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  1. Nice rig we have 18 ft model and it fishes biggg waves. We've gone out when charters sat out. Jealous of your kicker and gadgets though
  2. Under powered isn't bad IMO, u can troll down better and troll at higher rpm. You pry can't get a 20 ft boat on plane with 2 ft plus waves anyways(75% of the time). I've fished boats that cruise at 12, they'll get u there and fuel efficient
  3. Bigger hooks or lose the snubber if u have one. Tightening the drag doesn't help IMO. I think they yank it right out they get so pissed. I think when they r still biting out of hunger they don't hit as hard especially when there's a lot of bait fish around. WHo knows tho
  4. I'd get one small cannon manual with 3 bases not the clamp they don't have a rod holder and are a pain. And I would fish one flatlined lead core which would be 2 different presentations and both have their days
  5. Tried for browns in 80-120 today. Looked like there were kings on the bottom but no takes so can't be sure. Looks like 350+ ft is the best option still
  6. Hopefully by Thursday they'll come inside of 150 at least until the gas fairy shows up
  7. Is this boat across from woodys in Pulaski? Can u take a pic of the dog house?
  8. With all the attention u gotta spend on fleas 3 is enough IMO
  9. The problem with the sportcraft, assuming you're looking at the 252, is they have no headroom. Other than that they r sharp looking. I'm 5'8" and had to crouch. Baha makes the best 25 fter IMO
  10. I would check out Clark's cottages right by po,not very steep
  11. Also it only happened when the fish were inside of 50 ft in the fall
  12. I would say in a full moon the fish might be more willing to bite. Had my best trip ever catching our first fish at about 9 pm and they wouldn't stop hitting so we had to stay til midnight. Hard to land but we went 6 for 15 or so. This has happened twice of pry 8 attempts, when they don't want to bite after sun down ull wash lures
  13. It seemed off and on last year. Got double digits early on a few times then it seemed to die right down. Hope its better this year
  14. What lake? 17 fish per trip sounds pretty hard to believe unless you're just laker fishing for kill count. We box on lakers but for salmon average pry 1 fish per hour fished isn't a bad day
  15. Stingray sized NBk chrome and green with a glow ladder, works under any light condition and most speeds
  16. Thanks for the info hope to get into them a little when we go
  17. Do u drift or anchor or slow troll on skaneateles? We're going down usually never find perch and witch to trolling for lakers. What did u use for bait?
  18. I don't like copper because u have to put it all out to be effective, like a set 200 or 300ft etc. lead core gives u more range u can do 8 to 10 or 12 colors. Also I think it would be a lot less drag while fishing from a kayak, and u need a leader from a ditsy so it would be harder to net. The leader on lead ore can go through the eyes of the reel so u can reel to tip way easier IMO
  19. Lead core would pry get you deep enough with good depth control too at such a slow speed
  20. Saturday was the last time I went we got 4 cohos and a king on flasher flies in 130 ft I heard some people catching some in front of the river on plugs. Been a lotta ind tho so things change quick
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