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  1. I tried slowing down to about 2.2 to 2.4 for a while and used an 8 oz Jojo ball but was only puttung it down to 25 to 30 ft. I was using small musky lures. If I go there again before the water gets too warm I'll have to try large walley size lures, slow down a little more and use a flourocarbon leader. Justin, were you using downriggers?
  2. I fished there with Mr. Toothy from 11AM til about 8:50PM. All we got was a LM bass each. Saw a lot of big hooks from 16 to 40 ft down but could not get them interested.
  3. Tigerhunter. If you see an 18' Grumman at Waneta on opening day with NMA stickers on the side, say hay. It will be me. I'm prety sure I will be there that day. Steve
  4. Muskies Inc. chapter 69 will be meeting this Monday May 20, 7PM at the Moose Lodge 5375 West Henrietta Rd. Captain Lary will be there as well as many other members who can give you insight and tips. You are welcome to join us as a guest and meet other local musky fishermen. Brad Hammers, Fisheries Biologist with NY DEC region 8 will be our guest speaker and will be talking about future plans for Waneta and Lamoka lakes.
  5. If you have a fishfinder, they will show up as clusters. Very often they are suspended but they can also be at the bottom. If your fishfinder has a fish ID feature, which gives fish icons on the screen, you have to turn that off because it will make a pod of bait look like a school of fish. Once you find the bait, you have to make sure your lures are running at the right depth (at or slightly above or below the bait) and keep running through the area. If you don't get any strikes, try changing lure depth, speed or the lure you are using to try to get results. You can also look for other bait pods or try trolling just to one side of them. If you see fish hooks near the bait it is a good sign. If you see that, make sure your lures are running at or above the level of the fish. To check your lure depth (if you are not sure what it is) troll into shalower water until the lure ticks bottom. With level wind reels, if you don't have a line counter, you can count the number of times the line guide goes across to get an idea on how much line you have out to achieve that depth. With spinning reels, the only way to know how much line you have out is to mark the line. Very often, a fish will follow and not strike but making a turn (or zig zag), changing speed or pulling the rod to impart a change in action can trigger a strike. Good luck Steve
  6. Beautiful fish Joe!! I was wondering how many boats there were and who took 2nd and 3rd.
  7. Looks like it was a prety good turnout and some nice fish were caught. Congrats to all who were successful. Looking forward to more reports. Wish I had been there.
  8. Larry, Thanks for letting me meet up with you yesterday. It was nice to get out even though I didn't raise any fish. Hope your everything is OK with your wife's hand. Steve
  9. Got the Muslies Inc. magazine today. Nice full page add for the tournament inside the back cover.
  10. Toothy and I were talking about going but he is not sure if he will have to work or not. Is anyone else going? And should we contact someone to let them know ahead of time?
  11. At the last meeting, we were talking about helpong out at a kids fishing derby at Powder Mills park. Below is a link to the derby schedule at the park. There is one on April 5 called The Intergenerational Derby. Is this the one that was referred to? There are also several others including one hosted by the Monroe Conservation Counsil on June 1st. http://www.fishpowdermill.org/press/PR-031813.pdf
  12. Mike I believe the goal is to have the agenda set by the Jan or Feb meeting. The Dec meeting is at the Moose Lodge on Mon Dec 17. After that, monthly meetings will be the third Mon of every month. I saw you on Waneta the last day of the season. I was with Mr Toothy. We got skunked. we were the only boat on the lake that didn't get anything.
  13. Here is an easy way to join Chapter 69. Go to nymusky.com or google NY Muskies Inc-Chapter 69. This will get you to the chapter website. On the homepage, bring your cursor over the logo. A pull down menu will appear. Click on news, then select Muskies Inc new member promotion. You can read about the promotion for a free lure from Tackle Industries for the first 200 new memberships. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to the Muskies Inc membership form. you can fill out the form online and pay with Mastercard or Visa. Also if you prefer, you can download the application (in left column), print and mail it with a check to Muskies Inc. 1509 Stahl Road Sheboygan, WI 53081. There is a place on the printable form to enter your credit card info. with selections for Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. I'm not sure if there are any other credit card options other than Visa and Mastercard when you join online. Make sure you enter Super Cisco on the sponsor name line for the free lure promotion. PS: The Chapter 69 website is developing in progress. For new news you can go there under the news topic. Updates may be posted on this string as well. Tentatively there is going to be a change in the schedule and location for the monthly chapter meeting. The location will be in the near vicinity of the previous meetings. Update for this will be posted soon. You are welcome to join us at the next meeting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the chapter website or this string. Steve G.
  14. Check out this article. Missisquoi River in Vermont is a Lake Champlain tributary. NYS DEC Supplied musky fingerlings from Chataqua Lake. http://www.odumagazine.com/fishingnews/ ... s-a-boost/ I'm not sure if this will work as a link. PS: Sorry, I broke about 5 Christmas lights. Steve G.
  15. Talked to Booger at Waneta lake today. I heard there was a 51" musky that had a two man day. Ask Ronix 51.
  16. Nice fish Chad, I went to Waneta with Toothy this past Sat. Toothy had a nice hit casting a spoon about 2PM and a real nice nice rip at dusk on a spoon. He also got a few pickerel on spoons. I got nothing. Ed was there and he got a mid 39s casting and a 42 trolling. Everything was in about 10 to 12 ft. of water. I heard that sologrande and several others were going to be there on Sun but I haven't heard any results yet Steve G
  17. Just registered on LOU. Believe it not I read through all the posts for NY Muskies Ink. It has really given me a good insight as to how the chapter was conceived from just a thought and progressed to where it is now. It has also given me a look at what the wishes and dreams of some of the other members are and what some of the hurdles are that we will have to face. I am looking forward to the future and am optimistic that we will be able to grow, become good friends, build some strong bridges and make a positive impact on the future of muskie fishing and our fresh water resources in New York. Steve G.
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