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  1. Don't want to sell any reels???

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    2. klrunning


      Not for discounted rate that you offered for them....

    3. klrunning


      I've been great lakes fishing for 35 years and have been a

      licensed charter boat captain for 15 years.    I know what a

      like brand new 47 series Daiwa line counter reel is worth.

      I've been running two trips a day, so I've been too busy tbe real serious about marketing these.... but I can take them50over to eBay and sell them fo $70-80 all day long every day.....


      I will keep them before I sell them for $50 each....

    4. lyteline14


      Prolly better to take them to eBay cause you're not moving any here...

  2. If you sell the reels to Decoy Hound,I'll buy the rods...TYVM
  3. Fair Haven State Park launch The right ramp is opened...Zeke & Cyn
  4. AFW...Great wire.I ordered some last month...
  5. Fair Haven State Park is closed for the season....Zeke and Cyn and
  6. The State launch will not open this season
  7. The launch will not open this season...
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