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  1. Is it this? http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10364_52259_48361-316009--,00.html
  2. strange....on my Elite-7 Chirp, I can see the downrigger balls better on my 50khz and faintly on the 200.
  3. Fished by the plant yesterday 100-200fow and marked some fish. Picked up 2 tiny kings on a 55 rigger and a size 0 dipsy out 125. Had a few more hits but they all seemed small. Not much action. There were very intense currents with around a 1mph difference down 30. Water was pretty warm around 65 at the surface.
  4. They have a website, http://salmonshowdown.com/ , but it seems to be down right now.
  5. Got the cord, but haven't gotten around to hooking it up yet. I'll do it sometime soon
  6. I found those at a tackle shop in Port Ontario, not sure of the name. They aren't too expensive, maybe $10.
  7. Moor Sub Trolls automatically turn on when submerged and turn off when taken out of the water. You can just leave the battery in the probe and it won't drain when out of the water.
  8. Interesting....guess I'll also try running without a snubber.
  9. There is a nice launch on the Little Salmon River. It's a little closer to the plant.
  10. I don't know if it is on the google play store, but on the iPhone there is a decent app called scoutlook fishlog. It does cost a bit but check it out as it might be worth it.
  11. Laker fishing is great right now, but the browns aren't biting very well.
  12. Depths and presentations are all dependent on time of year and location. Check the fishing reports section to see recent reports showing what, when, where, and how to fish
  13. Browns have been very slow and not much happening for salmon, but laker fishing has been great.
  14. I usually use the 83/200 split screen on my lowrance, sometimes one frequency picks stuff up that the other frequency doesn't
  15. Hmmm....wierd. I don't know why it wouldn't, as they both have NMEA 0183 compatibility. Guess we'll find out.
  16. I have a Lowrance Elite-7 Chirp and a Raymarine Smartpilot X-5R. I am trying to connect them using NMEA 0183. The manual for both units are vague on the subject and the internet hasn't helped me much. What benefits will I get from linking them? What do I need to buy and how do I actually hook the system up? Thanks.
  17. Reading reports out of the west end of the lake with king salmon madness has had me wondering when the spring king bite will come to Oswego/Mexico? I haven't seen any reports of kings being caught on the east end unless it was a lucky pickup while fishing for browns. Are we missing it over here or will we be catching them soon? This is the first year I have fished the lake this early in the season.
  18. Browns have been extremely slow on the east side of the lake lately.
  19. Went out for a few hours midday targeting lakers and went 2 for 3, one being a decent 9 pounder. Fished from the entrance of the little salmon river to the eastern shore and north. Caught one in 50fow and one in 30fow fishing down 12-25ft. All hits were on the riggers. Missed one on a spoon and caught the other two on a green cowbell with a yellow/greenish peanut. Both fish caught slower but we fished 1.4-1.8mph. Good day for the amount of time we were out there.
  20. I've only used them a few times so I don't have a ton of experience with them and I have only used them with mono and stickbaits so I have no experience using leadcore. I have found that it helps a little to keep the rod tip down slightly and to not let the board hit the water again after pulling it out when reeling in a fish. They work better when the water is calm, as the waves are usually what makes them dive for me. If the board does dive, just let the line free spool and it will come back up. I hope my small amount of experience helped you.
  21. You know it's bad when the bugs accumulate in your nasal passage.
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