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  1. Hard to believe but after taking yesterday off for some family boating and swimming fun we got back out today 9/1 from 3:30 till 6 pm. Trolling again our luck continued... had only 1 strike but we landed another walleye. 24 inches and it made our day. Couldn't believe it.
    A bit rough out there at times. Waves were very close together, we took several over the bow making things interesting. Tomorrow not looking good.20200901_181455.jpeg

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  2. Great picture. Must have been an enjoyable evening. Thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge over the years. I need to get back on the SLR before fall comes!

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  3. Thank you for clarifying Rolmops... kind of like the tree stand "ladder" I put up yesterday :).

    I never heard that description used before. I thought it might have been something tied inline above the spoon to attract.

    I have some spoons I think a hungry walleye will want. I will report back in a couple weeks after I try to catch an elusive Owasco walleye.

  4. Thanks for the reports guys. Sounds like they are still there if you put in the effort. I will report if I get out soon.


    Nice return Bosco. Glad you are back out and catching.


    Nice work leadhead. Jigging is hard to beat for the excitement of feeling them hit.


    Justin, thanks for the TDD 13 suggestion. I plan to try them on Owasco in 2 weeks.

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