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  1. Great report. Way to go Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Start with pretied setups like big weenie/teasers etc w meat. Almost fool proof. Need to go a bit slower and tweak the head as stated above but we leave one in the ice all day long. Sometimes only get one hit off it but have always taken our largest fish on it. I have been wondering too about your initial flasher question as we always run a mix of FF and spoons etc Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. finally figure out how to post pics (I hope) cpl pics from last weekend Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. You know, a few years back my father n law and I launched out of the oak and ran about 6 miles before the boat completely quit with an electrical problem. We made a call at 6:00 am. After only 15 minutes a boat showed up. Father and son had just dropped all their gear when they pulled it all and came to our assistance. Towed us all the way back to Oak. Ruined their morning. couldn't take a dime and sad to say they motored on before we got their names. Still think about those guys when I am on the lake. Very sorry to hear your situation today and that nobody responded, but thankfully there are great guys out there still. What goes around comes around and someday I hope to be able to help someone out who needs it like we did that day and you did today.
  5. Thanks Guys!!! Big Jon it is. We have been setting drags tight but have broken two off in past cpl weeks so I was questioning myself. Thanks again Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Agree with all of the above. If you are just starting, highly recommend a few things to speed the learning curve 1- Take a charter if you can- These guys are the best. they will teach you. There are guys on this site that do this each year and really go over anything you want to cover while fishing. Probably the quickest way you can get going 2- Tons of information on this site. When I started I read every post. It takes a while, but it is amazing how great the members of this site are in sharing their experience with guys that are new. 3- Read some of Dan Keating's books ( Keating on Kings etc) he has videos as well. Lots of good info 4- LOTSA fishing expo- It's in January and you will enjoy and learn from the conferences, and you can even pay to attend salmon school. 5- Fish as much as you can and keep a log. Speed, temps ( if you have them) direction of troll , line, lures, depth, date, times etc You will be amazed at the patterns you develop yourself. Good luck and tight lines
  7. Just wanted to share an experience from this weekend. We donated to the tackle Gods and Lady O this past Saturday in the form of a probe. Though humbled and pissed, we went to Narbys in Oak Orchard and bought a new one. Ran it the next morning and it had a problem in that it would record temp but not speed. Lots of troubleshooting etc but long story short, went back to Narbys and Sharon took it and made some calls and hooked me up with Trevor from FH. Gotta say he was great. Sending me new probe no questions asked. It is rare that you find such an incredible product and an equally incredible customer service team. My hat is off to both Trevor / Fish Hawk and Sharon from Narbys. Great people in the fishing community!!!!
  8. Great job and nice report, thank. Nice to see a young man with a fat fish!!!
  9. Wire all the way. I use torpedo 19 strand. Great stuff. Just be sure to read previous posts about dipsy storage, because any little kink in the line will produce a weak spot and it will break. Just always keep tension during storage on it and you will be fine. Avoid hook sets, sure spool it under heavy tension as well. Tons of old posts about this on here that helped me out.
  10. Well the good news is that we had some vicious Dipsy hits this weekend. The bad news of course is that the rod holder wasn't up to the challenge. I was looking at the Big Jon Ratcheting holder . Anyone run them or have other thoughts for a dipsy rod holder? Thanks!
  11. out again this morning 5 -9. 220 - 255 showed heavy bait and lots of hooks . Very frustrating day in that we only boated 1 for 11. Great action but the tackle Gods won the battle today. all FF bite today. between 65 - 110'down over 240ish dipseys w FF at 290 took multiple rips. spoons cold all morning Kids didn't handle to east wind too well so in early.
  12. Out this am with bunch of kids. 2 for 6 with lots of oooops moments . Lol 8 and 13 # kings. 250-275 fow was our best area. Two large kings came unbuttoned on dipsey FF. Carbon 14, meat and dipsey / FF did all the work. Dipseys out 290 and 300 Then the chumming began and we headed for port. 42 degrees down 120 over 250. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. What a dandy brown. Way to go Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. That's great. Never thought of that approach but need to try it. Thanks again and keep the videos coming! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Dan, Love the videos! Awesome. I saw on one of the first videos that you released a fish by trailing it behind the boat on some sort of a rope. That looked really slick. Could you share how you do that ? We have been struggling with release techniques. We pretty much release everything but want to make sure the fish survives to fight another day. Thanks for any guidance on your techniques. Adam
  16. Thanks capt, appreciate it!!! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Garrymny- Definitely is a learning curve. Keep in mind that you must be doing something right if you have caught fish. Your biggest problem may be current. You could be in the sweet spot heading NW, then turn around and head SE and you may be 2 mph different at your lure. Just do your best to replicate what you are doing when your rod fires. Keep a log. One other piece of advice...save your change and buy down speed unit - Complete Game changer. And yes, this is a very expensive hobby LOL Good luck
  18. sweet. We will be up there Sat & sun well. Tight lines!
  19. Sounds like you are doing alright for yourself!! Way to go Running meat in our spread in the ice water has been our biggest producer this yr and last of mature kings Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Thanks for the report. Did you use meat at all?
  21. coming up this weekend again. Three weeks ago, meat was hot. Anyone still doing any good with it?
  22. Trolling Fly usually trolled behind a spin doctor or flasher usually 20 -30 inches back. NBK is a popular spoon (natural born killer) PM Sent
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