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  1. Is that because they're in winter patterns still?or just skipped the whole deal and will end up right out deep? The lake blew crazy last 2 days and it's freezing so that probably didn't help
  2. Damn I really dont....any walleye around black river?once again it would be a picture and release for me. I'd love to go for bass but still no CnR season up there. Kinda bummed browns must still be in transition?
  3. I'm also headed up this week so I can update on launch. I usually launch in Henderson and cut through the gut and to the trench but I've never fished this early. Camp is in Sawyers bay it'd be great to get some shallow browns out in front. I don't even keep them we just catch a few for fun. I know the charters are smoking them but they always are
  4. are you guys getting browns at all? Id love a king but im a bass guy so even a nice brown is exciting for us. Its just me and my girl but she has a camp right in sawyers bay so its always a blast to go out and catch a few football browns. Hard to get away from the big smallies
  5. in the eastern basin today around henderson and its good to go
  6. im looking to head up for browns out of stony as soon as its all clear so cant wait to hear. the camps in sawyers bay and I wanted to get out early this year to fish in it before they head out deep. sounds like I have plenty of time haha
  7. will be fishable but going to be interesting with the ice being over so long
  8. Capt rich thanks for the help, im used to staying on the high rocks in the trench. I feel like im fishing for kings but got browns in the big water. This was last year. im heading up for my first time this year and instead im launching from stony instead of henderson. Can I troll the 50 foot water off the bays outside of stony? this is where our camp is......or stick with the trench?
  9. I had the boat up on the Fulton Chain last week.Had all my gear with me for ontario so I trolled alittle in the deep spots of 4th and didnt see much as far as lakers go. Im going to head back up and maybe look for some landlock salmon in 4th. Maybe go to 7th or Raquette Lake. Havent bee up there since I was like 14 so I stayed near Inlet, it was gorgeous sometimes we would be the only boat on the lake around sunset. I love that area just not sure if its the best boat fishing besides for bass?The locals I talked to said it was too hot with no rain and I wouldve had to hit a laker on the head to get it to move so maybe fall will be better!
  10. nice! everyone in the henderson area said the eye fishing was difficult this spring. fall will be my first time trying up there for em and i cant wait. the eyes in oneida sure are tasty but id love to get a picture with one if the big boys from up there!
  11. Nice to see a few people posting about the area! my first year up there, done good on browns in the trench. Going to go back up in a week or two looking for kings
  12. now im grabbing 2 auto inflate vests for us before we go out on monday for sure. Having a brand new 18 foot center console made this story hit home but I wont even allow 2 people all the way on the back when im on oneida let alone onatrio. Ive also never had a ditch bag so I guess thats something else Ill have to look into, I just use the waterproof containers but theres no way id have it out in time if the boat sank like this. Probably a small flare gun in one would be best right?
  13. whens the best time to go for stripers around cape cod? ive been going there my whole life on vacation but we would just do bluefish charters. Id love to take the boat if theres good fishin in close. was thinking about going around sept 1st
  14. got a little king in the trench last week havent made it too the shipping lanes the waves are insane coming inbetween stony island and the high rock. hope i can check out the lanes sometimes but the trench is a blast i love it out there! good luck finding info i tried for months finally just went out there blind and figured it out1 [ Post made via Android ]
  15. Have the gear and the boat but since im brand new to the henderson/stony point area i think its best to hire a charter to go out and learn the area on?any suggestions in the henderson harbor area? [ Post made via Android ]
  16. was up there the last two days.my first ever trip so i mainly was scouting the water and trying out gear. didnt have the riggers installed yet so ran 3 divers had a small brown dump at the boat but nothing other than that. marked tons of fish and bait just couldnt get into the target zone with only wire divers and no riggers. i have alot to learn and not alot of info to go on location wise! found the wall and motored up and down the trench [ Post made via Android ]
  17. thanks! I need wire,downrigger weights and a ton of tackle because I essentially have none for salmon haha. Also wondered which size and color dipseys I should be picking up?I think im going to spool with 20lb on two of the 47lcs for now and Laster on when I need to switch for fleas strip some and put 30lb on there. 30 is alittle heavy for brown trout and itd be nice to be able to use them for dipseys or bottom bouncers on oneida. I still have a bunch to go but I feel like ill be ready soon and can get some brown trout action in up at henderson to practice.
  18. awesome info thanks guys. should i put 30lb on them right away and run a leader for browns or should i spool it with 20lb and then strip half and put 30lb later when fleas come? as for the torpedo wire i have no experience i was just getting it because thats what brettsplaceonthebay had. now i feel like i dont even need to place an order. what shop is worth the drive from syracuse so i can fill up my tackle box with all the spoons/flashers flys that i need and also buy the downrigger weights i need. i dont mind driving a few hours and spending a bunch to buy the lures that will actually work. ill be in the henderson bay area this week for browns and i planned on stopping at henchen marina for brown and walleye spoons and stickbaits and then hitting up one of the big stores for the rest of the gear ill need for kings. so pretty much the best shop for downrigger ball/dipseys/lures/wire and info. thanks im getting excited! [ Post made via Android ]
  19. So thanks to all the great info on here I know alittle about what ill need to get into the kings this year. I had planned on going with daiwa 47lcs with starfire rods but walked into gander today and got them to match last weekends deal for 47lcs with wilderness rods 64.99 without a rebate. i know the wilderness isnt a great rod but it was a great deal so ill give them a try. I got two 9 foot 6 med heavy and 2 8 foot 6 medium. is the 86 too light for the downriggers with 30 lb test? if they are I will use the 96 for the riggers and purchase 2 10 foot 6 mh starfire rods for the wire divers. i planned on using the 8 foot 6 wilderness for walleye and brown trout either way. I also planned on getting the 19 strand torpedo wire. is a traditional twillie tip going to do it or do i need the expensive torpedo one? thanks guys [ Post made via Android ]
  20. ive been looking for info on this area for months. im also an oneida walleye guy looking to get into the eyes in june up there before theyre all out deep. i know the marina in henderson holds a derby in june so there must be eyes there still! and the flw tour was there i believe. i have one more person to ask about the area before i try up there this week. one tackle store,hechen marina i believe didnt reallt talk to me. the other one in town told me the browns were on fire and eyes were still being taken from shore. this was 11 days ago. im going to scout this weekend and try to start fishing next week up there. i have zero info besides the hot spots map and navionics chip. if i learn anything ill be the first to share because the henderson area seems immune to info on the net [ Post made via Android ]
  21. Getting our new boat tomorrow, ive spent my entire life fishing oneida lake and im looking to make a habit of heading up to ontario this summer. I have the gear for kings coming soon but in the meantime is it worthwhile to head out looking for browns? I have a camp on henderson that I can head out of or just go to oswego,mexico bay etc. ive been trolling for walleye with planer boards for a few years but id love to get up asap and start learning the water and the gear starting next week. any tips on where to start and which tackle stores that are worth the drive. i have boards and snap weights with line counters and ill have riggers next week. not sure if the wire dipseys im getting for kings are overkill for browns. thanks guys [ Post made via Android ]
  22. great info here guys. looking at getting 4 accudepth 47s. 2 with 30 lb mono and 2 with wire for dipseys. I have rods for the mono on riggers but none to run the wire on. Seems like theres a ton of options, whats a good rod thatll work well?Probably around 9 foot is what ud want? I see the daiwa heartlands but not sure which model id need
  23. thanks for all the info guys. the research continues, there seemed to be alot of info at the local shops on eyes in henderson harbor but I like to have as much info as possible when I get up there already
  24. Those torpedo divers look awesome, I read through that entire page before but Im just being overwhelmed with information. Nobody runs riggers on oneida because its so small so I dont really have anyone to go to for advice. Id love to not have to put riggers on my new boat but it seemed that was the only way,especially since im new, to get down without complications. I fairly understand the wire with the dipseys now. Just have to decide on reels. Id love to be able to get 4 of the same reels and do 2 with wire and 2 with mono. Looks like accudepths or convectors? Do you run the torpedos on boards? I had this dream of running my offshore boars up there seeing as how they say salmon but that seems a distant wish now. Ive seen the accudepths and convectors around 50 dollars which would be great. Id just need one rod as I have 3 medium heavy planer rods thats I believe would work. Ive spent a few hours every day reading on here for weeks and I still have nothing haha. The new boat should be here memorial day weekend so Id like to be up there mid june. I usually order big stuff off the net and then go to the local shops and buy tons of tackle.Thanks for all the help guys,the reading continues
  25. thats right in oswego right? i used to live 3 blocks from colemans for college but still did all my fishing on oneida. just want to fish for some monster eyes. i love the eaters we have on oneida just want to get a few pictures with the big boys. thanks for the info it seems hard to come by [ Post made via Android ]
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