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  1. i had the same issue with an older 120 and seen the malkings for the same problem on my inboard 454. the impeller had come apart in my 120 and a chunk of it had made its way up the intake hose to the elbow that goes into the side of the engine i took the intake hose off quick as the engine was running to check for water flow and the rubber peices were jammed in the elbow. my 454 had the impeller come apart with the previous owner and the chucks were stuck in the tranny cooler inlets side. hope this helps. good luck
  2. not sure the age of it but its def a loco. iv got a bunch of them havent run them very much but they have a crazy action to them
  3. how big is the tube on the too of the pedastal?
  4. if you set up a bucket with a hose and a set of muffs to put on your water intake on the lowerunit. carry a few gallons of rv anti freeze with you. pull it out of the water slap the muffs on it and run some rv anti freeze thru the engine till it comes out the exhaust.
  5. capt dan keating has a few very well writen books on great lakes trolling. http://www.bluehorizonsportfishing.net/salmon-fishing-books-videos.html
  6. i always wondered about those russian guys running around collecting fish after the tournaments. sometimes they seem a little more fishy then the fish
  7. well with electric riggers you can hit the up button and while your weights coming up re set your line. when the ball hits the surface your ready to send it back. of course you need to watch the line counters or have autostop
  8. seems to be alot of dead or dieing bait fish in the river this year! I belive them to be gizzard shad around 3" to 4" long but some are much larger. i could be wrong about them being shad. wondering if anyone knew more information on this. it seems very odd and concerning. only ones that seem to be benifiting are the seagulls. thank you for your time
  9. little off topic. but i installed a new fish hawk on my boat mid summer. it worked well for a while. it seemed like it wasnt right after that. when i pulled my boat for the season i noticed that a muskrat had chewed into the wires. little sob!
  10. good cormorant control would be a one day open season on the darn things!! bet thier would not be many boats fishing that day
  11. Animal art taxidermey In mexico ny Fran moshier does a fantastic job. he's done many fish for my friends and i
  12. This boat is for sure a beautiful fishing platform she has plenty of power and all the luxurys that you could ever need Dont be afraid of the year of the boat its has very up to date engines, transmissions and elextronics. Jay has done a great job taking care this boat! She was his baby before the lil one was born. You will not be dissapointed!!! Good luck bud!
  13. Sunset camp ground out near the college and near rudys
  14. I have a few coleman marine coolers thier tough and hold ice for days yet affordable
  15. On my boat i always care extra bags of rubberbands wage war on them with rubber bands. it passes the time on slow days and hell yah may even get a few snaps in on your fishing buddys!!
  16. I have caught nice browns on the orange crush mini spinny n a mini white fly just long enough to hide the single treble yah never know what will eat em!
  17. How do we as members organize a little derby like jon had i fished it the last 2 yrs and was looking forward to it again
  18. I work for the port of oswego i can tell bynthe back round thatbit was caught this week the bandito is parked at the end of the marina and the excavator is also thier we took the bandito out of storage wensday of this week
  19. Ok no prob I know the one is a die hard do you know the name of the spoon w the black ladder back on it?
  20. In pic # 4 can i buy the last 4 spoons on that rack toward the bottom from you?
  21. I got my hands on some used sail boat pulleys they work great they are super smooth and lite very very tight gap between the pulley and the body of the pulley if yah look them up online thier pretty cheap
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