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  1. I have an 87' larson 24' custom open bow 305 mercruiser engine i/o Full canvas, lowrance elite 5 dsi ff/gps and addition fish finder, 2 mag 10 down riggers 4 dipsey rod holder, 8 rod storage holder. Planer board mast w/ boards optional depth raider has porta potty am/fm cd player, vhf radio Spot light, swim platform. Sits on a full roller yacht club trailer w new tires w/ bearing buddies. Its been a great reliable boat she needs some interior work. i bought a larger boat is my reason for selling. I can remove equipment to lessen the price also. 4000$ or b/o
  2. I know of a 1992 penn yah pro hunter single screw hard top w/ new stringers for sale sits on a trailer fish it untill early fall the owner upgraded boats is the reason its for sale pm for more info
  3. This boat is in beauiful condition and has been maintained to a T Good luck with the sale buddy
  4. Think everone has had run ins with other boats like that like in the spring when yah get pushed into the shore line and the other guy runs over your outside board and its just him and the whole lake on the outside. I had a guy yelling and screaming that i was goin north n south this fall out infront of 9 mile point. I was going east n west like the rest of the pack. He was the north n south boat ( must not own a compass) I i had to do a 180 turn half throttle to avoid him the best part never tangled my gear and hit and land a king as soon as i stoped 30yrds from him and was able to celebrate his ignorance with a 24 lb king over my head telling him this is what they look like 😜ðŸ‘
  5. Its amazing to me that ppl would not atleast take the time to look for that price. I personally bought a boat from a fellow lou member last halloween. 30' boat loaded for a great price. It never hurts to look guys just dont waste the current owners time kicking the tires.bypu may find a great deal along the way Good luck with your sale
  6. I can vouch for this boat she has been very reliable and dependable. It just wants to catch fish!!! Always kept super clean and maintained. Sad to see her go but love the upgrade!!!!! Good luck on the sale
  7. Are you letting the rigger down on the drag of the reel or free wheeling thumbing the spool. I had the same issue with my convector and catalina. I learned that you can not back off the drag for free spool it Have to thumb the spool and set the " bail"
  8. Ran fixed sliders w/ ff off 3 riggers over the weekend anywhere from 10 to 25' above the ball. long as your careful and run a good crew that knows what to do as the fish to the boat. The extra fish they take are def. worth it took some a beautiful brown and some 2 yr old kings on them
  9. For sure prizes for the largest, smallest and the most flys killed. One day we whent thru a 1 lb bag of rubber bands def past the time between rod firesðŸ‘
  10. If the fishing gets slow we have contest to who can shoot the most w/ rubber bands Some day the deck looks like a slauter house of flys and rubber bands😜
  11. Where can i get the rules for the pro am Ive looked them up and get 5 diffrent sets of rules Looking for the currnet for this coming weekends event More so the am side Thank you
  12. Sammy dog 2 is a nice boat in good shape and she fishes well!!! Good inshore and off shore boat. Make a great boat for someone. Good luck with the sale jay congrads on the new hull!!!!!
  13. I have scottys have not tried with the auto stop beads i belive it would work tho I didnt want to do anything to the cable to make it possibly fail. I tried the topredo cable with not very good results
  14. I was having issues with my depth raider I bought a torpedo cable antenna and run it with the standard coated cable has worked well I was able to read temp and speed down to 150' today
  15. Great people to do buisness with thier work is second to none!
  16. I belive the oswego weather bouy is still tied up in the east side marina waiting to go out into the lake
  17. I dont belive its overloaded its got a small kicker on it but it still sits pretty well in the water
  18. No water issuses on the boat itself engine compartment is dry n clean Water was in most of the 8 cylinders its def coming up thru the exhaust. I whent to take the elbows off the risers loosened the lower clamps and the water level is mod way up the elbow 3 inchs from the bottom of the riser outlet. I know whafs causing the water issue just wanna solve the problem once and for all for the old guy. He says the boat is possessed had it 4 years and only fished it 7 times
  19. He ran the boat 2 weeks ago He came back to the boat n the engine was hydrolocked its def coming in threw the exhaust ports
  20. Yes this giy has had this issue before . Its an older bayline cicera with the opeeators station up top n full cuddy looks alot like a carver. Its has a 350 gm meecruiser i/o
  21. I thought of them too but its odd that this boat only has 3 inch at static water level till the water is in the engine. Is it a bayliner defect or just plain poor engineering inwas looking at taller risers and down elbows for if along with new shutters
  22. Having major water issues with a bayliner Water is coming back thru the exhaust n filling the engine full to the point of hydrolocking. Has anyone else seen this issue? My thoughts lean toward taller risers n elbow for the exhaust The " spec" is 13" above static water level this boat is about 3" Only have 4" till the risers hit the floor Thank you for your input
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