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  1. If I was going to do the drill thing I would get a 12volt and wire it direct to the boat batteries. If you hard wired ports on each side it could be a short cord and not in the way. I have a 12 volt drill I have used for my auger for 12 or 13 years hooked to a lawn mower battery that thing will drill a lot of 8" holes on a charge.
  2. My hook up rate went up when I quit using snubbers.
  3. I have some R$R super lite mags that the paint fell off and painted them bright orange with green tape on 1 side by far my best lake trout spoons on lake george and lake champlain.
  4. Diawa sealine or seagate have both and they are both awesome!
  5. I have never had a problem with them and i run 3 different styles regularly.
  6. Mine are about a ft longer than the booms so I always put them in the cleat and the excess has never been in the way. No problem stacking with them.
  7. Alright it might be a few days but when I got a second I'll take it apart and find out what shipping will be and I'll let you know.
  8. I didn't have time to dig it out last night but I found a pic of it. Let me know if it's what your looking for.
  9. b 89 Starcraft 16ft it's a Nice feeling having 3x more money invested in electronics and accessories than in the boat.
  10. I think I have a cannon clamp mount. Don't know what it's worth or what shipping would be but I would be willing to make a deal if you are interested.
  11. This was the only pic I had and it was "during construction." I used galvanized 4x4 brackets for attaching a post to a floor they have flanges that go up the 4x4 and another that lays flat along the seat. I then used a 2x6 to run under the whole length of both seats and bolted the brackets to them.
  12. here is how I did it worked great. After those rivieras I ran cannons with 3 foot booms and a Rod tree and they were rock solid.
  13. I used the cannons and was never comfortable with them so I used a 2x6 mounted on 4x4 from the back to middle seats on both sides was an awesome setup and is still being used by my buddy that now has the boat.
  14. I've done a lot of reading on here but this is one of my first posts. I just want to say thanks! This formula was a big help in getting my first coppers set up. It worked perfect for me. I didn't need it to the inch I measured the distances with a range finder and everything fit better than I would have guessed. Thanks again!
  15. I run a Rod tree on my 16'er and I can run 8-9 rods with a 36" track on both sides when I'm running big boards. My trees have 3 Rod holders and the top is open so it can run 8 rods between my 2 trees and they take up minimal room. I then have 4 other holders down the track on each side. On a smaller boat I think a Rod tree is a great tool. You wouldn't need to add another 100+$ piece of track on each side and if you price out 6 more Rod holders and the tracks the trees are a lot cheaper.
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