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  1. Wave forecast for Monday is 3-4', Waaaay too big for my little boat. I'm hoping for Wednesday.
  2. Rippin, Were you trying at Sandy? I was planning on Friday.
  3. I have never had this problem, but if I may jump in. I would suggest using a capacitor on these systems. Auto batteries are notoriously unstable in voltage. From what I have seen, most riggers are wired straight to the battery or an distribution block. Low voltage circuit boards really really do not like voltage flux. These riggers use a lot of power in a hurry. For example, I had a problem this winter with lights dimming when my plow was moving. I installed a capacitor and all better. I am installing a full farad capacitor this spring as a preventive measure. $89 is cheap insurance.
  4. Just remember to put anything you got for free as a multiplier at the end. Boat $30000+ Rigging $10000+ Lures $6000+ X- my buddy gave me a spinny=$0 invested Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Tyler is a douche, but he puts in the time. More than any other boat. As a trust fund spoiled kid, he's actually working...and hard. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. How cool would it be to take the old Polaris straight to Toronto?!?!? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. That's awesome! Haven't been seeing many at all around Rochester. My dog is getting antsy
  8. I have someone coming to look at it tomorrow, I will let everyone know if it is still avail tomorrow.
  9. Used but in excellent condition, with rain cover for base and original packaging. Call/text 585-281-6616 Copied from internet: Humminbird Fishfinder 581i HD DI Down Imaging GPS Combo: Precision GPS technology and built-in UniMAP GPS chartplotting and trackplotting The Humminbird 581i DI Combo stores 2,500 waypoints, 50 routes, 50 tracks/20,000 points Down Imaging Sonar provides photo-like views of the bottom DualBeam Plus allows you to target both structure and fish The Humminbird Fishfinder GPS Combo features a quick disconnect mounting system Down imaging sonar returns a photo-like image below the boat Backlit for night time use The Humminbird Fishfinder GPS Combo has a waterproof construction Temperature sensor 2-1/2" target separation 5" 640V x 320H 16-level grayscale display Internal GPS receiver Single, full-size SD card slot Down Imaging 455/800 kHz, 75-degree/45-degree beam with 350' depth capability DualBeam Plus 200/455 kHz, 28-degree/16-degree beam and 600' depth capability 2400W peak-to-peak power
  10. To test the inverter is pretty easy. First verify you have 12vdc coming in to the a unit, then verify you have a good ground (ohms from the negative terminal on inverter to a solid ground should be less than 1ohm). Then look inside, there could be an internal fuse. If you have power in, and no 120v out, time to replace.
  11. Does anyone have an exhaust manifold for a mercruiser 260 (5.7liter V8) with center riser? Someone's gotta have one!?!? Mike 585-281-6616
  12. I know it's overkill, but if you want to be serious about it, Putting it in one of those vacuum bags and sealing it would definitely preserve it.
  13. Thank you all, I found a new (reman) for a great deal. I appreciate the help!
  14. I found this stick type epoxy that's rated for 700f and specifically says "marine engine block" in the recommended uses section. What do I have to lose? Gonna give it a shot. Still want a new motor if anyone is selling one!
  15. The water jackets are split wide open. That's what I'm asking for is a used block, maybe someone has one available on the cheap? I spent all my money buying and rigging the boat, buying all the tackle, and fillin the gas tank!
  16. Thanks, but I'm looking for a used one that'll get me fishing, then I'll upgrade next winter.
  17. Bought a new (old) boat last fall. Filled it up and found water shooting out of the water jacket...both sides. Need a new one! 5.0 liter (305ci) Mercruiser. It will take a 305 or 350. It is a 1987 model, but I don't think that matters much. I am not a motor expert. Looking for something I can drop in. Peripherals like starter, power steering pump, etc I can handle swapping. Call/text 585-281-6616 -Mike
  18. 25-35' would be a good leader length. IMHO Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. I have 2 Cannon Mini Mag-A Downriggers for sale. $150Each. Both have new wire. Cell/Text 585-281-6616
  20. Pm sent Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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