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  1. Thank you for clarifying Rolmops... kind of like the tree stand "ladder" I put up yesterday :).

    I never heard that description used before. I thought it might have been something tied inline above the spoon to attract.

    I have some spoons I think a hungry walleye will want. I will report back in a couple weeks after I try to catch an elusive Owasco walleye.

  2. Thanks for the reports guys. Sounds like they are still there if you put in the effort. I will report if I get out soon.


    Nice return Bosco. Glad you are back out and catching.


    Nice work leadhead. Jigging is hard to beat for the excitement of feeling them hit.


    Justin, thanks for the TDD 13 suggestion. I plan to try them on Owasco in 2 weeks.

  3. I think I got that one at Basspro? I think they have one with chartreuse/ copper/blue and copper on underside model XCH77. Look for that. Lyk2fish also said copper color was also working for him. Or maybe blue with silver on underside? I think I saw both of these on the Stinger website in scorpion size. I would also try longer spoons.


  4. I suggest to keep it simple get one rod setup and have fun experimenting with the depth, trolling speed and location on the lake. You will get a rainbow i am sure of it. Seems like a lot of fish are taken over 140 fow or so. Good luck!

  5. Also... the Diver I was using is a number 4. It is 4 inches in diameter. Easy to remember. On a 3 setting with 100 feet of line out i was down to about 50 fow. From what I am reading I think 90 feet of line is a better starting point this time of summer temps? I am no expert, that would be lyk2fish, but I enjoy sharing what little I know.
    Here is a picture of my "Deeper Diver". The size 003 Dipsy with the ring is similar in size.Image.jpegImage%20(1).jpeg

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  6. Hi Long time, yes the drift socks work great for speed control. My boat has a base speed of 3.2 mph. The socks get me down to 1.8 to 2. From there I can adjust up for desired trout speeds.


    I have two types of divers... the Dipsy brand with the rings and the Deep Diver brand which are solid plastic and no rings. The Deep Divers seem to stay set better while trolling. The one I caught the rainbow on was black. Gold color works well for walleye to.


    FYI... I usually drift for walleye on Erie with bottom bouncers and harnesses and troll with my divers only when the wind is too light to drift.


    My setup is based on walleye, I have cabelas dipsey rods and line counter reels. Not expensive at all compared to some. I use 16 pound test Berkley mono to the dipsy and about 6 to 8 feet of fluorocarbon 14 # test to a ball bearing swivel at my lure. I was using a light snubber at the dipsy on Owasco just in case I got lucky on a really big fish.


    For a spoon I had a small Michigan Stinger in chartreuse, silver and blue. I will include a picture.




  7. Thanks Long Time, I did a bit of zigzaging to change up the presentation a bit. I think it helped (lyk2fish has a spaghetti map on his plotter 🍝). My approach is to start with sound advice and tweak from there. I have no way to measure the thermocline so I went with a guess based on 47 to 52 input from lyk2fish. It is a puzzle. My speed on my Lowrance was about 2.5 mph. I need 2 small drift socks to get speed control.

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