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  1. I broke out the planer board mast my neighbor gave me. I love it. I went out yesterday with it. Easy to use. I like it better than the in lines. Only caught a bass. Trolled the bar on the way in and got two Lakers. I'll try the red next time out. Again, thank you. The lure in that things mouth is a 6" x rap. What a donkey of a fish!
  2. Caught first ever brown trout. Three actually. Thank you to everyone on here for the sharing of information. What a pretty fish. Now to catch a salmon...
  3. I went out east of the bar. Got one jack salmon. I'll take it as a win!
  4. Thank you for the information. I'll try again next week. Might make it a two-fer and hit artpark for some smelt as well.
  5. I cast my arm off the end of the pier Saturday. Spoons and plugs. All to no avail. Wind was from the east then south east at dark. Saw some large fish surface in the channel, no idea what they were. Before I make the trip again, what would be a good wind? First light or evening? End of the pier at the color change or close to shore? Thanks in advance.
  6. Not a bad couple of hours. Water looks like glass.
  7. Whack-a-doo that's a big one! Im to understand that lakers can live a long time so that one must be ancient. What a fishery we have here available to us. Nice job.
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