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  1. I have some if you can't find any Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I found Northwoods Outlet to have the best price. You have to call them for the price. It’s not advertised.
  3. I have a set of Bert’s tress I may trade for these
  4. They'll get you on plane quicker for sure. They also will take care of some minor listing. I had them on my old boat but thinking of going with electric on my new boat Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. They make vertical flashers that go from cable to dr ball, 3 flashers total. I have used it on Lake Ontario and lake Champlain (where I was introduced) with so so results. Didn't notice any difference. You're supposed to run a spoon on a short lead right behind them.
  6. Awesome marina! I launched alone there last year alone and the attendant ran out to give me a hand. I tried to give him a tip but he would not accept, said that was part of his job!
  7. Just came back from olcott. Never moved a rod in front but had tons of marks, fished the pm. Headed to the bar the next day and had an excellent day, lots of fish and willing to bite. More boat traffic at the bar but there is a reason. The grass was an issue as King Slammin said.
  8. I'll check on the programming. I did get a manual with it and the winterizing technique is pretty cool. I did go online to check out options on the xd100 and ordered some from Amazon which was cheaper plus free shipping.
  9. Just bought a new to me boat with a 2013 evinrude 150 2 stoke E tec. How important do you think it is to use evinrude oil. It was $42 a gallon compared to $20 of another brand. I had an older Merc that I used Walmart brand in and did just fine.
  10. I have had lowrance in the past and switched to a garmin and loved it. Just sold that boat and purchased another with another lowrance. I miss my garmin! I had a garmin touch and loved it. The new ff is a little harder to navigate and just doesn't turn my crank. It's an hds 9 touch. I'm sure over time it will get easier. Read the post about lowrance customer service.
  11. John Greenlee

    Sold / Closed SOLD - Grady 254

    Is this still for sale? Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. The local tackle shop, which sells both big jon and cisco, will not sell the big jon electric reels only the cisco. The mast will handle the boards but the reels are sketchy. I was thinking of going electric and that is what they told me.
  13. Check out Northwoods wholesale outfitters. They have new ones for $15. They have the foam handle instead of the old cork handle
  14. Thanks guys. I thought if everything worked as it should it would be the best.
  15. Anyone familiar with one of these. Sounds like the ticket to me. I know it's fairly new so I'm sure there is or was some bugs to work out. I know there is no display its done through your android device but that saves a little space on my 18 footer.
  16. You mount them 3-5 inches from the outside edge. I believe they are 9 inches wide Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Well, I installed the smart tabs. They did everything I needed plus. No lean, up on plane in a heartbeat and a few more mph! I was just out once but for now I would recommend them. Thanks for all the replies
  18. That's M eldrum Bay Sent from my SCH-I535 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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