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  1. 90 fow inside screen is very busy with bait and marks but no talers. Have 44 degrees 80 over 90 fow. It was worth the try!
  2. We moved out to 300+ with only another skippy. Trolled into 170 and just took a rip on a dipsy. Lost it. Not big but a fish Still marking fish 60-80 over 170 fow
  3. Thanks for the starting place this morning. 4-5 skippers so far. Lost one decent when a leader broke!! All spoons carbon 14 and silve black and purple. 70-90 down on the search now for something bigger
  4. Fished the evening with my wife and daughter out of sandy started 170fow in front of Hamlin beach fished out to 220. Lots of bait in 170 but no takers. 1st rainbow came 70 over 200. Black silver purple spoon. 2nd rainbow was on a dipsey #2 setting out 175. Black and raspberry over 215 fow. Had to call it quits early for my daughter and had a 15” king take a carbon 14 while I was starting to clear lines in 220fow. More bait in 170 but more action in 200-220.
  5. You do not suck alone!! On Saturday out of the oak the only other boat we saw with a fish on lost the small 2-5# fish at the net! Yes we laughed! But our payback was only pulling in one shaker! We marked bait at all ranges but couldn’t buy a bite! For the life of me I can’t figure out why I suck so bad!! The problem is that it is consuming me to break my curse!!! But I have to work all week!! I am going to try some lighter leads off my 25# mono and longer leads off my riggers!! Something has to give!!
  6. Ha ha salt on my wound! Good for you! We saw you set down in 250 fow as we headed to 300. When you turned out we turned in. Didn’t want to crowd you as it is a big lake. We found bait and marks in all areas but just couldn’t buy a release! You definitely had a hot spot! I blamed my dad both times out with him this season we have been skunked! 🤔
  7. Congratulations! I was west of you out of sandy creek last night! Found the same temp worked 300+ fow for a while had bait and marks but zero hook ups. Trolled in and worked 200ish fow for a while again some bait and some marks and zero hook ups. Trolled into 100fow some bait some marks and zero hook ups. Gave up!
  8. Dumb question from a guy the typically tries to catch salmon but seems to fail lately. what is the general pattern for browns during June- july? shallower water 60ish degrees slower troll? TIA
  9. It is only minus if you stay home cause they say 2-4 but it turns out to be <1!! 🤬
  10. I am going to take my lack of success at catching a king larger than 10-20” as a sign that 2023 is going to be incredible!!! Fished 430-830 tonight. Lake was flat then got flatter. Started in 140 fow Scattered marks here and there with a pod of bait mixed in from 160 to 210fow but zero takers Temps were 47 down 100 over 210fow trolled into 56 degrees down 100 over 110fow Best screens and a flurry of skippers from 6-7pm in a stretch of 120-130 fow 70-100 down in 56+ degrees. Orange/silver, green FF, carbon 14 zero pattern!!! Then dead quiet for the last 1.5 hr good thing I have a full time job as I would not feed my family being a salmon fisherman in 2022
  11. https://marineweather.net/coastal/lake-ontario-hamlin-beach-to-sodus-bay-including-irondequoit-bay-marine-forecast I day dream watching the live cam on this LOU page when I can’t fish! https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/lakeontario_map/
  12. I haven’t fished the bar or river mouth but was in Wilson May 18-21 this year. Never made it to the bar as we fished east or west of Wilson for the most part 100-250fow It was my first extended trip to the area. To me the lake was 3 different lakes each day. Morning, midday and evening. Got blown off the lake late morning on 2 of 4 days but the evenings we fished again as it laid down. I paid for a slip for the weekend which made going back out in the evenings easy. i have a 19’ 4 winns Of those 4 days I would say you would not have fished 1.5 but it is all weather dependent. The river recommendations are a great idea that I am going to remember I was glad I did a few days in a row to have those windows when the lake cooperated. I am goin back next May just earlier in 2023 best of luck!
  13. Thanks Gambler HB2 and john Agreed lots of ways to slice and dice the subject. Lots of me to try and learn. My main days of LO fishing were in the 90s and early 2000s before family and life took my time. Also before the days of wire and leadcore and meat rigs. Hell my first ESLO derby as kid was trolling in front of Charlotte beach out of a 25’ sailboat holding a Mitchell 300 with a little Cleo tied on! Yep we caught cohos and lakers! So I am playing a little catch up each season now that I am back. thanks again!
  14. Looking to add 2 dipsey set ups to my spread but need some guidance. I have an old hand me down set up with mono that clearly is not up to date Suggestions Reel? Rod? Guide type? Line? amount? If wire or braid what backing if any needed? thanks In advance!
  15. Chuck you guys certainly deserved every fish you got. You put in the time as parts of those days were rough! I think Saturday was the roughest I have fished in a long long time. I am sure Saturday when those charters saw my little rec boat head out at 530am into those waves they questioned our sanity!!! Pounding back to Wilson thru 5’ waves from olcott made me question it also. We were safe just used a lot of gas! For us we found no good consistent patterns but did end up with 3 fish in the 13-14# range. Friday black and purple spoons took our kings in 250fow then Saturday it was black and orange in the same water as you. Baby kings came on everything….. FF and spoons all colors! Cohos had no pattern except for the top 20’ of water. Had one hit as I was setting the rigger release! Thanks for sharing info on the water! Tim
  16. Thanks for sharing! Hope there are some fish for us next weekend after the derby! Boat slip in Wilson and a house in olcott!! Got family and friends lined up for 3-4 days of fishing. Anyone else gonna be out there from 5/19 to 5/22 message me if you want to help each other out
  17. Bumpy first trip out 1-3’ from NE Overall success as boat and equipment worked perfectly but fish don’t not cooperate! Headed east out of Braddocks into the wind from 20-40 fow. Lost one at 20 over 30 fow midway to the genny on a watermelon spoon mix. Trolled 10-15 fow back west and was skunked! Nice to get out! Really bumpy after 11am
  18. Debating on trying a last trip trolling out in front of the Genny for any stagers..... or winterizing the boat and starting to kill deer??? Any updates? Thanks in advance!!
  19. Damn wish I saw this before I wasted last night in the rain being the only boat out of the river!! It was rolling 2-4 when we headed out so we tried close 30-60 fow from 4-6pm. Zero. Not even a fish porpoising to get our hopes up! First year back fishing salmon in about 5 years. Tough season for me!! Ready to winterize and start hunting!
  20. Thanks for the inputs! This is not a serious fishing vacation so a couple of lakers during the week are fine with me. It will just be nice to be on the water in the early morning and not a work!
  21. Thanks Tom! We are going to be on the West Y just south of the Park so we can run over as needed to the College area.
  22. Renting a cottage for the week and looking for some starting advice for trolling for laker, bows or browns on Keuka..... Boat is rigged up for LO salmon with downriggers and fishhawk... I have the standard spoons, spin dr and flies arsenals. Areas of lake to focus? Do I need cowbells? color? Thanks in advance!
  23. Congratulations! I couldn’t convince my younger daughter and wife to go last night! So I am slightly jealous!! Glad you had an incredible memorable evening!!! Heading up to fish in the rain this evening with my older daughter and friends. Hope to avoid the thunderstorms! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. fished sunday afternoon out of the oak... 90-100 FOW picked up 3 coho (50 over 90 and 2 on the surface) had 2 other knock offs (80 over 90 and 30 over 100... mostly green and silver spoons and spin dr).... surface temp was 54-56 degrees... only 2 other boats in the area when we came out at 3 then had place to ourselves after 5pm.. didnt have time to drive to wilson that day
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