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  1. Turk came through yesterday while I hunted a different property(20-30 mph winds yesterday afternoon and I ran out last minute and other property was closer)
    Batteries in cam need to be change pictures are a bit grainy and time is off 1 hour

    What a fun hunt this afternoon, sitting on the ground saw 5 doe a spike and had a 4 pt chasing a doe go by me at 15 yds
    Then when I left the property I saw a deer starting to cross in front of my Jeep 
    I hit the brakes and it’s the Turk 
    Eyeball to eyeball with me at 20 yds in my headlights 
    He starts to go across as another car is coming the other way I yell noooo and hit the horn the other car breaks and he runs across back onto my side of the road


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  2. 7 hours ago, Duckman1 said:

    CVA Accura V2 . 110 grains of Blackhorn 209 with after market breach plug from cva for this powder with 250 grain barnes or hornady . Tried both both very accurate. Hold group's at 200yrds around 4". If i was a better shooter that would be better. Good luck and it was nice to see all the reports threw the season. I only got a doe passed a few had my eyes on a nice buck but could never connect.

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    I set my buddies Accura V2 up for him and he's shooting 110gr BH209  with the Barnes same load as you

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