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  1. Anybody have a link to Shakespeare rods catalogue? For the life of me i can"t find anything more than 4 rods
  2. I have 2 of the Fish Hawk probes, They are the longer ones not for the X4, They both were new spares and flash . I believe they were for the 840 unit? No idea what they are worth any ideas? Soon as i get an idea of value i am going to post in the classified section. Doubt they work on the X4. Thanks in advance
  3. Personally I think the new model GX2 is a better rod, I have multiples of both and the GX2 have better components. I was unaware the 7 foot 2 foot are rare? I have some of them but mostly the 1 piece i use for Walleye
  4. Steelie is right....I have been using copper with deadly results on Erie the last couple of years but only to get down 30 feet. I would be using bigger snap weights, magnum tadpole or the Torpedo. Personally i don't keep fish so I would not target them at that depth so I can't speak with authority on the amount of copper to get that deep.
  5. I have an Evinrude Rebel stainless 3 blade 15 1/4 x21 pitch, Its in new condition just the wrong pitch for my boat, has the hub kit...$400.00
  6. I have 2 complete riggers for sale....$300. Has dual rod holders,cable etc
  7. Andre....trying to reply via PM. Can you send me your email Sent from my SM-T530NU using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Sent you a PM....I have 6 of the 7 foot 1 piece for sale
  9. Rods are probably no more than 3 years old, they have the triggers. I do have some hockey tape (Canadian ) on the foregrip as they were skinny and i made them bigger I am sure the tape could come off with no issue. Rods are in great shape, And I am in Kingston Ontario
  10. I have 6 of these 7 foot med action 1 piece rods for sale....excellent walleye board rods....$50. Each (Canadian dollars) plus shipping. lots of 2 Sent from my SM-T530NU using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Selling a 11/2 old 36 volt Terrova with I Pilot,2 remotes,foot peddel and the Lowrance US2 cable.....$1600 Canadian
  12. I forgot to mention that we always stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Port Clinton....1419-732-7322
  13. Go to the Walleye Central forums and you will find what you need. There is one guide on there Jul,s (Julia Davis) I believe her name is, she does very well and will pass on some names if she is booked. I drag my own boat down and fish with a couple of gents from Iowa..it's an excellent fishery
  14. Fleet Tracker,....I was not pointing a finger at the people netting and did not make any accusations. I simply pointed out I had ran into a bunch of nets while fishing in Lake Erie on the American side. I simply did not like his comments about the Canadians. I will tell you I defend the stupid comments I hear about Americans (from Canadians) about their fishing practices in Canada. For the most part its usually petty jealously. I fish with lots of Americans and think the world of them. I simply don't like the petty bashing on any side. Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. PAP... I take offense at your comments about the Canadians. Where are all the nets you are talking about? For the most part I love you Americans but comments like this are just stupid. I just got back from Port Clinton Ohio and saw more nets there than I have seen in Ontario for years. Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Hello I have a seldom used Fish Hawk 840 it has all the cables and 3 probes but no mounting bracket or knobs.... $300 send text to 613-561-5435 in Kingston Ont, open to reasonable trades.... Sent from my GT-P5113 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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