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  1. No problem. Good luck and tight lines
  2. I'm sorry it's off topic but how do you like the Cisco rod holders. I had two cannons fail this year so I'm thinking about switching brands
  3. I have a St Croix 10'6". Here are the specs: WRS106ULS2 10'6" UL Slow 2 2 - 6 1/16 - 1/4 6.2 2 $110
  4. I have a St. Croix Avid Salmon & Steelhead Centerpin Rod 15' used only 4 times. $225.00 Pick up preferred. I live in the buffalo area
  5. I'm looking for a pair of Shimano Talora wire dipsy roller rods. I need them in the length of 8' or 10'. I live in the Buffalo area, fish out of the oak and I am willing to drive to meet or pay for shipping.
  6. I had a great year out of the oak. The salmon showed up early and stayed right out front. It slowed down a lot when the lake flipped in August. Some days the big fish on the inside waters wanted to play ball other times 30-33 line was the only place to find cooperative fish. I stuck not fishing right now with a twisted ankle but I can't wait to do some close harbor patrol with some Jplugs in the dark. All in all a good year
  7. We had a hard time out there this weekend. Fishing Thursday and Friday was good with two man limits both days. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday we scrapped together 2 matures. End up fishing for brown trout inside Saturday which was good and found some 2 year olds Sunday out between 200 to 300 fow
  8. I run 2 17lb Sharks weights, a 20 and a 15. All are black with one chrome. The chrome one catches a lot of fish but when I tried all chrome sharks its seemed to be to much. I switched back to only running one chrome at a time but I'm still really impressed with the amount of fish the lone chrome one catches
  9. I've tried 18" 20" and 22" with no luck. I have had them work ruining a Twinkie rig 48" long
  10. RD9 you are dead on. I always bring my segmented walleye cores out for salmon and they are deadly. Especially when we have a blow and it brings in the ice water. I grab my walleye rods and keep catching salmon
  11. Any word on what leader length works with them?
  12. Work2fish is dead on. I run one chrome shark and I was blow away how it out fishes the other riggers
  13. When the fish want a "loud" setup I will run Big Al's triangular looking flashers of a ball or two. These flasher track in a straight line so you don't have to worry about tangles
  14. I have a Lowrance Hds 9 gen 3 with a thru hall chip transducer. Mine does mess with my fishhawk but the transducer also gives a real crappy picture over 200ft so the transducer my be defective
  15. Thanks for help. I think I might just go with hds 9
  16. I figured this is a long shot but if anyone is looking to get ride of a Lowrance HDS 12 Gen 2 or Gen 3, I wand it. PM me or call or text Seven1Six-604-Six3Nine9
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