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  1. Hey Nick,are there any left?TYVM....Zeke
  2. Thank Nick,my order got here yesterday.It was perfect....You should have our payment tomorrow...Zeke & Cyn
  3. If you can split...I'll take the Evil Eyes....
  4. Congrats on a spectular season....Zeke and Cyn
  5. For Sale : USA

    He has a thread in Tackle and Techniques.It will answer most of your questions....
  6. Happy birthday Hank
  7. Are they the superlite blanks...TY
  8. There is nothing more satisfying than boating fish after fish and not a boat in the 80's we had a fishing report in our local paper....Every week it was Sheldrake Sheldrake Sheldrake....After we had breakfast at the Triangle Diner,we could see all of the boats from the top of the hill when driving to the Long Point launch.Pop couldn't swim and we always stayed on the east shore,We would hammer the fish and many times nobody was within several miles of us...Back then it was all about numbers for us,now,we get much satisfaction helping others. There are more than enough fish for all.Cyn and I took a trip to Waterloo this afternoon.We didn't see 1 boat on the water on the way up.On the way back we saw a sailboat and a paddle boarder. We don't get out very much now but if we do and post on this great site....Feel free to ask away...Zeke & Cyn (Strike 3)
  9. An awesome man and an icon in Cayuga Lake fishing lore.Prayers sent for Barney and family...May his lord bless him....Zeke & Cyn
  10. I know we read about this somewhere on here but couldn't find it....TYVM
  11. Does anyone use braid for the boards.What # test do you use....Thx...Zeke & Cyn
  12. Glen is definitely fishing this season.Nick,you are 100% correct....Homes can be rebuilt.Nobody hurt.Still a tragedy though....Zeke & Cyn
  13. Dad...As soon as she learns to reel the fish in,you will be in CHARGE again...Great job...Zeke and Cyn (Strike 3)
  14. I have just spoke with Capt Quick.Glen says he is not in need of help but appreciates the effort.The account will be closed and we will return any money that has been deposited.TYVM Zeke and Cyn....Strike 3