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  1. Topo. Map for lowrance lcx-25c looking for options and avaibility I primarly fish out of oswego harbor an mexico bay
  2. I ordered a set of cisco tracks on 3/27 i have not gotten my order yet ither They also told me the same thing that thier buisness had more then doubled this year and thier 1 to 2 weeks behind. Leaving me waiting for the fedex truck like a kid waiting for santa😜
  3. I would suggest the cannon ball runner Ed is a terrific captian that does all he can for his clients. When the fishing is tough ed will produce for them. His bussiness # is 315-952-6500
  4. Amish outfitters Quality products for a very resonable price. www.amishoutfitters.com
  5. I know where thiers a de comissioned great lake bulk freighter shes heavy built may need some mods for rigger mounting 😜
  6. For sure they are thru the ice we catch some rather large ones out of sandy pond and big bay on onieda some of them you need to shimmy up thru the hole
  7. Yes im sorry sk8man i looked up the regulations and to clarify for my ignorance large mouth bass season is open on the finger lakes from the 3rd saturday in june - march 15th Im sorry for my ignorance
  8. When was the aeriel videos taken? They caught me plowing snow at the port of oswego😜
  9. Iv got one special mate box full of spoons n one spin dr plano storage box also have few plano boxes with sticks an j plugs hopefully will work well gonna be an interestimg year for sure picked up a new to me sportcraft 300 fishermen trying to get it set up right for me Organization = less wasted time and agravation! Again any ideas and input is greatly appreciated! Come one spring!!!!!
  10. Iv started sorting out my tackle disaster from last summers season. Just curious as to others ways of trying to stay organized as far as tackles concerned it always seems to end up a jumbled mess of trebles, line, flashers, etc!!!!! Guess its a good way to burn up some cabin fever! Come on spring!
  11. Iv asked around iv heard that raymarine seems to be the ticket Any input?
  12. Iv noticed thier are alot of diffrent styles from a hydralic pump style to the ones the go behind the steering wheel at the helm what are the pros an cons of each?
  13. I always fish with someone but i usually do all the rigging on my boat(usualy an inexpericed crew in training) with the upgrade in size of the boat this year i figure an autopilot would help the stress factor with the captain at the helm. Im the boat owner that never drives his own boat.
  14. I was going to try installing the unit myself
  15. I purshased a 30' sportscraft fishermen 300 w/ an inboard 454 late this fall from a fellow LOU member. Iv been reading up on autopilots. So many options! Im looking for something quality and affordable. I know tough things to come by. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Not to step in on capt bobs post but i purchased this boat from him on halloween . She currently resides in my barn for the winter. Cant wait to get her out for spring browns! Come on spring!!!!
  17. Interested in the pair of dual rod holders. What are you looking to get for them?
  18. Where are you located?
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