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  1. I'll take them at $50 shipped. $75 shipped with the 8 smaller Raps in the other post. PayPal address?
  2. I have 2 Cannon Magnum 10A (with short stops). One has a bad board. I've been told it can not be repaired to work. Do you know if it is possible on these riggers to bypass (remove) the board and just operate on a switch, as you mention here? I think that is what you are saying here. If it is possible, can you tell what I need to do that. Thanks in advance, Steve
  3. Would like 2 - 10# torpedoes. Put check in the mail for $65 today. Thanks. Steve B.
  4. I'll take Lot 6. Need shipped near Albany, NY. PayPal?
  5. Try here. They'll help you find it. E-Trailer https://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-Trailer_Bearings_Races_Seals.aspx
  6. I will take it and throw in an extra $10 for shipping.
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