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  1. Thanks for sharing the information about adding glow sticks and whistles to each lifevest on the boat. Never thought about that. I be adding those this week when I get up there.
  2. Everyone should have an automatic bilge with a light on the dash that comes on when the bilge turns on. That way you always know when you are taking on water. Not knowing your taking on water until it's too late seems to be a common denominator in a bunch of the boating accidents that have occurred in Mexico bay in the last few years. Glad everyone was ok.
  3. Hey Bob, you should check your phone. I called you back and left you a message. If your still interested call the number listed in the add. My buddy Jim would be happy to show the riggers.
  4. This might be the last brand new set of digitroll 2 in existence. Came from a local marina. 42" booms, still in box. Black steel Mounting block and stainless hardware Release No swivel base. Items located in Pulaski, Sandy pond area. PM or call Jim at 908 399 0174 Asking $1100 for pair. Sent from my SM-T580 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. We were out Sunday Morning and you could see a huge vessel about 7 to 8 miles off the Salmon river. Nobody on the radio seemed to know what going on. After 9am someone came on the radio and said that they were looking for a body and gave a brief description of the missing person. They started running a grid search pattern with the helicopter. The large vessel turned out to be a Canadian Coast cutter (at least 100' long, the largest ship I have ever seen underway on Lake Ontario). When we went in around 11am, the cutter was approximately 1 mile off the Salmon river right in the middle of the "combat zone". I am glad to hear they finally located the boat and the missing fisherman.
  6. I don't know if you guys are aware that John king sells his own line of flashers, bait heads, twinkie rigs, and composite trolling spoons. Here's the link to his website: http://www.michiganangler.com/
  7. We launched a boat at Jones Marina on Sunday. Reiters Marina has a usable launch and the Wigwam launch looks like it is usable. The Browns are north of the pond in 8' to 10' feet of water.
  8. If your looking for Bruce at Reiters marina, the number is 315 387-3881
  9. Reiters Marina (315-387-3881) located on Sandy Pond has brand new, Nos Mag 10a motors that have been sitting in their warehouse for the last 30 years. They are conversion kits to make the manual cannons of the time into 10A's. When I was there in October they had at least 6 or more. Give them a call, talk to Bruce, he'll help you out.
  10. If your going out of the Big Salmon you might want to run north to Sandy pond. There have been plenty of fish in the 130' to 150' range for the last 2 weeks. Fish the North dune to Sandy Creek.
  11. We just spent the last two weeks fishing the Sandy pond area.Last week it looked like a desert from 85' to 150'. Right now there are a ton of salmon stacked in 110' to 130' off the North dunes to Sandy Creek. The fish are out of tempin 60 to 70 degree water. We landed 10 adults in the last 2 days. Green on green and green glow j plugs did the trick.
  12. I agree also. In the last two days we landed 9 adult kings in the 20 to 25lb range fishing off Sandy pond in 110' to 130' where the temp was 60 to 70.
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