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  1. Down to 22 for sale. First row, 2nd group down (chartreuse, orange tail) and middle row, bottom 2 (purple, chartreuse face) SOLD....with that being said, $180 for the 22 shipped TYD OBO
  2. Back up for sale, last "potential" buyer can't be reached. Sorry LOU. How about this, serious buyers only.
  3. Custom painted Bandit Walleye Deep, lot of 20 Found a few more extra lures from the boat that I have too many of. I have, for sale, 20 custom painted Bandit Walleye Deep divers. You will receive 10 colors, 2 lures each. All are custom painted. Asking $210 shipped TYD for all 20. If someone wanted to pick over the colors at a lesser quantity than the entire lot, then I'll sell for $11 each. Thank you for looking. All are top quality and proven Walleye catching colors. Any questions, please ask.
  4. New Custom Painted Rapala Deep Husky Jerks, DHJ12 I cleaned out the boat again and found a few more custom painted Rapala dhj12s. You will be receiving 22 in total, 11 different colors, with 2 each. All lures are new, have never seen water. Any questions, please ask. Asking $190 shipped TYD, OBO. If you would be interested in certain colors, then I will sell for $10 each shipped TYD, OBO. All top quality, fish catching colors.
  5. I have a B&W 5th wheel hitch for sale. The hitch model # is RVK3600 and fits the 2013-2016 Ram truck with the factory installed puck system(factory 5th wheel prep). Hitch has a 25,000 lb GTW and a 6250 VTW rating. I bought this hitch 2 years ago and installed it in my truck but the hitch was never used. Always been out of the elements with a tonneau cover. Basically brand new. Asking $700 OBO since I sold the truck and no longer need this. Asking price is about 1/2 the price of a brand new one and less assembly than a new one also. Delivery is possible for the right price.
  6. IF someone was interested in purchasing a lesser quantity than the entire lot of 24, I would be willing to split. All I ask is that you buy, at least, 2 of the same colors. Price for the 2 same lures would be $20 shipped TYD. There are 12 colors, 2 per color. Pm me for questions. All colors, to be sold individually, are on a first come, first serve bases.
  7. Not looking to create orphans. Just like the military saying, "No one is left behind". I do know that some may like one or two colors vs. another color but these colors are all proven excellent walleye colors. Thanks for the inquiry but I'll pass.
  8. Clean out more lures off the boat. I have way too many and I'm selling these. You will receive 24 Rapala deep husky jerks, dhj12s, 2 per each color shown. Most, if not all are brand new, unused. Any questions, please pm me. Asking $230.00 shipped TYD, obo.
  9. Down to 21 left. 1st row, second group down, gone and 3rd row, second group down also gone. With that being said, 3 of the same colors for $27 shipped TYD for each group of 3.
  10. Last buyer backed out. 27 of these are still available. Pm me with any questions.
  11. Selling off more of my custom painted lures. Carry way too many lures on my boat. You would be buying a total of 6 custom painted Bandit walleye Deep divers. You will receive 2 different colors in total with 3 lures of the same color for the total 6 lures.. Asking $50 shipped TYD, OBO. Would be willing to split the lot, you would get 3 lures of the same color for $27 shipped TYD. Your choice of color, first come first serve. Yes, I know there are 30 lures in the pic, but that was the original amount I had for sale. Only colors left are the bottom 3 in the middle column(Lake Erie goby) and the bottom 3 in right column(poised off dalmation). Any questions, let me know. Back up for sale. Last deal didn't pan out.
  12. Not sure of the area. Gonna have to ask one of the local guys on here where good walleye fishing is around you
  13. Lake Erie is my playground. Not sure where your at to point you in a direction.
  14. First thing you have to buy is......24 dhj12s. I know a guy selling some If not familiar, you can cast these and the diver around 10-12'. Trolling at a speed around 2.0-2.2 mph will yield a depth around 20'.
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