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  1. Now I feel 50/50 about our lack of success. Fished 630–9pm. Most Marks in 140ish fow with few Empty knock offs. Then again in 90-120 fow tried knocking a laker on the head in 100 fow at last light for the guys with me and found we were dragging a 15” king on a 300 steel. at least is was a nice sunset!
  2. Out of sandy now 430pm trolled 160-300. Zero back into 120 fow searching for something still foggy!!
  3. Good luck Songdog! Was in Wilson 2 weeks ago during the dumb fishing time but it was a blast when it was dumb! We had a few boats connected so I hope you got a few to link with this weekend. It is a big lake with lots of fish and lots of water to fish so room for everyone! Share pics of the fun so some of us can live Vicariously as we are remodeling the master bathroom for the boss!
  4. I hear you 3 days out of Wilson in that NE chop with a 19’ boat catching kings was exhausting! 👍
  5. Long weekend at wilson. Didn’t do as well as some but did well enough to take plenty of fillets home. When your buddies think you are crazy when you tell them you were releasing up to 10lbs kings then they go out with you the next day and do the same they realize it is crazy! Saturday first it was a 200 steel that took the shots then a couple rigger hits then a dipsy kept getting clobbered then it was all riggers. 100-140 fow. Spoon preference change every hour. What took fish at 8am just dragging in the water at 9. Sometime we could t get back rigged up before another rod popped! sunday it was all riggers for us no steel or dipsy hits! Again spoons changed each hr with each flurry of hits largest king was 18lbs smallest fish was below!!! Caught after watching my rods bounce as the lines pulled thru the bait! call out to Tacklemaster Matt for sharing on the water!
  6. Lady O started nice with 2-3’ waves then later in the morning the NE wind started ripping. Lady O is roaring now!! Boated 5 nothing over 12#. Another handful of knockoffs. Best water for us was just west of wilson 120-150 fow. Dirty white boy hit a few. Seasick waddler and white/blue spin dr east Wind pushed us to almost the bar ending in a 45 minute wet and bumpy run back to Wilson a couple of coolers at the weigh in had some 19 # kings but nothing for the board
  7. Just got out in the water. Will share what we do. Bumpy in my 19’. Better than working
  8. West of olcott to Wilson is definitely in the zone! We got pushed 6 miles east to olcott 2 years ago in the 4’ waves in my 19’ boat! Fun wet ride back to wilson!! PM me your number and I will add you to the group text I create for the weekend
  9. Matt i have you from last year. If your number is still the same starting with 248 we are good! We will be there mid morning Friday right out to the lake. Staying right in wilson til Sunday Tim
  10. Heading for the annual Wilson weekend coming up. Just a rec guy willing to share info if you want PM me! I think we had 7 boats last year from MI, OH, PA and NY connected
  11. Tim fishing was so great on Sunday when I got home I spent the afternoon cleaning and winterizing my boat! It is in storage now and my fly rod bow and guns are getting the dust knocked off them! lots of stager marks on 40-50 fow. 1 good rip that let go! Threw all I could at them with no luck! Nice skunking to end my season!! I am better at killing large furry mammals than fishing somedays! good luck. Hope to see you at Wilson in the spring! Tim
  12. We ran west and started off devils nose for the wind at our stern in 100 fow out to 240 then into 160ish where the screen was best. I even tried knocking them on the head with cowbells in 150 fow but could turn up a good hit! Told the guys with me that i questioned my probe a few times!! But zero marks above 120’ said it was true!
  13. You have to fish when you can…. But when the north wind blows in the warm water……. Sleep in! Surface 70 degrees From surface down to 130 over 150-230fow = 70 degrees!! I though my probe was malfunctioning! best marks in 160ish fow 140-160 down! Found out I only have ~170’ of cable wire on my riggers!! NEVER have I even seen the temp so deep! good luck to those that venture out later!
  14. Heading out of Braddocks tomorrow AM. Hope LO lays down before 6am! https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/lakeontario_map/
  15. Sandy creek state launch in Hamlin is free and you will be in fishing depth water in 10 minutes. Genny River, I Bay and Braddocks you need to run out further to get depth! Of course the experience of the Genny river or I Bay recreational action and coast guard inspections might be worth the launch there! normally I trailer and launch out of sandy creek but I am docked for 2 weeks in Braddocks and had to fuel up at the marina after 4 trips out…. I didn’t even look at the visa receipt!! good luck!
  16. Slow but nice pick on kings in 100-120fow down 75-95. Most down 95 green white spin dr with crazy b fly took most green silver spin dr and fly green jeans spoon! Best fish 10# and 25ish# king best part of the morning is harassing my old buddy for not reading my text and signing up for the derby!!! Priceless
  17. Thanks Hillside! Going to show this to my younger daughter to try to convince her to go out on the boat with me this afternoon!!
  18. Fished last night 7/3 4-830 started 120 fow immediately with a small king on dipsy w spin dr and meat. Followed with a small bow on 200 weight steel orange/silver spoon then slow moved out to 250 fow for an hr with very scattered mark but no takers. Ran back into 120-140. Lost track of number of small kings and knock offs or dipsy rips from 630-830pm hoping for a nice one that never came. Nothing on riggers until after 7pm. dipsy on 2 setting out 150-175 green spin with meat zero on flies Green/silver and Black/purple spoons riggers 50-80 down hope this helps someone
  19. Look up bill saiff outdoors on YouTube using Brads baits with scent behind flashers instead of meat! I am going to pick up a couple to try once my meat supply is done!
  20. Happy Father’s Day! 3 generations!!! turned to lakers after a few small kings!! daughters PB laker 12lbs
  21. 940am released a 3-4 lbs king meat on spin dr 105 over 190 2 other knocks offs right after all deep! meat and nbk 10am. Dipsy rip. 200 out on 3 setting orange and silver spoon 1020am 5lb king on spin with meat 100 over 180 Just east of sandy ended 3 of 6 in 180-200fow all small kings moved into 110-120. Boated and released 10ish (lost count) lakers in 2 hrs before we headed to the launch. it was a nice Father’s Day! good luck to all those out there. Hope this helps someone move a rod!
  22. Just set up and hit 160fow heading north! warm water is in 60 on surface 58 down 90
  23. I will be out in the AM out of sandy creek also. Launching around 7ish. Will post if any luck.
  24. Sorry Bill! Sandy creek in Hamlin just west of Rochester! Good luck on the eastern end!
  25. Yes I would like kings but….. after overheating 2 weekends ago and completing the repairs on Friday… we tried for 1.5 hrs for something in all the marks and bait we saw in 100 fow then changed set ups and went 11 of 13 on lakers (largest 13 lbs) in 2 hours including 2 doubles with my 84 yr old dad and another old friend I will keeping dreaming of kings but be happy for some action!! just east of sandy creek in 100 +/- fow 2 riggers w/ cowbells and spin an glows 5-10’ behind the balls dragging bottom. First time I tried this set up ever!! hope this helps someone who just wants to catch something some days!
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