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  1. Not a bad couple of hours. Water looks like glass.
  2. zadvorney

    My Home Made Autopilot

    Absolutely Slamming!!!
  3. Whack-a-doo that's a big one! Im to understand that lakers can live a long time so that one must be ancient. What a fishery we have here available to us. Nice job.
  4. zadvorney

    Wilson 4/26

    I love the fishing outfit! Great pic.
  5. Two books will help you tremendously. Sander's Fishing Guide and Western New York Fishing Map Guide Both are around $25.00 and are in Dick's, Gander or Cabelas. Worth the money. Maps, access points and what is biting during the season. That and go back and read the old posts. Good luck and welcome to Western New York. The people here are welcoming and of good nature. The fishing is world class for steel head in the streams and lakes and the duck hunting can be great as well.
  6. zadvorney

    I bay 4-18

    That's one of the best pics I've seen on here. I'd put that on the wall as a trophy.
  7. zadvorney

    Wilson 4-18

    Nice fish guys.
  8. zadvorney

    Barcelona Grease

    Real nice.
  9. zadvorney

    Sometimes I get lucky

    Nice fish.
  10. zadvorney


    I'm amazed at how many posts this thread has gotten to. An under rated fish for it's sporting potential. I can see it now, a special bonus category in the next LOTSA tourny.
  11. zadvorney


    My son and I caught a nice small one. Maybe 18". Filleted it and cooked it up with perch and walleyes. Taste is similar and the texture is more firm. We will do it again but throw back the big ones as I've yet to taste a huge fish that wasn't a bit strong. The chowder idea is perfect and I'm glad you mentioned it.
  12. I will try that for sure. Thank you very much for the advice.
  13. Nice fish. Do you have any advice as to the action required to work the tube baits? That sounds like a fun way to hook up.
  14. Ran into the same thing today. Brought my son with me and we had one hit. The shallow water was clear as a bell and we ran out of time to effectively scan the deeper water. No mud line present so the rain will help out this week. That being said, when do the fish move away from near shore? Water temps near shore were 45 and in 20" were 37.