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  1. very interested in talking to someone about joining the finger lakea trollers association. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  2. i wish i could post pics of boat but its hard on this phone i figured out what to do with riggers thanks to some pics by lil ripper and figured out where i can mount my 4 down eastern rod holders exactly for that reason. 2 for solo 2 for when have company and they will allow me to still fish seth green rigs and serve as rod holers for flat lines when needed. i also mounted some pvc to front sides of front seat for core or coppers on boards or other flatlines as needed thanks everyone for the help will try to figure out how to post pics when boat is finished. and there will be plenty of lakers and hopefully some kings caught out of it this summer
  3. haha ive got a feeling by the time im done with this boat itll have just enough room to sit down and fight fish but ive saw some guys who have them real decked out and some i know dare i say caught more fish than the guys in big boats
  4. sk8-did your boat have the 3 bench style seats? how were they to get over under pressure
  5. that was one of the biggest concerns ill post some boat pics tomorrow
  6. just one of those things with alot of pros and cons
  7. this was one of my biggest issues cuz i really dont want to have to get up and get over the center bench to reach a rod holder if fiahing solo. kinda dont want to get that far away from tiller even if i do lock it in place however would like if second person can atleast reach diver rods
  8. that brings up another question? what size inline planners do guys run core off?
  9. anyone one on here troll out of 14ft deep v bottom with tiller control? looking for some help as to how to mount downriggers and what downriggers work good for people out of these boats. was thinking of getting short arms and mounting them in the back corners but i see people post pics of downriggers off the sides in these. would this allow you to run dypsy rods aswell? trying to get most comfortable set up possible and be able to run a decent set up efficently. mostly fish finger lakes but would like to be able to venture to ontario on calm days for kings. that being said i would like riggers with good spool capacity. also anyone have any ideas on what rods to buy for this situation at an affordable cost? looking for 2 downrigger rods(dont think they need counters) 2 dypsy rods and a couple cores but is that efficent? have been a seth green fisherman in the past but looking to upgrade to something a little more sporting. thanks for your help. tight lines
  10. signal man do you have pics if he doesnt reply ill steal
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