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  1. Probably a very dumb question, but with this being our first year of really hitting it hard on lake O, I was wondering when the fishing dies in the lake. I realize that a good deal of the salmon that will run will do so by late Sept, but not sure what that means in the lake for fishing. When do things start to wrap up? Years ago we chartered out of the oak and in sept we found a smaller class of kings deeper while the matures were heading in. Will this last throughout Sept as well? Thanks
  2. NIceeee. Glad you got a couple. Prob back up next weekend again. hope to see you out there
  3. To start, a sincere thank you for all those that post on this site as I have learned volumes from all of your posts this year. Out of Eagle Creek Fri with a boat full of young boys new to lake O. Fished 5:30 - noon. Not many marks on screen but occasional. Went 8-10. 5 kings from 10 -18#, 2 small steelies and a 14# brown. 42 degrees was down 120- 130 ft in 200FOW. Fish all came from 200 - 300FOW. Bite was completely shared between meat bite and carbon 14 mag both off riggers in ice water. On Saturday, back to our numbers from the day prior . Fished 5:30 to 1 pm. Went 6 - 14. Lots of short hits and some came unbuttoned after quick fights. Fish Sat cam all between 180 fow and 240 fow. meat and carbon 14 again were the workhorses, but finger lakes war machine mag took two rips on 400 copper down the chute and one hit came on michigan stinger killer tangerine. 1 small brown, and the rest kings all 15# class. Great days on the water. Day of firsts for them( first king, first brown, and first lamprey sighting - that was entertaining) I think we have some new fisherman that are now hooked for life!!!! Thanks again to all and tight lines the rest of the season.
  4. wow, that is a lot of information. Greatly appreciate your responses
  5. Hey Mark, Was interested in what you said about running into a temp break. I am also a newbie and wondering how to find this break that you mention. I will troll North, but seem to never know where to set up shop. I do have down temp. Thanks
  6. Have heard that E winds tend to slow fishing considerably. Is this true of Lakers too or are they pretty dependable regardless of wind direction? THANKS
  7. Interested in a couple of these weights. Are they still for sale? Thanks
  8. Great morning of fishing! Congrats. What was your down speed that seemed to connect? We have been seeing it fluctuate between 2.6- 3.0 Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. was there yesterday 46degrees is down 100ft in 250 to 400 FOW
  10. Got out sunday. Had planned a laker trip for some kids, but they weren't able to come so we ran to 225 and trolled N to 450 set up of wire dipseys w SD FF combo and riggers w spoons and 10 color lead core Found decent screens at 300' with good hooks and 450 held high water steelies temps were 50-60 until we hit 100 down then we found 46-48degrees. Slow day but some teenager kings off deep riggers 105 ft and a couple of steelies on leadcore.
  11. I believe about 6-7 miles ? Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Thanks John. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Thanks Paul. Good to hear. Have struggled a bit this year on kings and steelies and want to be sure to get the rods to go with the kids on board this weekend though it is hard for me to target lakers as I want to hear that drag scream! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Thanks guys, really appreciate the responses. Just want the kids to get a good experience Will let you know how we do
  15. Okay, dumb question. I have never targeted lakers as I am a king/steelie guy. When we catch lakers it is usually a fluke. This weekend I am going to be fishing the devils nose to Oak area and have some kids on board so was thinking about slowing it down and trying to go for lakers as it seems on this site that they are easier? I have all the gear (I think) but need the know how. Do I just drag bottom with cowbells and peanuts and slow down? Cant be that easy right? Any advice, depths , tackle , speed etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all
  16. Looking for a working replacement probe for a fish hawk thermtroll 800/840. Thanks
  17. Fished Mon and Tue out of the Oak area. Mon had some action with some troubles at the pole. went 4 for 11 with 2 lakers and two small kings. Most action came on wire dipseys with SD / fly combos. Fish came in 85FOW . lots of bait on screen. Tue missed a nice king early on wire dipsey then never moved a rod til we picked up at 10am. New to the game so we are still learning but all in all a good couple of days.
  18. have fished LG the last few years. Lead cores , riggers with orange were usually the ticket. Cowbells with live minnow 18 inch back were on fire but good luck finding bait in local shops. I hung around Northwest bay mostly so can't speak to north end, but if you run to NW bay, hit the ledge at southwestern point of tongue mountain ( 100 -200 feet from shore). Lakers stack up there most of year.
  19. Good evening, I am interested. Are there any issues with the unit or probe? Why are you selling. Thanks PA223
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