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  1. Bloodrun 30# and If you can find Cortland Flea Flicker line that is also good...
  2. Hank at Port Bay if you're not repaired yet
  3. State Park says launch will not open this season.I'm unsure about the others...Zeke & Cyn
  4. Cayuga

    Thx for the report
  5. Fair Haven Beach State Park The launch is still closed and the person I talked to said it may not open this season!!!
  6. Payment sent...Thank you
  7. Want it...Can you pm your info...TYVM
  8. Very nice cooler...Thanks for sharing...Zeke and Cyn
  9. Congratulations Grey...Zeke & Cyn
  10. Good report...Good luck to you for the rest of the season...Zeke & Cyn
  11. You guys didn't even need to catch fish.The two of you back on the water together was a success..Congrats to both of you....Zeke and Cyn
  12. WTG Rollie...Are you fishing Cayuga thus weekend.../
  13. No need to apologize.You aren't at fault here....Zeke n Cyn