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  1. I fished in Sodus Bay this past week and observed thousands and thousands of small fish (1-2") surfacing. They were all over the bay everywhere I went. I asked many people in the area what they might be and no one knew. The fish were surfacing for no apparent reason. Does anyone have an idea what these fish could be? Are there threadfin shad in the bay?
  2. What do you do when you see hundreds of perch, small and good size, under a dock in about 10 feet of crystal clear water and not one wants to bite? I put worms and even gulp right in front of their mouths where I could see the exact reactions and nothing bit. They just ignored my presentations. Very frustrating. This was in Seneca lake.
  3. Did you let Dave catch one?
  4. Last year I had two Lowrance X87 depth finders taken out of my boat and replaced with new ones. There is only one transducer with both of these as the one original transducer that was in the hull was ruined when taken out. These came with the boat in 2005. $50.00 takes both depth finders and transducer. Owners manual included. Athens, Pa area.
  5. Fished below Long Point about 5 weeks ago. Caught 3 gobies in a row on a dropshot with a 4 inch worm in about 15 feet of water. Didn't take me long to change tactics for bass!
  6. paman


    My party just returned from Sodus last Wed. We did about the same for largemouths with Senkos and topwater. No concentrations, just one here and there.
  7. Are there any boating restrictions now on Keuka Lake? 5 mph speed limit? Wanted to go for panfish on Friday at Branchport. Thanks for any info.
  8. paman

    Cayuga Lake

    The lake was a mess today, floating wood/debris and water was stained to muddy. There must have been a real strong storm. Fished for perch. They are in along shore. Fished from 7:45 to 2:30, brought home 30 perch , some on the smaller side but will be very tasty eating. Caught them a a small smoke twister tail - 1/16 oz jig. Seemed to be quite a few 10" or so rainbow trout wanting to grab the jig. Was a great day to be out.
  9. Stopped at Severne yesterday on my home from Keuka. The launch is open. Seven boat trailers were there, talked to one guy that just came in and he thought the perch were still deep. Didn't see any boats fishing close to the launch site.
  10. Time to start jigging or don't you do that Les?
  11. I agree! I just fished the south end of Cayuga last week and caught alot of small perch and a few small bluegills. No rock bass. I used to fish Cayuga the first day of bass season and could catch at least 100 rockies and could sort them out to bring home 50 fairly good sized ones. For the last ~6 years, I have caught none. They have just disappeared. I blamed it on VHS even though the DEC said that wasn't the problem.
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