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  1. Looking forward to it. Looks like you have done a lot of work so I hope you get the turnout you are hoping for. Only things I would maybe like to see different are with the two big prize payouts. " #1: $2,500 Cash Grand Prize from Clam Outdoors - will go to one of the 1st place anglers by random draw. #2: $5,100 Case Canoe Package from Case Canoes and Vital Signs - will go to the angler with the overall largest fish weighed in." I think it might be better to split up the $2500 prize between the division winners if possible. If the rest of the division winners only get a few hundred $ ( Hopefully more if you get a good turnout), That is a very steep potential difference between the winners based solely on a draw. I can understand the canoe package prize probably isn't possible to split up in any way. The slightly disappointing thing is the winner is very likely to be a pike from only a handful of potential waters. This unfortunately limits most anglers in the contest from having a great shot at it. Maybe a random drawing for this would be a better option. If this is the way it has to be this year then I would definitely consider making a stipulation that the same person can't win both of those prizes. And maybe also not include the regular first place money for whomever wins these and spread that out to the other winners. Again I really hope this event grows. Entering your events has been a good way to keep the winter more interesting over the past couple seasons so I appreciate your efforts. Hopefully I can place this year!
  2. Nice catch. Ive been spotting some big schools of perch on my camera for a couple months now in 35-55 ft. I have caught a few but unfortunately they have been on the move and don't stay put for long. By the time I get my lines and anchor down they are usually gone.
  3. Here is a link to the article. It would be nice to see more detailed information on exactly why and what was released into the lake. None of us are likely to know for sure what has happened or what could happen with this new gas storage proposal. But if there is any chance whatsoever that it could be harmful to the lake then its absolutely insane to allow it to happen. Seneca Lake has been tested to have around 4 times the salt content of any of the other Fingerlakes. It seems more then likely the salt mines must have something to do with it. I have been starting to look into what species can tolerate which salinity. I will post what I can find. I guess if it gets too bad my Pacific salmon idea might be the only option. We know they can tolerate the salinity and we know that alewifes can too. From what I have read, natural reproduction doesn't play a big part in the salmon stock on Lake Ontario either. The canal system could possibly be implemented though for some spawning on Cayuga and Seneca. Salmonids other then Lake Trout are not native to the Fingerlakes either so its not like it would be pushing out native species. It was just an idea to contemplate though. I know its unlikely to ever happen.
  4. This probably isn't a novel idea and may have been discussed on here before but is there any reason why Chinook/King salmon would not be a stocking option for Cayuga or Seneca Lakes? I know that natural spawning areas would be limited but the depth and size of the lakes seem plenty big enough. There seems to be ample forage as well. I guess that could be a worry though if they would quickly deplete it. I can only imagine how cool it would be catching big salmon on the Fingerlakes. They would also likely taste better and be healthier to eat then from Lake Ontario.
  5. The smallmouth fishing has been decent for anyone not having much luck with trout. Fishing mostly midlake on east side in the evenings. Getting a few tiny laketrout in the 100 to 125ft range on copper.
  6. Nice report. I have been drifting through the same general areas as you the past couple trips up there. Definitely a lot of fish all through that area. Have caught most species that live in the lake just drifting through there. More crappie then I have ever seen this time of year. Unfortunately 90% are just short of keepers. The future crappie fishing looks bright though.
  7. Cayuga

    I can confirm that I saw a lake trout spit up a goby on Seneca Lake this year during the trout derby.
  8. You can sign up online here Pretty easy/convenient. Anyone know if you need anything other then ID to weigh a fish in? You would think there would be more information on the site. Doesn't show how many places paid or what the door prizes are ect. Looking forward to it though.
  9. Has anyone caught any small or medium sized Walleyes on Owasco in recent years? Just wondering if any at all are making it naturally.
  10. So to register do you just basically send a check with your names to one of those addresses? I have fished this twice before and registered in person but it is a long drive from where I live so it would be easier to do so though mail. Thanks in advance