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  1. Thank you! I would notice my reels when I get 3mph they will start clicking. Going west they were! And my 10 lb fish was out to 50 deg.
  2. What should of I had done I don't have a fish hawk. Besides reeling everything in and running West and reset. Should I just keep both bags out to get cable back to 45 degrees and forget about GPS speed. Or add more length to ball to makeup swing?
  3. I run dipseys out of a 21ft I bought two deeper divers, I put one 1setting then other 0 setting run two regular dipseys on 2.25 haven't wrapped yet.
  4. Tried the 44 this weekend. Pulled 177 ft of braid with the bigger dipsy not mag with the ring. Put it out 40yds and it stayed at 2 o'clock behind the boat except once it pulled back toward boat think I had a fish on but was netting a fish and it went back to 2 o'clock after.
  5. First new to the game fished out of Oswego Sunday would troll east I would need my troll bags. Turn west speed would drop to 1.9 so I would pull my bags and be doing 2.4 or so east no bags 3.6mph. West seemed like I was flying dipseys pulling drag rigger out 50deg?? Current?? Second I had a temp change 250ft 60 ft down over temp line I kept marking fish but couldn't find anything they would hit what were they?
  6. Don't know never had a hit I don't think I did anyways. Owner hooks on my spoon so? If fell back and pulled close to the boat when I was netting a fish possibly had one on.
  7. Ran the two 36" was perfect! What a difference going west I needed no bags 2.5 .2.6 running east 3.6 put bags out 2.4. 2.5. The boat control was great No pulling. So now I know what I have to get.
  8. Oh I have been looking! Have to get rid of snowmobile before anymore toys
  9. Tried it this weekend how do you keep it from winding up when you bring it in? Tried it once had to cut and retie everything.
  10. Got up with my sister sat couldn't go out. Hung at motel and played with tackle. Got up yesterday 3 am and was at the ramp in the dark. Started with two mag dipseys 1 rigger and a reg dipsy behind a tx44. Started in 160 ft setting up tons of boats out and west of where we were so I went east. It was nice having my sister drive while I worked rods. Finally got into some fish on the one mag dipsy out 315. Gave the first to sister ran another 112 ft before it stopped. After the chaos trying to hand line a 25.8 male that almost didn't get fit in the net. She was shaking and we were both happy we caught one out of a bass boat.. I reset the rod and it went off in my hand while I was playing with the drag another 20 lbr. After the chaos again, reset dropped the rigger 40 ft and it went off and rod hit me in the head. #3 high teens female that kicked my sisters butt. Couple hrs later flat calm hot,i made a pass out deeper rigger popped again another 21lb male now the lid on the cooler won't close so made a 1 more pass and worked our way to the ramp. I learned allot still have tons to learn but had a great day running 3 rods planner rod got the boot after a fish took out the dipsy and made a mess.
  11. Bought one of the tx44 in lines had a regular size dipsey with the ring 177 ft out on 0 ran great. Going to get another just so I can get the away from the boat.
  12. There walkers 10lb max don't know if they will handle 12s but it's only 2lbs so if I get a torpedo in a 12 and don't let it hang out of the water I should be ok?
  13. Ya Got the 2 36" a 50 and a 60" and my sister wants to go she can drive and keep me going straight. Should be good just have two decide where to go Mexico or Oswego.
  14. Friends letting me use his 35" bags.to see if there the right size. Have my 10lb shark looking balls.changed all my hooks to owners. Just need to put my boat over a willing fish. Mexico get any better?
  15. Yup it was a pain... Would have to put the clicker on back drag off put it in rod holder then drive.. Set the depth straighten boat out grab other rod and do it again. It was a pain. Right hand turn nightmare
  16. Got to come out tried the riggers bought 8lb balls way to light.. Ended up running two mag dipseys. Started off sandy pond in 90ft saw some fish on the bottom worked to 127 ft had tons of bait and fish on the bottom. Had a release on cut bait no fish and cut bait strip in half. Worked area nothing else. Worked my way to the plant doing small trolls searching saw one suspended fish all day. Ended up in front of Mexico in 129 ft an found a spot loaded with fish on bottom again. Started there Sunday doubled up on browns. Then being dumb I left and worked deep for salmon saw fish at 177 ft but no takers. Wind started and thought about the ride back to salmon river. So packed it in 11.30. Traded my balls for 10lb shark looking balls,hopefully be fine for next trip in two weeks.
  17. Just looked its a 60" so two 25s should be perfect.
  18. I did but the pull factor us the problem want to get the right size on both. Hopefully runs straight
  19. Fished this weekend trolling with my 21ft bass boat. Problem is I have to run a drift sock I run my big cannon I go to slow 2.2 or less going up wind and it pulls making it a nightmare fishing by myself setting rods. What size bags should I use with 2 ? Without I idle at 3.1 to 3.5mph but want to put 2 so it doesn't pull one direction.
  20. I was the bass boat running around. I to saw fish in the 170 or less Monday couldn't get my down riggers to work bought 8 lb balls at 2.6 well you know. Pulled 2 rods with mags had one release on bait. Kept moving trying to find a pod to work on. Tues started shallow 120 doubled on browns. And worked 170 and deeper 0fish saw some but no takers. should of stayed in but didn't.
  21. Wow! sweet ill defiantly give it a try! Thanks everyone!!!
  22. Tangles arn,t my friend either! Had a fish last fall wrap up the other 2 rods knitted me a sweater then come off.
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