rigger out and the dipsey out at 222 took a hit. Got the rod out of the holder, set the drag and gave it to my son. I had coached my son how to pump the rod and reel down when we started fishing- glad I did that. He did a great job letting the salmon run and then bringing him in just as I taught him. Didn't know how great a job he did till we got the fish in the net and the treble hook was not embedded in the fish, just hooked around the gill. Amazing he didn't come off. 24lbs and that's our best salmon. There's always a little pressure when you try to get your kid into a fish. Took the pressure off to get one so early. About 20 minutes later got another on the rigger down 90ft. My son was still tired out from the first so he told me to take it. Not as big as the first one but decent. After that we called it a day- had to be at work early today.
  7. Didn't even think of that. I just won another Cuda torpedo weight today in a raffle. Now I have two of them. I'll probably just incorporate those like you said, at least when I want to go deeper. Thanks for the explanation.
  8. Has anyone done this? I want to start incorporating copper into my mix but don't want to have 5 different rods set up with different amounts of copper on it. Can you say, splice 5-10ft length of braid every 100ft of copper for a total of 400ft of copper? This way you can send out 100, 200, 300, or 400 foot of copper depending how deep you want it to go, and then put the braid into a planer board to get it out of the inner spread. Having never fished with copper I have no idea if this will work.
  9. I use 2 5 gallon buckets on my 17 foot boat. I like them because they are easy to use. Just toss them over. With bags you have more lines in the water to tangle. I do use a large bag when I drift for perch and its a little more difficult to get it deployed. Yes, they do bang on the side of the boat and take up more room. If you go with buckets, drill a hole on the side towards the bottom of the bucket and put a rope through it. When you bring it in pull on that rope and it will empty the bucket. Makes it easy to bring them in without having to stop the boat.
  10. You might also want to get splash guards for your transom. I feel a lot safer now that I have them as I don't have to worry about taking a wave over the transom. Here's a video on how to install them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=corKMIjGWzE
  11. I wish I had this information when I first started using them years ago. I also used to use two Clorox bottles to float two of these rigs way behind the boat. I could fish them shallower and then have two rigs fished deep straight down from the boat. Caught two large walleye on Hemlock Lake using these. Not so much fun to fish these rigs when it was rough though.
  12. X2- couldn't have said it better. I have 17ft deep V. Pick your days. Mornings and late afternoons the wind often calms down
  13. Was out on lake Ontario today (Sunday) and did great on the perch. Good size and different year were in the mix
  14. X2. Just learned about Veri-Veri sauce this year and its a great easy way to make salmon on the grill. Just don't overcook it like I did yesterday Another great way is to soak fillets in soy sauce for 15-30 minutes, then slab on some kind of creamy salad dressing- ranch, Caesar, Thousand Island, etc and then coat with bread crumbs and put flesh side down on grill, then flip and let cook till done.
  15. Exact same thing happened to me and my friend on Hemlock. That lake is bad since you can't see what's coming over the ridge. Didn't have iphones back then to check radar. And like Lucky said, lightning can strike 10 miles away from the storm and if you can hear thunder, you aren't safe distance away.
  16. Fished there 2 weeks back and did very well on the lakers. Could not get any salmon which was new for me. Fished near King Ferry to the power station. Wire dipseys set on 2 with 125 to 150 feet out with flasher and flies. Downriggers between 60 and 90. I fished early morning mostly. Boat speed between 2 to 2.5 Fleas not too bad.
  17. It is an ever learning hobby but so rewarding when things start to work and this site has helped me so much. Definitely invest in wire dispsey rods and put flasher and flies on them. Honestly, if I had to leave either my dipsey rods or my downriggers at the launch, I'd be waving "bye" to my downriggers. Maybe its because I have more confidence in my dipsey rods when I fish Lake O. I'm not sure about this but I wonder at times if there is too much bait, our offerings go unnoticed. One other suggestion I would make that helps me with my small boat is to use lures that have a wide range of speeds they will work at. That's because with a small boat you get tossed around a lot and it's harder to keep your boat moving at the same speed. I use medium weighted spoons and Spin Drs. For me these seem to work the best especially when speed control is an issue. Keep posting to let us know how you're making out.
  18. I fished Cayuga all last week and had no problem getting lakers to hit on downriggers and I was fishing no where near bottom. If you want to catch really big lake trout then the bottom is where they will probably be but if you are looking for the 3-5lb then you don't need to fish bottom. And you will occasionally get a nice laker OR a nice salmon fishing shallower. I have a 17 foot boat and speed can be an issue. I use a kicker motor and one or two 5 gallon buckets if needed to slow me down to 2 to 2.5, although usually not needed on Cayuga. Someone mentioned dispy rods- the best friend to small boats. I use wire dispy rods with the diver set on 2 with anywhere from 125 to 175 feet with flasher and flies. Early in the day is best. I also use flasher and flies on the downriggers. I am with you- I would get very nervous with my downrigger ball close to bottom on Cayuga unless I knew the area I was fishing like the back of my hand. I've been surprised way too many times on Finger lakes and how fast things shallow up. I caught a downrigger ball on Canadice many years ago on a tree. Not fun. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  19. Lake trout have always been known as a good eating fish so not sure why either. Maybe it depends on where the lake trout are coming out of.
  20. I usually run a leader that is about the length of the rod I'm using. I use either a snap swivel or sometimes use this wire connector- don't know what they are called but they are used on the Finger lakes when guys are using Seth Green multiple leader rigs. At the other end I just use the snap swivel that comes with the flasher- Spin Drs mostly on my dipsey rods
  21. Wife never liked Lake Trout till I started bleeding the fish. Makes a huge difference.
  22. Love Arima boats. Wish they would start selling them around here. Back to the issue....I hope there is nothing harmful in this algae since we'll have kids swimming there next week when we rent a cottage. I know there are some harmful ones out there and I guess there is no way to tell the difference between harmful and not harmful ones just by looking..
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