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  1. I found all the information I needed.......Thank you Thanks, Capt. Carl Bish 305-900-8091
  2. Never really had an issue like that but I no longer slow troll.
  3. There are larger factors than the weather. Primarily: 1. Genetics 2. Photoperiodism
  4. If you are hesitant or have to ask if it is worth it, my answer would be probably not. Save the costs of trailering, dockage, ect and take a charter or two. No hassles, might cost a tad more (unless you have a flat, boat motor issue ect), and most likely will catch more fish.
  5. A 5 rod spread was my bread and butter for years. The most productive was running spoons on the riggers and flashers on the dipsys. I would have 6 rods on board 3 rigger rods with 20# and 1 rigger rod with 30# and 2 wire dipsys. I would run the spoons on the 20# rods and the 30# rod was for flasher rig. Many days this time of year on the center rigger I replace the spoon with a white flasher with a blue fly (moonshine blue smothie was my favorite) for the first hour or so in the morning. 90% running in a "V" formation on a rare occasion "\". Spoons to run: Moonshine Carbon 14, Moonshine Geezer, Moonshine Hulk, Moonshine Mad Man. (Disclaimer: I am on Moonshine's pro staff) Dipsys: From my limited experience on Lake Ontario it is best to have 2-3 consistent flasher fly combos, don't keep buying what the radio and social media is selling, just pay attention to the major colors ie. Two face spin dr and hammer fly = white flasher with blue fly; Mt, Dew/hammer fly = yellow flasher & green fly. I would run a white flasher on one side and a yellow on the other. The flys I would run would be Black/glow, Blue/glow, Green/glow and mirage. Run 30# wire to the dipsy and 4'-5' of 50# between the dipsy and the flasher. 22" from the flasher snap to the back of the fly treble. Hope this helps!!
  6. Back in the day, I sold more than 10,000 of these.... many of the parts can be sourced through the internet or fixed by a welder. Engines are simple and the BS Vanguard was my favorite engine. If you need transmission parts, you may wind up in trouble, but the transmissions were rather hardy other than shift pins that could shear when forced into gear. The model number of this vehicle would have been a MAX IV-600T. You can google "max 6x6 parts" and find most parts as the company inventory was sold to a guy in the midwest and he still sells the parts. In 2004 this vehicle would have sold for nearly $15K, what these things can go through in a swamp in remarkable. Do the front and rear axles have bearing cages on them? Do you have a set of 26" tires/wheels for it?
  7. I live, work and fish out of Marathon. The fishing is good in January. The species we would go after depends on: 1 what you want to catch and 2. what the wind/ocean is doing. To the south, Tuna and sailfish are in the open ocean, but the tradewinds are a persistent 20 mph. The reef knocks the waves down a bit and with a decent current we can fill the limit with yellow tail and mutton snappers, we can also target sharks and 'cuda for fun. To the north, in the Gulf, several wrecks offer fantastic action on mangrove snapper, Spanish mackerel and we can occasionally find sea trout on the grass beds. The gulf offers non stop action and the skill is getting the bait to the target fish before a different species grabs it. The Gulf waters are on the leeward side of Marathon and are fishable most days as the prevailing wind here is ESE. The long and short of it is, the fishing is good here.
  8. If you are planning to visit the Florida Keys with your family this winter come fish with me. I offer simple saltwater fishing. We fish the reef or the gulf for snapper, trout, mackerel and shark. If the ocean is calm, sail fish and tuna are not out of the question. Learn more by visiting: www.foodchainfishing.com
  9. Computer - idle control, overheating, trim motor corrosion haven't had a chance to get it back to dealer Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. I would run it a bit more, but the smart thing to do is call Mercury in the morning and ask them. I have 485 hours on my 2 year old 150 four strokes. I will tell you they are ok until about 400 hours then issues begin. The prop chatter really bugs me at idle, it does get better if you upgrade the hubs.
  11. I have a Brass Beef, still in package. I requested a series of gold (Brass) lures and Tom made this one, and a yellow one. I also had a few geezers (also my design) in brass. I am going to check my other stash to see if I have any that are not in the package.
  12. For sale 2 triple rod holder bases to Deluxe Scotty rod holders 2 Scotty rod holders with traditional two-way bases two flush mount rod holder bases one Scotty downrigger mounting plate. Sold as a complete lot $75.00 plus shipping. See pictures. Call or text for details.
  13. More than once, I have found it cheaper and quicker to just buy a new/rebuilt carb and then it is plug and play. After you do get your carb fixed use only non ethanol fuel or properly treated if non ethanol is not available. Add Lucas fuel treatment each fill up and run at least one mile at full throttle at the end of each trip. Good Luck
  14. It was 1976, the man's name was James Modlish, he was the minister at First Bible Baptist Church on North Greece Road, he won it with a Coho, he caught it on a Silver Looter flutter spoon. My father fished with him later that spring, my first Lake Ontario fishing experience was in June of 1977 on his new boat "Silver Looter". That day my father caught a 16# Brown Trout, my biggest that day was 6#. I was 10 years old and I was hooked. And now you know the rest of the story.......
  15. South East US/Atlantic GPS chip for Lowrance HDS 7 or Si-tex ColorMax Wide. Call me, Capt. Carl Bish 305-900-8091
  16. Marathon Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Anybody up there that would like to volunteer in the Florida Keys to clean up debris and other hurricane related clean up I have a room with two twin beds currently available my family will house and feed you and connect you with organizations that can use your Manpower call or text me at 305-900-8091 Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Replace the wire and be more careful in the future...or rewind the reel so the kink is on the long side. Tighten the drag when any fish gets to 600' and turn the boat in the direction of the fish.
  19. I'd bet that boat can really catch fish!
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