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  1. Congrats to Johnny Wild and his crew, Bill Stanley Jr. and Greg Packard.
  2. Thanks. Having to work a little harder for them this year, seems like.
  3. Wednesday morning after Tuesday's gully washer. Surface temp 64. Fished north and south of Long point staying in 40 to 60 fow. Inlines, directional divers and riggers. Bait was plentiful. Brought 12 fish to net. Six silvers and six Lakers. 12lb laker came 15 feet down on a slide diver pulling a boy girl scorpion and 6 and a half lb salmon came off the rigger at 20 down with bloody nose scorpion.
  4. I'd look for them high in the water column and run around 3.0 or better. I like the smaller spoons on my divers and riggers. Scorpion stingers (mixed veggies, blue veggies, bloody nose) and Needlefish (rainbow, copcar). I run inline boards with jointed J-7 Rapalas in black and silver, brown trout, and rainbow trout. When they're on the bait it's tough to beat an alewife pattern. Good luck.
  5. Very nice. Good job, Dad!
  6. Wuff, Cayuga is my favorite as well. The man holding that rainbow is an old friend that I met on the lake by crossing lines years ago. Unfortunately, due to Macular degeneration he is almost blind, but still gets excited by the pull of a good one. Good luck to you!!
  7. 65 degree surface temp both mornings out of Long point. We found temps in the low 50's down 45 to 55 over various depths of deeper water (150 to 375). Fished south and marked fish and small bait pods at those depths. Concentrated on the deeper water marking waypoints on the bait. Steady pick all day Friday with the new moon. Boated 27 with an intense flurry of a dozen fish in an hour just before the storm came at 5:30. Saturday morning back at the same location we fished Friday, running a deep program of divers at 35, 40, 45 and 50, and the riggers at 50 and 60. Boated 17 with a slam. Surprisingly caught 2 browns on the 50 rigger over 365! Spoon bite both days. Caught half a dozen good Lakers with a small set of cowbells clipped to the ball and a 4" green alewife on a stacker clip 10 feet back and 3 feet above the ball. Fleas were not an issue, although they are starting to appear. Weed mats as well. Of the water at 1pm today.
  8. That's fishing. Can't load the boat every time. Keep on keeping after them keeping it reel!
  9. Launched at 7:30 from Long Point. Surface temp 61 degrees. Took my favorite route north and marked some bait and scattered fish in 40 to 60 fow. Slow pick. A couple Lakers, 2 landlocks and a rainbow all off the riggers running white backed spoons made by Dave Johnson at 40 down over 60. Encountered grass, small weed mats and clumps of algae on the surface. Ditched the inlines. Bite ended around noon. Moved deeper as the lake laid down. Tried 100 to 150 fow. Nothing. Decided to run out to Rainbow Alley and have a look. Probe revealed 50 degrees down 35 to 45 feet over 325 fow. Big hooks at 60 and 80. Smaller ones around 35. Stacked one rigger 60 and 80 and parked the Chinook divers at 30 and 40. About 15 minutes running 2.2 to 2.5 boated our best laker of the year from the 80 foot rigger. 32 inches, 11 1/4 pounds. Fish ate greasy chicken wing stinger. Ran another hour with no more takers and quit around 3pm.
  10. I fished Friday. Ran the shallow program in 20 to 40 fow from Long point to college. Had a nice chop on the water until around 11 am. Picked up a mixed bag of Lakers, Landlocks and 1 brown. Everything came on the riggers down 20 with Silver Streak alewives. Nothing on the inline boards or divers. Surface temp was 59 degrees. The lake laid down, turned to glass and the surface temp jumped to 69 with the sunny, still conditions. Put a fish hawk probe down and found 50 degrees down 30 to 40 feet in 100 row. Bait and hooks on the graph there, so dropped the riggers and continued a slow pick until they shut off around 3 PM. Finished with a nice rainbow to complete the slam. I was running around 2.8. Could be bumpy this weekend. Good luck.
  11. Hey Bstone. Chowder is correct. There's a shelf out in front of the college that's about 22 feet deep and breaks sharply into deep water like a cliff. I like to fish that break. I set my riggers at 18 and 20 and troll back and forth across the break. I'm running 2.9 to 3.2.
  12. I fished there for a few years in the early 90's. Liked it a lot. Thought it held more fish per acre than the bigger waters. Will definitely reach out if I decide to hit it again. Thank you very much and continued good luck to you.
  13. Great day, great report , great pics. Thanks for the tip on the spoons.
  14. Sweeeet!!! Congrats. I haven't been on that pond in a couple of years. Is there still a lot of bait? Thanks.
  15. Picked up some in front of Camp Gregory just south of the long point, but the majority came from long point to the college. Good luck!
  16. I took an old friend out on the lake for the first time. He hadn't been fishing for years and has never laid eyes on a laker being a small, stream trout fisherman. So...I decided to target them first and try for silvers after. Put around 30 fish in the boat on the 26th and another dozen this morning. Surface temps on the east side, around Long point, have jumped to 54 in the morning and bait was everywhere. We got the "Slam", all four species this morning and only lacked a brown yesterday. My buddy's hooked now, needless to say!! Shallow program in 15 to 25 feet running spoons and sticks. Silver Streak green and pink alewives, and bloody nose stingers caught the majority of fish.
  17. Nice! The Lakers we caught were pretty fiesty. Even had one leaper! What was the surface temp on that side in Dean's?
  18. Fished from just south of long point to the college all 3 days. Surface temps 48-49 in the mornings warming to low 50's by the afternoon. Stayed in 20 to 40 fow with a shallow program of in-line planners, slide divers and riggers down 20. Majority of the bait is still deep, but we found some in 35-40 feet. Perch shadraps and jointed J-7's on the in-lines, chicken wings and bloody nose stingers on the divers and goby bay rats or green ale wives on the riggers. All caught fish, all three days. Did 17 fish on Wednesday after a late start due to motor issues. Steady pick all day. 7lb bow and 5lb salmon on the boards that day. 25 fish boated Thursday and 15 on Friday morning. Boated a lot of Lakers in the 5 to 10 pound class on the gobies and stingers. We caught and released quite a few nice, young bows on the boards around 17 inches. Never touched a brown and only the one salmon. Another 5 or ten degrees and Cayuga will be on fire!!
  19. You'll likely encounter a lot of recreational boaters at Long Point as the day progresses. That said, it is one of my favorite spots at first light. I like to figure 8 on the point several times before going north. You may pick up a bow there as well. Try the same thing at Stony Point just a short distance north. Then run up and down the break of the shelf in front of the college.
  20. Scorpion stingers. Boy girl, mixed veggies, greasy chicken wing and maybe a rainbow needle fish. Pink or green ale wife if they're on the bait. 3.0 or better.
  21. Slick tricks. Best thing on the business end since flint!
  22. A few years back we caught a laker in Cayuga with an almost, identical mutation. We called it "The two-faced fish".
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