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  1. This is the cheapest place I have found. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-Gauge-Soft-Annealed-Bare-Copper-Building-Ground-Wire-Made-In-USA-500-FT/302167346320?hash=item465a93cc90:g:t9gAAOSwImRYUcIW. The same seller has rolls much bigger for much lower prices. I just bought the 2000 ft roll here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-Gauge-Soft-Annealed-Bare-Copper-Building-Ground-Wire-Made-In-USA-500-FT/302167346320?hash=item465a93cc90:g:t9gAAOSwImRYUcIW. 2000 ft for $82 is a pretty amazing price. I even got $25 off that because there was a delay in shipping. Should be enough for many years.
  2. Nice. The Seneca River is the most underrated under fished fisheries around.
  3. It is not impossible. I have caught browns/rainbows and even a lake trout on the lower side of the Waterloo Locks before. In the past two weeks there have been 3 lake trout caught from my boat in the Seneca River below the dam at Mudlocks. Crazy. King Salmon making it through 3 locks (double lock in Seneca Falls) into Cayuga would certainly be rare though I would think.
  4. I was going to post the same exact thing. It is hard to ever pin point an exact problem with a fishery but I think the evidence is pretty clear what is going on here. Lamprey have/are killing a lot of the predatory fish. This in turn has caused the alewife population to explode. This explosion has consequences for many fish species. I think it is the number one issue with the downward trends in the perch population here as well. Sawbellies are just thought of as a bait fish but they also are predators and will eat whatever they can including fry from other fish. Especially at night this time of year I can go out on the lake and shine a light and just see never ending swarms of them. Reducing the lamprey and alewife populations should be the number one goal in trying to correct what is going on here on Seneca. Stocking King Salmon seems like a crazy and unnatural idea to many. But it makes all the sense in the world. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I believe that was the initial reason why they were stocked in the Great Lakes in the first place. As a way to control the Sawbellies which are an invasive species. It would not have to be a permanent or long term change. Seneca may not be suitable for an actual King Salmon fishery but it has plenty of food for them right now and has plenty of water volume to support at least a small number of them to help control the alewife population.
  5. Very happy and appreciative that they are going forward with the derby. Wish we didn't have to deal with the restrictive parts of it but the derby is the derby. Last year is was Sampson being closed and this year the virus. Plus the poor fishing the last several years. I just hope that the tradition will always continue. Really encourage everyone to fish and support it if possible. The numbers of fish aren't what they use to be but there are still good fish to catch. I don't care if there was only 1 trout left in the lake, I would be out there fishing just as hard. I am 34 now and I think this will be my 24th derby in a row. Have had a second and third in the lake trout division plus several other places. Never first though. That must happen at some point in my life. I have a champagne bottle that won't be open until that happens.
  6. I heard they are still going to try having it. Not sure how reliable my source is though. I hope they do. As long as they will get a good turnout. If the numbers of people who have been out fishing lately is any indication then they should be able to.
  7. My message clearly did not try to talk people out of wearing PFDs. I was stating my opinion that people should be allowed to determine what is safe or not for themselves. The beginning of your last sentence seems to agree with that. There are conditions when wearing a PFD is appropriate and conditions when it is unnecessary. The conditions are not necessarily being in a boat under 21 ft between Nov 1st and April 30th. I am in a better position then you or NYS to determine if/when wearing a life jacket makes ME more clumsy on boat. That is great you tested yourself in cold water. It is a good experience I would recommend to anyone who doesn't have health conditions that would make it too dangerous. I intentionally swim in Seneca lake most of the year. Cold water exposure actually has extreme health benefits. Obviously in a controlled environment. Not from a boating incident.
  8. I respect your concerns about others safety. And your work in helping people. But I also respectfully disagree. It is in my DNA that people should have the right to decide what is safe or not for themselves. Even if their judgement is way off. As far as the life jacket rule. You mention that you were upset because the boats were under 21 ft that you saw. Falling off a 22 ft boat is no more safe then falling off a 20 foot boat. I fish Seneca all winter from a small boat. I know for me personally that having a life jacket on is MORE dangerous. With the possible exception of actually sitting in the drivers seat steering. It restricts my movements (especially with a lot of clothing on) and makes me more prone to accidentally slipping and not being able to grab something to catch myself. Not to mention making it harder to pull myself back into the boat if I did fall out. If the boat started leaking I would have plenty of time to grab a life jacket. If it is was rough enough to capsize the boat then I would put a life jacket on. Or better yet not be out in that situation to begin with. I know there are new inflatable life jackets out there that would be less restrictive but I don't need to spend hundreds of dollars (especially if I am taking other people out) just because someone wants to tell me what is safe for me. The incident last week is certainly tragic. Trying to canoe across Seneca Lake this time of year with or without a life jacket on is quite foolish. And it seems they were planning on doing it partially in the dark. I recently helped rescue two guys who tipped a canoe on Seneca. 49 degree water. Was calm when they went out and the wind waves picked quick like they often do on Seneca. They were renters from out of state who didn't realize how the lake can be. They were wearing life jackets which certainly helped in this situation. So I am certainly not anti life jacket. I would wear one too if I were to try canoeing in cold water conditions. I just don't need to be told when I need to wear one.
  9. The wind/waves do like to have a north south flow to them. Not always but more often then you would think. Could be because they are carved out which funnels the wind.
  10. I feel like these same topics have been beaten to death on here but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. As someone who lives on and fishes Seneca almost every day I can pretty clearly see what the main problems are here. Lack of Lamprey control for a long number of years caused a big decline of the trout population. This in turn caused a big spike in the alewife population. This imbalance reverberates throughout the ecosystem. Alewives can be predatory to small fry of many different fish species. The amounts I see on the depth finder and that come near shore in spring are just out of control. If Keuka needs baitfish then just come net them from Seneca. I personally wouldn't because I don't think they are a great forage fish to have. I think the most obvious solution here is to control the lampreys (treatments last year were hopefully successful but takes years to see results) and increase fish stocking to control the alewife population.
  11. Do you have any link to this information? I have heard from multiple people that younger walleye are being caught and seen spawning in tributaries. I personally haven't fished it in quite a few years.
  12. I am not even sure which lake this post is referring too. Seems like Keuka since I have never heard any mention of Ciscos being considered on Seneca. Either way I do agree that DEC hasn't been doing a great job with managing the Finger Lakes.
  13. Nice report. The alewives are all over next to shore right now. Especially at night. If you shine a light in the water after dark I bet you will see hundreds if not thousands of them. I am very confident the problem with fishing on Seneca the past few years is a big predator/baitfish imbalance. Way to many alewives and too few trout. Best explanation for the cause of this imbalance is lampreys. Unfortunately the alewives are predators to recently hatched fish as well. Hopefully the lamprey treatments last year will turn it around soon. They may need to increase trout stocking for a few years to balance things out as well.
  14. https://www.fltimes.com/sports/naples-angler-waits-out-storm-catches-trout-derby-grand-prize/article_52fc6a85-e9ea-5ad9-8e27-51109372ae0f.html
  15. Another disappointing derby. Day 1 fishing was ok minus the waves. Days 2 and 3 were the worst fishing I have had in my 21 years of fishing the derby. I think I have an explanation for it. I believe there was an algae bloom that started after the heavy rains we had Saturday night. This is probably an active time for farms spreading fertilizer sadly. I was looking at the Hobart water quality buoy data http://fli-data.hws.edu/clarkpt/seneca/ and there was a clear spike in chlorophyll levels. Especially in the 30-60 ft range which is where I do most of my lake trout fishing. I think this either made the fish here non- active, they could't see the bait as well, or they left those depth ranges entirely. Lake trout fishing had been decent in the couple weeks leading up the derby. The brown trout collapse is the most worrying. There were barely enough to fill the leaderboard this year. 2.86lbs made the board. I had caught upwards of 50 brown trout just off the docks around my house by this time last year. Biggest maybe only 5 pounds or so. So far this year I have not even seen a brown trout. I have read they are the most susceptible to lamprey predation so that would have to be the number one suspect. I also did not see any small recently stocked brown trout swimming around the shore last spring like years past so I think they either were not stocked in my area (mid lake west side) or they didn't survive long after stocking. Hopefully the lamprey treatments done last year were successful. Unfortunately it will take a few years to know.
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