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  1. Steelie sent u a pm with my #
  2. Steelie what about all the jointed ones? Or are they gone
  3. Steeelie. With the steals!!!!!! Great price I'll take all the jointed ones if any sales fall through I'll meet you in Pittston or Scranton again Thanks fshnwmn
  4. Crestliners great boat. I have a 23 1/2 eagle SST. I LOVE IT Good luck
  5. L&M if you had to buy a new kicker for a 24 foot alum boat what would you recommend ??? Thank you
  6. Where r u located I am interested in the roller rods Thanks
  7. Where r u located? I'll give u 125.00 each Thanks for considering the offer
  8. Why u selling the 9.8. I'm thinking about buying a new one
  9. I have lots of spoons I have to go through. Two lead core set ups and two dipsey set ups. I'm in pauluski mist of the time. Also found a good deal on line bought to much Where you from give me a personal message I'll call you
  10. 2 TLA 8 ft 6 MH TWO PIECE twirly tips 15/30lb Med fast action. Excellent condition $70.00. Each 2 TLA 9 ft medium action 12/27 lb $75 each 2 47lc Diawa accu depth plus reels on heartland downrigger rods Reels are full of led core rods 8/16 $75 each Older Conklin 500 Abu Garcia sensor touch rod 8 ft 3 Med light. With a ryobi super lite high power reel Clutch gear system Full of lead core $45 Dipsey divers to many to mention. Dipsey diver case also Divers $6. Case $35 Avet reels ( look them up) then make me a good offer They are steel blue One MXL model6.0 One LX6 0:1 serial number 10578 Free bait and strike full option Please research before making an offer Thank you No pics yet not at camp Send me your phone number When I get pics I will text you!!!!
  11. I will give you $65 shipped for lot three. If you want to deal thankS. The pro kings
  12. Is lot three pro kings??? Also do u have any evil eyes? Suttons 44. I was an observer for u one year I think!!!! Thanks
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