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  1. congrats last year - coulda - woulda - shoulda been holdin that trophy - we took a chance way out in rough seas almost paid off - losing two at the boat hurt bad - one woulda put us in first we had four slobs came in fifth - p.s. nuttins simple -lol
  2. its pretty simple - if you plan on going to Canadian waters to fish you must declare your intent with Canadian border patrol BEFORE you leave the dock - the "no comm" rule is still in effect. OR change the rule which would allow communication only to declare your intent to go into canadien waters. your observer is on the boat and can verify and allow this. stop all the non-sense. we were the farthest team out of port last year about 12 miles still not at canadien line. 5-7 footers every team was way inside. shoulda won caught 4 kings and came in 5th. lost two at the boat ah well. kevin good job !
  3. each team is responsible to bring an observer - but your observer goes on a different boat - you cant have an illegal alien on board going into Canada - but the observer you get you don't know his background
  4. sounds like the Wilson shootout has a challenger - whats the dates capt vinny wants in
  5. did she sell? if not call me or pm me please
  6. 20 - 25 shaft -remote- power tilt - four stroke - hurry serious buyer
  7. im lookin for a kicker motor measurement I was hoping a 20 inch shaft would work cause they seem more readily available used
  8. 2001 26ft seaswirl striper - without a starting point does anyone know or have the same setup to advise me -
  9. very interested but need shaft length - power tilt or manual? - phone number to call
  10. just talked to him - its pull start basic kicker motor
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