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  1. Has anybody been able to get in touch with vettman about these?
  2. 3/4 oz for sure, I hit the scale before I listed. Had all intentions on using on Lake Erie. Tired of taking for boat ride. Consolidating some items off.
  3. (15) Binsky blade baits For sale are (15) new, never seen blade baits. 12 are Binsky blade baits 3/4 oz. in weight(all 12 on the left), 3 are Johnson thin fisher 1/2 oz(3 on the right next to Plano). Don't use, my loss, you gain. Will be shipped in Plano 3500 series box, which is includes. asking $30 shipped TYD, OBO. PayPal is fine, check, or MO. Any questions, please ask. Thank in advance.
  4. I have a bunch of 9s and 11s. Tried that....the copper paint I have isn't quite the same shade of Rapala copper.
  5. Thanks capt. I thought I hit a gold mine with one website called Johnyspond.com. Showed in stock, no,luck with him. I'll keep wishin.
  6. Need deep tail dancer, not the td9, there's a difference. I'll look. Thanks for heads up
  7. Thanks Mike. Let me know. Send em off, I'm caught up for the time being.
  8. ISO Rapala deep tail dancers, copper flash Anyone have any Rapala deep tail dancers in bleeding copper flash in size 9 and 11 willing to sell or trade? See pic for color I'm looking for. Looking for a bunch of them. Let me know what you got and price and if your willing to ship. If trades are welcome, I have a bunch of custom painted Bandit Walleye Deep or deep husky jerks I could trade 2 of mine for 1 of yours. Thanks in advance
  9. Sold pending payment. Thanks Browneye71 and LOU
  10. Custom Rapala Deep Tail dancers I have for sale (2) custom painted Rapala Deep tail dancers TDD11 in a color called hallowen(black body), (2) additional TDD11 in a gold watermelon and (3)custom painted Rapala deep tail dancers, TDD09 (silver body). Asking $70 shipped TYD OBO. PayPal, check or money order. Any questions please ask.
  11. Floro yellow base. Then I hit it with a pearl green top coat. While it's still wet, there's a technique to get the "swirl" effect. Once the green is dried, I then dab in pearl white here and there all over. All UV paints for extra vibrancy. SOB glows and looks like nuclear waste in your hands. While the topic came up,,,,rattle vs non-rattle. I've even read places guys drill out the BB rattles. I prefer a little noise especially ina little stained, murky water. At deep depths, sunlight just doesn't penetrate that far down.
  12. I've done these colors for walleye cranks. Bright, vibrant and loud. Can any of these colors transfer over to plugs? Green one is called radioactive and the yellow/pink/purple is called Fat Tuesday. Maybe I'll try a couple plugs up in those and see what you guys think.
  13. Here's a couple I did yesterday. I got a few more to do. Not sure if the brown "goby" color was a good choice. The reason I did a goby color is I painted a bunch of shallows divers for guys in the goby. From what I'm hearing, it's a very good color for browns. Do browns hit j plugs? As you can tell, I'm completely new to salmon fishing.
  14. J plug painting If there was one color j plug that I was going to paint up with air brush, what is the most successful color? Any pics for reference? Not new to painting, just new to salmon colors. It's my understanding that the "ole" colors out shine the new colors that are on the market. Just not sure what the "ole" colors are. Thanks for any help and assistance.
  15. 13 j plugs for sale Up for sale are 13 j plugs as shown in pic. Plugs are 5 3/4" with 2 of them shorter. Most are new, just a little tackle box rash. All plugs will come with new hooks and harnesses. Asking $30 shipped TYD OBO. Personal check, or PayPal is fine. Any questions, please ask.
  16. WTB gold or copper J Plugs Anyone have anyone of the older factory copper and gold j plugs lying around or not using. Wanting to buy some or trade for custom Bandit Deep or custom dhj12 crankbaits. Prefer under 5" size. If not interested in swapping out for custom lures, let me know your asking price. Shipping would be needed. Thanks in advance.
  17. I saw that earlier...shaft too long. Need 20" and 20hp little big for my application as a kicker on a little duck boat. Price is right, wish I could buy.
  18. Wtb Yamaha T9.9 Wtb...Yahama F9.9 or T9.9 outboard. Tiller is a must, 20' shaft and prefer electric start also. Let me know what u got. Thanks in advance. found 1 thanks LOU
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