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  1. sent you a PM on the rod holders. You can also email me back at Jhettenb at g mail . com
  2. Where are you located? Any room to move on the down riggers?
  3. Have tried plugs/spoons the last three Fridays in a row in the river with limited sucesss. Marked a lot of fish but not many willing to cooporate. Been kings at the falls for over a month so they are defiantly in the system. Usually spent the first few hours trolling the mouth and then ran up the river once the sun got up. Still need some water to draw them in good, but the days are ticking bye and they are going to come regardless!
  4. Welcome! Tight lines and best of luck with your treatment. Wish you were closer so I could be your uber driver and get you on one of those muskies.
  5. Thanks guys! Saved me a trip will have to head someplace else in the morning.
  6. Irondequoit Bay State Launch Open or Closed I tried searching on-line to see if the launch was open yet, only thing I was able to find was an article in May saying it was closed, anyone know if it is open or closed? Thanks
  7. Check e-bay for price new vs used. I ended up getting and xi5 80/ 60 with remote and foot control for $1,200 shipped off of eBay from a brick and mortar retailer in NJ. The Minnkotas run a little more than motor guide but retailers are able to sell under MAP on eBay and next get in trouble a good place to compare prices.
  8. There is a super nice hewescraft posted in the classified section.
  9. Defiantly worth it especially if your a bass and walleye guy! If you jig for eyes or drop shot for bass it's a game changer in my opinion. I can usually watch them come up and hit my bait on the unit. Sonar vs down image
  10. I was wondering if anyone has used someone local (Rochester/Finger Lakes) to re-upholster boat seats and can recommend them? I have 3 Folding Seats outta my Lund that I would like to get done this winter. New seats are in the range of $85-$150 for generic brands. Of course new Lund Seats are crazy $$$$. I'm not sure how much it would cost to get them re-upholstered. It probably depends on the fabric. Let me know.
  11. What's up with the game camera picture? Do you have it mounted high in a tree facing down or is it on a feeder? Only reason I ask is that I have had a number of camera F&*^ with and have mounted a couple higher up 10ft or so facing down and don't get nearly the number of pictures, as when it is ground level. (cuddyback cameras). Weird that he is looking up at the camera that's why I thought it might be on a feeder. Either way a heck of a buck, genetics defiantly dictate racks for a number of generations, have many deer year after year comparing pictures that have the same unique antler characteristics, it's cool to see ! Great Deer !
  12. This time of year they are concentrated on food. Your on the right track with the food plot. Besides the food cover is super important so stay out of the thick stuff because if they feel safe they will stick around. In a few weeks if you have doe's around the bucks won't be far !
  13. Before you blow off to much steam you may want to look at your own harvesting of " several 110-120s." I'm not sure how many of those you have aged but I would venture to guess they were all 2.5 yr olds or younger. I always get a kick out of guys preaching QDM but continue to shoot deer in the 2.5-3.5 yr age class. How old was the 145? My guess a 3.5 yr old if your hunting Ontario County around Canandaigua. I would be in favor of an antler restriction as well, partially due to the fact that where I live and hunt there are way to many does and not many people are shooting them. I'm not sure why people feel more inclined to shoot a 1.5-2.5 yr old 8 point than a doe but they do. Even with a 4 on one side restriction a lot of 2.5 yr old or less would be shot due to the fact that around here we do have the potential to grow big bucks and a lot of first racks are 6-8 points. With only 15 acres it's hard to justify a true QDM approach but if you have shot a 173 and 145 i'm guessing some of the neighboring properties are passing those 110-120's.
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