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  1. I personally have been on both ends of the tow line. Like the pervious posts. Its just good sportsmanship to help someone in need because you never know when you will need the help!
  2. I used to fish out of a 1966 18' starcraft holiday my buddy used to think i was crazy to make long runs out on the big O but she never let me down till last spring when i got digging into the transom she had seen better days . Since upgraded a few years to a 89 larson delta sport cruiser 25'.
  3. How can you put a price tag on the thrill of screaming drags n the feeling of when that fish hits the deck or the dissapointment of iit lost just behind the boat!
  4. What yr is your engine? If its older check the point. Sometimes they tend to get corosion on the contacts from setting over the winter
  5. I talked to an engine builder he told me that the new spec on oil is that they removed the zinc from the oil, hes seen alot of cams eaten up from the lack of it. He suggested that i run a zinc additive in all flat tapper/ non roller cam engines. Lucas oil products make a zinc additive
  6. Mexico point is open little snow on the ramp. Creeks open n the lake is too at the moment
  7. Anything local around the mexico bay area
  8. Iv been looking for reel / rod clamps for okuma magda 45 reels with no luck. Any suggestions? Thankz
  9. Seems we all are impatiently waiting.....
  10. " ice from shore to 3/4 mile out""
  11. I was at mexico point saturday morning. The pack ice was still thick probly 3/4 of a mile off shore both directions as far as you could see. The creek was still froze in solid. Hope the weather breaks!!!!! Goid luck
  12. Wonder were their all hiding?
  13. Any luck on they bay yet?
  14. I put hydrafoils on my 87 25' larson. It made a huge diffrence coming up on plane and eliminated porposing (was bad enought to eventualy lead to the boat skipping across the water airborn) granted its fiberglass n a v8 but the results were impressive
  15. I bought an elite 5 dsi last spring and wasnt happy with the results. When trolling deep water it does not show fish very clearly just a little speck on the screen. Of the whole thing the gos is great somewhat easy to use. I have the elite 5dsi mounted new to an old eagle supra that i use for a fish finder. Im not sure if the HDI units are better. Think if i made another purchase it would be an elite 7 hdi. Good luck
  16. I built a short 4 foot double mast using 2 inch heavy wall pvc, a pair of eye bolts and 2 reels out of hand me down damaged manual cannon riggers. Hardest n most important part i found was finding pulleys that the line can not get behind or beside the pulley. I pull double runner big boards with no issue
  17. When running a 400' or a 500' copper what reels do guys generally run?
  18. This is a rough subject on this forum and threw out the country. Insted of everone jumping on the baning and restrictions and all the other non sence un american anti consitutional thinking why cant these people go back to grass roots education. Growing up i always had access to guns. But my father taught me respect for them and that thier not toys but wepons that you cant say sorry after you pull the trigger. Education people. Most of all the "people" in thier mind that run this sh"t show
  19. I had this happen to me in the spring as i was dropping the board in the water it fell on its side n whent straight down fast. Seems they like to pull way from the boat in any direction even down if given the chance.
  20. Iv got an elite 5dsi and havent been real happy with the depth/ fish finder side of it.. Id suggest downloading the updates off the lowrance website you can also download and print off a full operators manual for it.
  21. Boat works not to bad atleast its usually clean i replaced a 4.3L v6 with a v8 in an 87 larson it wasnt a bad job. Make sure you align the engine, out drive and gimble bearings ince you install the new engine
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